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About Crich Area Community News


CACN has a circulation of over 1650; it aims to enhance and further the community spirit within the Crich area.

About the CACN Committee

The Crich Area Community News was started in 1996 when it was thought a good idea to set up a free village magazine so that different organisations could communicate with the village and surrounding areas. A small informal group of interested people under the chairmanship of Derek Killingsley Smith set about this task with the simple mission statement: Aims to enhance and further the community spirit within the Crich Area.

As well as being founding chairman Derek Killingsley Smith was the honorary editor steering the magazine through its first formative ten years. In this he was fully supported by the CACN editorial committee.

Thanks to the efforts of the Editorial Committee, Fund Raisers, Advertisers, Proof Readers, Delivery Volunteers and Contributors the magazine now has a circulation of over 1650 and has developed from a few pages to typically 72 pages.

In 2006 CACN broadened out and went online thanks to Andrew Auld who is the webmaster for the magazine.

The current CACN Committee is:

  • David Billyeald - Chairman
  • Kirsty Blyth - Secretary
  • Sue Worboys - Treasurer
  • Ron Spencer - Advertising Manager
  • Brian Gibbons - Distribution Manager
  • Vicki Billyeald - Chief whip
  • Peter Patilla - Editor
  • Andrew Auld - Webmaster
  • Roger Phipp - Web editor

If you have any enthusiasm or expertise you would like to bring to the magazine please contact us - we are not a �closed shop�.


If you live in the area and did not receive your magazine, please contact the Distribution Manager Brian Gibbons or, for Whatstandwell, Alan Briggs 01629 825682.



If you or your company or organisation are interested in taking advertising space in the magazine, or sponsoring a page, contact the Advertising Manager Ron Spencer 01629 825372 or any C.A.C.N. committee member.

The Editorial Committee thank all Advertisers who have supported us and ask that you in turn give them your support in our area. Thank you.


The success of Crich Area Community News depends on money received by:

  • donations
  • advertising
  • fund raising
  • sponsoring pages