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Picture of Crich Stand

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Stars in your eyes:

Stars in your eyes - Orion

Stars in your eyes - Hercules

Stars in your eyes - pole star

Stars in your eyes - Zodiac signs

Stars in your eyes - The Summer Triangle

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Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM)

It's my right of way

Keeping within the limit

Stopping distance

Safety cameras

To flash or not

Safety cameras

Slow driving

Driver MOTs

Speed v Safety

Misleading signals � part 1

Misleading signals � part 2

Tips for drivers � Giving signals; backwards is best

Crich & local area history

Do you remember Ted Rollinson?

The death of German Wheatcroft

Picture the past - Website

Cromford Canal

Crich football - Historical poem

Feet of Clay

Clay's barn

When Crich had a bank

Evacuation Pear Tree School Derby to Crich - 1939

Now and then - Crich Stand

Scouts Centenary 1907-2007


Scouting in Crich

John Geoffrey Dawes - Obituary

Whitworth Park - Day out

Pinxton-Smotherfly canal

End of an era - Farewell Jovial Dutchman

Crich Parish Magazine 1943

Crich Luncheon Club - A history

Church burial ground

Crich pottery

When the wreckers came to Crich

Bownes Hill

Hard times in Crich

What's in a name? � Crich Chase

Property of interest � Chestnut Bank, Fritchley

Spot the difference � two views towards Crich Carr

Temptation at School � entry from logbook of 1864

Now and Then � two views of the tramway arch off the Market Place

Hurt seat � hidden history

Cromford Canal � Friends of Cromford Canal

Now and Then � Bull's Head at Crich

Nostalgia Corner � Crich carnivals

Fritchley Quakers � Friends Meeting House


Poetry corner 1 - two poems

Poetry corner 2 - two poems

Local poetry

Poetry corner 3

Poetry corner 4- two poems

Christmas poem

Tourists' Prayer & Precious Memories

Interesting facts

Rectors and vicars

Burns and choking

Riding a bike

D.H. Lawrence and Crich

Mobile phone advice

Did you know?



Lancaster Bomber

Law and Order

Well suited - origins of playing cards

Kiss of life and cardiac arrest

St John's Ambulance

Complementary therapies - Reiki

Complementary therapies

County library on your home computer

History of the bugle

History of measurement

Florence Nightingale and the shipwreck

Mothering Sunday

Need help? Dial 112

Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. � interesting court case

HMS Ormonde � an interesting coincidence

Mobile tips � useful tips about your mobile phone

Bits & Bobs

Tramway Maori

Circular walking route from Crich

Whatstandwell and Crich Carr allotments

The Briars Residential Youth Centre

Women's Institutes

Royal British Legion

Young achiever

The Great Wall of China

Barbara Swift's Blog

Visit to North East India

Crich Trefoil Guild

Dog fouling

Music on tap at the Cliff

Crich Toy Library

Say what you mean

Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Learn from the movies

Savoury butters recipe

What are they "Twittering" about?

Abbott and Costello

Teenagers � I am who I am

Travellers Tales � Newspapers from abroad