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Crich Medical Practice

Bulling Lane, Crich, Matlock, DE4 5DX

TEL: 01773 852966/852035; FAX: 01773 853919

  • Dr Malcolm Ward
  • Dr Carolin Shearer
  • Dr Robert Smallman
  • Dr Bryan Morland
  • Dr Sarah Savage

Medical practice news

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Newsletter Winter 2008

For those of you lucky enough to be planning a holiday in the sun, you are now able to access travel information on our website. You will see a link to this on the right-hand side of the Home Page on and be able to access the information you need for your destination. If you find you do need to have vaccinations, malaria tablets etc, please make an appointment to see the Practice Nurse in good time, at least six weeks before you intend to travel. Can we also remind you that there is other information on the website, including surgery times, prescriptions requests etc.

If you need to bring in a urine sample to be sent off for testing to the laboratory, could you please hand it in to any of the surgeries before twelve noon. If you hand them in after this time, we cannot guarantee they will be tested as the Derby Hospital Courier picks them up from us at a certain time each day.

One in ten young people tested have Chlamydia. If you are under twenty-five and sexually active, you can now be tested for Chlamydia. You can pick up your test kit at the surgery (urine sample required). The test is free, confidential and painless. Chlamydia is easily treated. If you feel uncomfortable asking for a test kit, please speak to one of our Practice Nurses for advice, or for more information, call your local Chlamydia screening office � 01773 525069. More information is available on �

If you need a blood sample taking, you can go to either Ripley Hospital, no appointment needed, or the Glebe Field Centre if you ring 01773 857894 and make an appointment.

As many of you already know, we have said goodbye to Lynn Hanbury, our South Wingfield Receptionist, after many years of dedicated service to our patients; we are sure she will be missed by many of them. We wish you well Lynn, and hope you have a long and happy retirement. We say hello to Linda Berry, our new Receptionist.

Your surgery will be closed at 6.30 p.m. on Wednesday the 24th of December, and re-open on Monday the 29th of December at 8.00 a.m. at Crich and 8.30 a.m. at branch surgeries. If you need a Doctor urgently when we are closed, please ring the usual number for your surgery and you will be put through to the Out of Hours Service who will be able to help you. Please remember to order your repeat prescriptions in plenty of time for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

May we wish all our patients a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


What is the Crich Patient Participation Group?
It is a small non-political group representing different organisations or groups within the community served by Crich Medical Practice
All members are also patients of the Practice

What does Crich PPG do?
It acts as a voice for the patients to the doctors
It supports the patients
It will bring to the doctors notice items of patient interest
It works cooperatively with the Crich Medical Practice to help it provide the best medical service possible

Current activities
Providing patient feedback to the new medical centre plans
Improving support for the hard of hearing in the Glebe and other local venues
Looking at ways of supporting services offered to patients
Suggesting ways in which services offered may be enhanced

How can Crich PPG be contacted?
Through the various Crich Practice surgeries c/o the Practice Manager 01773 852966
Via the CACN post-box in Crich Chemist (mark envelopes Crich PPG)

Want to participate?
You must be a patient of the Practice
Representatives of groups are particularly welcomed
Let us know of any specific expertise that you wish to contribute

Crich PPG is not concerned with any type of individual complaints that may arise � the Practice has separate arrangements for those.

Newsletter autumn 2008

The flu season is approaching again! Anyone who is over 65 or has a chronic medical condition may be eligible for a fl u vaccination. We are offering two Saturday Morning Clinics on the 11th and the 18th of October at Crich, as an extra to the usual Surgery sessions this year. You will need to make an appointment for these Clinics.

These Clinics are very busy. You can help us to run them effi ciently and smoothly by taking your coat off and rolling up your sleeve before the Nurse calls you in for the vaccination. This time- saving measure is most appreciated and cuts down the waiting time. We are expecting delivery of the fl u vaccinations at the beginning of October. If you are unsure if you are eligible for a vaccination, please make an appointment to come and discuss this with the Practice Nurse beforehand. You can make this appointment for any time.


We say goodbye to Lynn Hanbury, our long-serving Receptionist of 20 years at South Wingfi eld Surgery. We know she will be missed by the South Wingfi eld patients, as she will by us. We wish you a long and happy retirement Lynn, and we know you will be kept busy by your grandson for the foreseeable future!


Your Surgery now has a website. You can use this for many reasons, such as change of address and pre-registration. If you have any comments, ideas etc. please give us some feedback.

Branch Surgeries:

Mill Lane, Holloway, Matlock DE4 5AQ Tel: 01629 534763

Inns Lane, South Wingfield, Alfreton DE55 7LW Tel: 01773 833086

Relocation of CRICH MEDICAL PRACTICE Premises

We are delighted to announce that the development of new surgery premises in Crich has now been given the green light after 4 years of dialogue with the relevant Stakeholders. When the two Primary Care practices in Crich merged in 2003, the Primary Care Trust promised to progress the development of new surgery premises to suit the needs of the population of the Crich area and on that understanding the surgery at Dimple Head was closed.

The proposal is to construct new purpose-built premises on the Glebe Field site behind the current Glebe Centre subject to the granting of planning permission. The intention is to have high quality environment-friendly premises large enough to provide appropriate accommodation and facilities for all the health care workers that are involved in the delivery of Primary Care services. This will include the core service providers: general practitioners, practice nurses, district nurses, health visitor, midwife, health care assistants, all the necessary reception and managerial staff and provision for medical and health care students. This will be a vast improvement on the current overcrowded premises at Bulling Lane.

The Glebe centre already provides a number of health related services and by co-locating the practice premises this will enhance the provision of a seamless service and the potential for further development of services to meet the needs of the local population for the foreseeable future.

The practice has no intention to change the premises and service arrangements in the villages of Holloway and South Wingfield. These premises, with their dispensaries, will continue much as they do now to provide services, which are much valued by their local communities. Both surgeries have full landline computer links with the main surgery in Crich from which they will continue to benefit.

We feel sure that everyone in the local community will welcome this exciting proposal and the practice would like to thank all those who have worked towards this goal, including the Primary Care Trust, the Glebe Field Management Committee, the Parish Councils and the newly formed Practice Patient Participation Group. We are indebted to the support and co-operation of the Derby Diocese and Vicar of Crich in allowing previously church-owned land to be used for this development. We would also like to thank the members of the LIFT company which will be providing the funding for the project in conjunction with the Primary Care Trust. The practice will be working very closely with team members Sarah Walker and Des Woodward who have been very helpful in taking the project forward.

Drs. Ward, Shearer, Smallman, Morland and Savage

A plan showing the proposed site of the new surgery behind the Glebe Field Centre.

Plan of new surgery site

Oakwell Drive to be widened and a new access made beside the Glebe. All plans are subject to final agreement and confirmation. Look out for the posters which outline how you can support the planning application and help our community obtain the new surgery.

Updates on this website.

Newsletter Summer 2008

Repeat Prescriptions

Please allow 48 hours for your repeat prescriptions to be processed. This will help not only your doctor but the Pharmacists as well to get your medicines ready for collection. Please try and only order medicines that you need to cut down on wastage. See

Newsletter spring 2008

Do you have Diabetes?

Diabetic Retinopathy is one of the most common causes of blindness in the UK. Retinopathy means damage to the tiny blood vessels that nourish the retina, the tissues in the back of the eye that deal with light. Damage to these vessels causes blood leakage (haemorrhage) which may be small and confined to the retina or may extend forward into the jelly that fills the main cavity of the eye (vitreous gel). This can seriously affect your vision. It is important to have regular routine eye examinations because if any new blood vessel formations are detected early, they can be treated effectively. The National Screening Programme for Diabetic Retinopathy offers regular (yearly) eye tests designed to detect retinopathy in everyone with diabetes over the age of 11. The test involves testing your vision, examining the back of your retina and taking photographs of your retina to use in comparison to previous examinations. The Surgery will send off your details, with your permission, to the local Screening Programme then the Service will send you an invitation for you to attend. Please remember that if we do not get your consent to release your details, you will NOT be included in the Programme. The nearest venue is Parkside Surgery at Alfreton (new Health Centre).

New Year Resolutions!!

If you are very overweight you are more likely to have a heart attack, especially if your weight is around your middle. The good news is that by losing weight, you can cut your risk of heart disease considerably. It also reduces the risk of developing other problems such as diabetes and arthritis.

Remember your Doctors and Nurses are also here to help you with advice and support if you want to stop smoking. The Government is running a high-profile campaign until the end of March 2008 called �Getting Off Cigarettes�. There is a helpline 0800 917 6699, you can text �Support� to 63818 and go on-line to There are also local Stop Smoking Services who offer group and one-to-one support, just ask your Doctor or Practice Nurse.

Newsletter autumn 2007

Quite a few of you will have by now met our new Doctor, Dr. Sarah Savage who replaced Dr. Alex Knight at the beginning of July.

Also some of you may already know that the Amber Valley PCT no longer exists and we are now covered by the Derbyshire County PCT which has its main headquarters in Chesterfield. Amber Valley HQ still exists at Babington Hospital in the role of a branch of the larger PCT. You can have a look at the new Derbyshire PCT website on

Out of Hours

If you need a doctor out of hours, when you ring the surgery number you will be put through to Derbyshire Healthcare. They will advise you on what to do and if you are able, you will be asked to attend the nearest open medical facility, which could be Clay Cross, Whitworth Hospital or some in the South e.g. Ilkeston or Ripley Hospitals. A doctor will still visit if you are too unwell to leave your home. On the subject of visits, can we ask you please to ring before 10.30 a.m. for a weekday visit if possible if you require a doctor to come and see you. This enables the doctors to plan their working day and visiting schedule. If you request an urgent visit, we cannot guarantee a particular doctor will come out to you and the duty doctor may ring you before deciding a home visit is necessary. If you have a child with fever (or adult) they will come to no harm being brought to surgery. For every visit, four patients can be seen in surgery time.

Test Results

Can we ask patients please to ring in an afternoon, after 2 p.m. if possible, to ask for test results. This avoids the telephone being kept busy in the mornings when people are trying to ring for appointments, visits etc.

Flu Jabs

Yes it�s that time again! We will be sending out letters starting at the end of August to all our patients who fulfil the eligibility criteria set out by the Department of Health. Please wait until you receive a letter before ringing the surgery for an appointment. Thank you.


Zoe, one of our administration staff, delivered a healthy baby boy � Callum at the end of April. Congratulations to you! See you back in October Zoe!

I would like to thank everyone who has been so kind and generous with their warm wishes, appreciative messages and encouraging advice regarding my future plans on hearing I was leaving Crich Medical Practice! I have felt very touched by this, and I was also surprised to receive a collection put together from many patients. I will be sure to use it for something that will prove a lasting reminder of my time working in Crich. I have also had excellent support from all the staff and partners who work at the practice, and will always be grateful for this. I sincerely believe they constitute one of the most conscientious and caring practices in the country, and have considered myself fortunate to have been a part of it. I certainly wish our new doctor, Dr Savage, a similarly happy and fulfilling role at Crich!I hope to see many of you around the locality in the future, but now as a friend and neighbour! My best wishes to all. Alex Knight