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Crich village cross

Features from the Spring 2015 issue


WW1 Memorial Project

The new Crich Parish Roll of Honour 2014 has now been printed and mounted on a stand ready for display in the village. A memorial book has also been printed and contains mini biographies of all those that served, their families and communities.

Crich Heritage Partnership

Think the heavy trucks going across Chadwick Nick Lane is a new event? Think again!

In praise of Crich - a letter written in 1988

A letter written to Southend Chapel by Jill and Colin Ladd when they left there in 1988.

First Responders

Councillor Valerie Thorpe is at the moment working to restart the Community First Responders who have slowly disbanded. These are paramedically trained volunteers who provide emergency lifesaving care to patients.

Hello again

Adrienne Brown is once again trying to raise money for a charity. She is running the London Marathon this year with the money raised going to Children with Cancer UK charity. She would like your help.

Home workers networking / social meeting

Do you run a small business from home in the Crich area? This will interest you.

DerwentWise Partnership

Read about a new body that has been set up under the lead of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust that will strive to improve access and facilities along the Derwent valley.

Charity Fashion Show at The Glebe

SOS Charity fashions is holding a show at the Glebe in May.




Features Archive

Features from previous issues can be read in this archive