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Features from the Spring 2018 issue


New Brownies Group

Matlock District GirlGuiding aims to begin a new Brownie Unit here, in Crich, by Easter.

Crich Trefoil Guild is closing

Sadly, after 50 years in the village, the Trefoil Guild is closing down

Crich Fete plans - a week of activities

This year it is intended that the village puts on a week of activities in July, starting with the well dressings and ending with the fete.

Fritchley Village Hall is in danger of closing

The congregation at Fritchley Congregational Church have decided to cease using it for worship, and have given notice to all the other users of the church hall that it will no longer be available after 31st March 2018.

The editor is looking for an old photo book

It's a book of old photographs of Crich called “As Time Goes By” written by Peter and Roy Ludlam. Can you help?

The town of Derby was a place of permanent SANCTUARY

Do you know what this involves?

A hockey match in 1905/6

A photo of a mixed hockey match in 1905/6 between Ashbourne and Fritchley teams.

Consumer Slot - what are your rights when flying

The demise of Monarch Airlines has highlighted what your rights are when flying.

Sporting activities in Crich

A fortnight of sporting activities are planned for July to make people aware of what opportunities are available in the village.

A newpaper snippet from 1842

The town of Crich was the scene or great disturbance and confusion. Why?

“From Log Cabin to White House”

Florence Nighyingale sent a book to Lizzie Leam, Post -mistress, Fritchley. What was it about?

Crich Tramway Village is open daily from 17th March with new features

There will be a number of new features this year including a series of First World War sculptures on the Woodland Walk


WW1 Memorial Project

Jackie Lester has provided a photo of First World War servicemen. Does anybody know where it was taken?

The new Crich Parish Roll of Honour 2014 has now been printed and is on display in the Glebe. A memorial book has also been printed and contains mini biographies of all those that served, their families and communities. A website is being prepared. Help is still required in tracing the regiments of local soldiers.



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