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Features from the June 2013 issue


WW1Memorial Project

Crich men on the Roll of Honour - can you fill in the blanks?

Crich Town Football Club - 1914

What happened to make them pull out of the local league?

Advice from the Institute of Advanced Motorists

Is your licence up to date? It's a �1,000 fine if it's not!

Live and Local

Jazz and Zulu Tradition at the Glebe, what do you want for next season?

Luncheon Club at the Glebe

Has it really been going 30 years, read all about it.

Derek Killingsley-Smith presentation

Do you know what or who a Spireite is?

Heanor Salcare

Wondering what to do with all those old electrical items that clutter up the cupboards? Here's a charity that will recycle them.

Photo Archive - Local Drama Group

Local Drama group revealed

Photo Archive - Local Nurses in WWI

Do you know the part that women played in WW1?

Photo Archive - Lea Mills WWI soldiers

Postcards of Lea Mills soldiers - can you put a name to a face of those that haven't been identified yet?

Photo Archive - Is it a party?

Do you know what event these people were going to?


Features Archive

Features from previous issues can be read in this archive