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Features from the Summer 2016 issue


Appeal for Alfie Oliver

Alfie Oliver is a 4 year old lad in the village who has cerebral palsy and would benefit from an operation which could enable him to stand and eventually possibly walk. Unfortunately, the NHS does not fund the operation so his parents have set up an appeal to raise the money for the operation to be carried out at Nottingham hospital. Here his mother explains the situation.

Crich Well Dressing 2016

Do you remember the fantastic well dressing in the Market Place at Crich last year? Plans are well advanced for 2016 and you can have the opportunity to have a go at St Mary's church in July.

WW1 Memorial Project

The new Crich Parish Roll of Honour 2014 has now been printed and is on display in the Glebe. A memorial book has also been printed and contains mini biographies of all those that served, their families and communities. A website is being prepared. Help is still required in tracing the regiments of local soldiers.

Crich Neighbourhood Plan

The questionaires have been sent out and returned, what's happening now?

Photos are needed for the CACN 2017 calendar

Can you help? Do you have any photos of local events or sights?

A personal history

History is always brought to life when you look at what your ancestors did as Colin Hoskins found when he delved into his grandfather's military service records.

Emergency vehicles approaching

What should you do or not do when an emergency vehicle appears when you are driving along. Advice from the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

Classic cars rally at Ashover

This is on Sunday July 24th at The Rectory Fields in Ashover

Classic cars rally at Cromford

This is on Sunday June 19th at Cromford Meadows

Crich Business Network Group

This group hold monthly meetings at the Black Swan for local businesses to keep in touch with one another.

Sins of our fathers

Researching old newspapers has thrown up a den of iniquity in Whatstandwell where gambling took place on a Sunday!

Your help is needed in identifying old photos of a house, school and a bunch of handsome men

1. Where is this house?

Sheila Holloway has a photo of her great grandfather's house in Crich. Can anybody identify where it might have been?

2. Where is this school?

A photo inside a school with the names of all the pupils but does anybody know where it is?

3. Who are these men?

A formidable group of men shown in the photo provided by Catherine and Andrew Allsop but does anybody know who they might be and what is the occasion?

A weekend in Alfreton with a visit to Crich

Sonya Greatorex of Syston, Leicestershire, sent in this postcard and wondered if this offer is still available?

Do you know the old pub names in the area

This ditty recorded by Tony Lester, of Fritchley recalls quite a few

Think you know your age?

This quiz will show you your real age.



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