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Crich village cross

Features from the Sept 2011 issue

If you go down in the woods today ...

Biggest tree in Crich?

Chadwick Nick reservoir

Photo history of the construction of the reservoir in c1903

International Equestrian

Sarah Shortland international horsewoman of Crich

Penrose Memories

Memories of living at "Penrose"

Crich Brass History

Photo history of Crich United Silver Brass Band

Ripley Morris Men

An article about the Ripley Morris Men


An article about this male voice choir

Fritchley School Project

Help need for Fritchley School

Tractor Factor

An article from the Institute of Advanced Motorists

Mystery Photographs

Can you solve the mystery?

Stand Sunday

Remembering men who gave their lives in the service of their country


Features Archive

Features from previous issues can be read in this archive