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Crich village cross

Features from the Autumn 2015 issue


WW1 Memorial Project

The new Crich Parish Roll of Honour 2014 has now been printed and mounted on a stand ready for display in the village. A memorial book has also been printed and contains mini biographies of all those that served, their families and communities. A website is being prepared. Help is still required in tracing the regiments of local soldiers.

Crich Heritage Partnership

Photographs of Chase Cliffe and the old lead mines at Wakebridge

2016 Crich Calendar

The new calendar is now on sale and photos are required for the 2017 edition so get your cameras out

CACN committee - help wanted

Can you help in any way with the production of the CACN magazine? Here's how to get in touch

Chris Storer Memorial Climb

The Chris Storer Memorial Hill Climb is taking place on October 11th at Crich Stand, all the entry details

Mosaic and Artwork at Belper Station

Schoolchildren have unveiled a large station mosaic and station art gallery of over twenty-five paintings at Belper Railway Station.

Do you know or remember Peter Fox?

An old friend is try to get in touch with Peter who used to live in Crich

Did you go to the Charity Dance in April?

If you did, well done, it raised a lot of money as well as giving everybody a good time

The history of the Fire service

We tend to take the Fire Service for granted. read about its history and what goes on in Crich

Crich Area Flower Shows

Veg and flower shows take place in Crich and Whatstandwell in September but are they a modern event?

The New Reservoir is taking shape - St Mary's church have been given a grant 

The church has been given a grant for improvment in the church including a disabled toilet

An photo of a cottage in the Crich Carr area

The photo is about 1890, does anybody recognise it?

Adrienne has run her marathon

Well done to Adrienne who raised £1298 with her marathon run

The RNIB is looking for people to give technical help

They need someone who can help blind and partially sighted people set up, troubleshoot and use technology in their home

A curious charge from the Derby Mercury in 1885

An eight year old girl is charged with having stolen water

Derbyshire County Coucil is urging people to be Portion Size Wise

The six month campaign, ‘Be Portion Size Wise’, urges people to think about whether they’re putting too much food on their plates.

Crich Chase Meadows Restoration

The meadows are the subject of a restoration project which has been taking place for the last 2 years




Features Archive

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