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Features from the Winter 2013 issue


The 2013 Community Award

"The award" goes to Esme Woolley! Read all the details.

WW1Memorial Project

Crich men on the Roll of Honour - can you fill in the blanks and what is the project all about;

Time if of the essence now so please take a look and see if you can help or if you know of anybody else who can.

Crich Heritage Photo Archive

Local pubs - what's happened to them.

Photo Queries

Do the know who the people on the Cromford canal are, or the people at Frichley or in the P.T. class?

Crich Brass Needs You

Crich Brass is looking for new members. They are looking for players of any experience, even complete novices.

Surprising Shows in Surprising Places

Read about the events being staged at The Glebe andFlorence Nightingale Hall Holloway over the next few months.

Holloway Pantomime

It's that time of the year again when you can get to cheer and boo. All the details are here, support your local group.

Geraldine Hoyle retires from Crich Junior School

Mrs Hoyle has hung up her pinny after 34 years as midday supervisor at the school.

Cliff Inn Horticultural Society

The annual show took place at the beginning of September.

Eating in the 1950's

It was a different world then, nobody had heard of all these new fangled foods from foreign parts.

Getting to grips with the Internet

Struggling with the internet? A local person may be able to help.

Crich Street Lights

Did you know that some of the street lights in Crich will be turned off between midnight and 5.30 am and some will be turned off completely? No? You are not alone. What happened to the consultation.



Features Archive

Features from previous issues can be read in this archive