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Features from the Winter 2017 issue


CACN Community Award

The Award this year has been presented to Steph Day.

Whatstandwell Allotments

The allotments have been in existence for a hundred year. Discover why they came into being.

20 years of CACN and the Glebe

We are proud that the Crich Community News is now 20 years old. The editor, Peter Patilla, has produced a booklet showing photographs about how the village has changed in that time. It will be on sale in the summer with all proceeds going to the Glebe.

A short walk up Hindersitch Lane

We tend to walk past buildings and not know their history. This article shows a few on a walk up Hindersitch Lane.

Mrs Blunt's birthday

Mrs Blunt recently celebrated her 99th birthday. It looks like she enjoyed her surprise party.

Mavis Nightingale sadly died in July

Her family fondly remember her and the collections made have been shared out to good causes round the village.

Tony Lester sadly died in September

Here his life and work in the village is recalled.

A photo of 'Crich Volunteers'

The photo shows local volunteers marching through the village


WW1 Memorial Project

The new Crich Parish Roll of Honour 2014 has now been printed and is on display in the Glebe. A memorial book has also been printed and contains mini biographies of all those that served, their families and communities. A website is being prepared. Help is still required in tracing the regiments of local soldiers.



Features Archive

Features from previous issues can be read in this archive