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Crich village cross
Image from around Crich Parish

Parish Council Grants

Any organisation wishing to apply for a grant from the Parish Council should contact the Parish Clerk for details and an application form. Please email to or leave a message on 01773 853928

Annual donations/grants to organisations in the Parish Council area

When considering applications for grants to be awarded in February 2012 the Parish Council will be guided by the following criteria:

  • The organisation must serve the community and must not be run for gain.
  • The working of the organisation must involve a degree of self-help.
  • The organisation must have an open membership policy.
  • At least 50% of members must live in Crich.
  • The organisation must be able to demonstrate the need for financial support as shown by the presentation of accounts or a financial statement.
  • Donations will only be considered if the application has been made in the prescribed way and has been submitted to the Parish Clerk before 1st November 2011
    Details and Application Forms are available from the Parish Clerk.