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Crich village cross
Image from around Crich Parish

Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council held on 5th January 2004, in the Parish Room, Glebe Field Centre, Crich.

Present: Cllr. Harwood, in the Chair, Cllrs. Goodhead, Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Hartshorne, Lane & Whitney; also four members of the public.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Daniel, Harris, Salt & Thorpe.

5935 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting of 1 December 2003 had been circulated. Minute 5914 to read �Parish Council has power to provide Allotments, and duty to consider, if demand is not satisfied.� With this amendment proposed by Cllr. Hartshorne & seconded by Cllr. Whitney that these be signed as a true record.

5936 Declarations of Interest: None.

5937 Matters arising from the Minutes:
Minute 5924 Letter re highway matters has been sent to Cllr. Swain, Cabinet Member. Department for Transport hope to produce regulations and statutory guidance on Quiet Lanes by summer 2004

Minute 5925 Mr Benski, AVBC, to be urgently requested to respond regarding dangerous wall and shed.

DCC informs the Parish Council there is no separate licence, in addition to the one held, for Fritchley Sports Club. Play Equipment should be returned to the Recreation Ground by mid January. DCC explained reasons for refusal to allow posts to be placed at corners of the base of the Cross; Mr Leigh to be provided with photographic evidence of recent damage to the structure.

Footbridge, footpath 72, site meeting held, footpath closed, remedial works programmed by DCC for next financial year.

Cllr. Brierton reported on Burial Ground Committee meeting, work is urgently needed to carry out final clearing, grading and re-seeding of the area cleared of spoil, to prepare for consecration.
It is considered the remaining grave space will be used within the next ten months.
A site meeting to be sought with Transco to discuss re-routing a gas main.
An area below car park to be prepared to hold skip, for all Burial Ground spoils and refuse. The path between the two areas is also in need of attention and widening. Quotations for repairs to road to Burial Ground and car park to be sought.

A site meeting has been arranged for 12 January 2004, with DCC at Bull Ginnell to discuss lighting, thence to Whatstandwell and any other requested site.

DCC will no longer take responsibility for roadside seats, resolved to accept quotation of �20.00 from AVBC to re-fix bolts on seat at Thurlow Booth; Parish Warden to be asked if he can replace wooden slats on seat at St. Michael�s Close.

East Midlands Housing Association & Contractor have been served with legal caution regarding clearance work carried out off Cromford Road. Parish Council to inform AVBC of its displeasure at this action and to request this is removed from the records.Site meeting to be arranged to discuss suitable planting for the site.

AVBC will be carrying out tree works at Balancing Ponds, Church Meadows, Cllr. Harwood to monitor progress.

The meeting between the Parish Council, Trustees and Management Committee of the Glebe Field Trust to be held on 8 March 2004; Mr P Bentham-Hill to be invited to address the meeting.

AVBC standard acknowledgement concerning dog fouling received.

Minute 5934 A new bus stop has been sited adjacent to Moor Edge Road. AVBC reports bus shelters are cleaned four times per annum, litterbins are emptied twice weekly and Crich weekly village cleanse is carried out every Thursday. There is a larger Notice Board in the Bakery shop window.

5938 Police Matters:
Reported that a house in Dimple Lane had been subject to burglary, while the owner was away on holiday.

5939 Reports:
Glebe Field Centre, Cllr. Hartshorne reported on pre-Christmas activities organised at the Centre, and job shadowing by a mature student who is hoping to enter the Church. On going funding has been agreed with the Primary Care Trust (PCT), this will ensure the future of Day Care and the use of Medical Rooms.

The Crich Rural Access & Mobility Project (CRAMP) continues successfully; calendar/publicity cards are being provided for all parishioners over the age of sixty. There had been a free Mystery Tour of Derbyshire on 29 December, as a result of a random selection. Consideration is to be given to future funding sources, necessary from March 2005.

Parish Warden: There is currently a joint employment contract with South Wingfield Parish Council, which would like to move to separate arrangements. AVBC has produced a draft contract of employment; Cllr. Lane requested to read the document. Routine work continues.

Cllr. Lane reported she & Cllr. Salt had met with the village General Practitioners (GPs). The concerns which had been detailed by Councillors and residents when Mr Evans, PCT Chair, had spoken at the October 2003 meeting were revisited.

Cllrs. Lane & Salt had been given copies of a draft letter for patients addressing the issues, and inviting comments. Letter are available at the Surgery, some have been posted to residents.

Councillors agreed to the suggestion that Dr Shearer should attend Parish Council meetings on a quarterly basis, to explain Practice plans and answer questions.

Cllr. Lane had reported a pavement in the area of the Surgery was in poor condition, and there is a large pothole in the road. DCC will carry out repairs. Also reported street lighting in that area appears inadequate.

5940 Correspondence from Parishioners:
A letter, from a representative of Fritchley OAP organisation complained about the poor lighting at Allen Lane, and requested action to improve the situation. Reply to inform writer that there is a site meeting with DCC Officer in the near future, also to explain the procedure re funding of black spot lighting.

5941 Correspondence from Other Authorities:
(a) DCC Parish Events within the Highway; Cllr. Salt to be asked for the date of the Fritchley Fundraisers summer event.

(b) DCC Winter Maintenance leaflets had been distribute to Councillors. DCC to be asked if a recent Transport Safety Act will lead to a more extensive road gritting programme.

(c) DCC Closure of Footpath 72, noted.

(d) AVBC Free tree scheme 2003, noted.

(e) AVBC Minutes of Committee meetings, including Code of Conduct of Good Practice for Councillors & Officers dealing with planning matters, received.

(f) Derbyshire Association of Local Councils (DALC) circulars and training opportunities received.

(g) DALC questionnaire re Quality status received.

(h) Derbyshire Fire Authority integrated risk management plan 2004-2005 received.

(i) J Beresford & Sons, memorial application, majority approved wording.

(j) Derbyshire Rural Community Council (DRCC) Rural Matters received

(k) Amber Valley Council for Voluntary Service, copy of Derbyshire COMPACT received.

(l) Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) note on equine issues received.

(m) Audit Commission report on Annual Return received, more detailed Risk assessment necessary; a charge of �1.00 to be made for copies of statement.

(n) Labour European News annual report received.

(o) Matlock Bath Parish Council newsletter received.

(p) AVBC Draft contract for Parish Warden received

(q) East Midlands Ambulance Service, decision on preferred option for future by Autumn 2004, received

(r) AVBC Comprehensive Performance Assessment, final self-assessment document, received.

(s) Derbyshire Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) annual report 2003/2003 received.

(t) DCC Parking bays to front of Ivydene, Market Place; residents object to proposals, therefore no work to be carried out. DCC to be asked to explain why tarmac had been laid, if not for public use, and note, yet again lack of consultation.

(u) DCC Highway problems Glen Road to Hindersitch Lane, and Glen Road to Top Lane, temporary repairs to be carried out, also considered in a future resurfacing & reconstruction programme.

(v) AVBC Public Conveniences at Bowns Hill, future plans; Parish Council would not want to accept transfer of responsibility, wish the conveniences to stay open, noted lighting facilities are poor.

5942 Planning Decisions:
(a) AVA/2003/0041 Single & two storey rear extension, 45 The Common, Crich; granted

(b) AVA/2003/0680 Extension to dwelling, erection detached garage & workshop, The Ranch, Matlock Road, Ambergate; granted

(c) AVA/2003/1270 Demolition of asbestos garage & erection of two storey garage/playroom, Penfold Cottage, Cromford Road, Crich; granted

(d) AVA/2003/1296 & 1322 Listed Building consent for demolition of porch, construction of new lobby & cloaks, Park Head Farm, Crich; granted

5943 Planning Applications:
(a) RTH-AVA/2003/1438 Change of use from holiday let to residential, Clover Stable, Crich Pottery, Market Place, Crich; no comment

(b) RTH-AVA/2003/1440 Change of use from gallery to residential, The Gallery, Mansion House, Crich; comment re access to be made, also observation on incorrect address.

(c) SW-AVA/2003/1483 Outline application erection of dwelling, land adjacent to 10 Amber View Road, Fritchley; no comment

(d) PAW-AVA/2003/1491 Proposed ground floor extension & replacement garage, Pine Cottage, Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley; no comment

(e) PAW-AVA/2003/1510 Alterations & extension to house/garage, Cliffside House, Wakebridge; no comment

(f) PAW-AVA/2003/1512 Proposed garden room, 19 Cromford Road, Crich; no comment

(g) LB-AVA/2003/1513 Two storey extension, 8 Bulling Lane, Crich; no comment

(h) SW-AVA/2003/1515 New single residence & garage, land at Orchard Cottage, Allen Lane, Fritchley; no comment

(i) TRE/2003/0116 Remove 2 sycamores, Derwent Hotel, Derby Road, Whatstandwell; referred to Tree Wardens.

5944 Precept:
Proposed by Cllr. Hartshorne & seconded by Cllr. Lane that the Precept for 2004-2005 be set at �38,000.00

5945 Accounts for Payment:
000803 Audit Commission fee �293.75
000804 Derwent Skip Hire �58.75
000805 Ripley Printers CRAMP �150.00
000806 British Telecom, account �91.34
000807 Glebe Field Trust contribution �440.00
000808 Burial Ground Caretaker, salary �86.67
000809 Parish Clerk, salary, November 2003 �362.00
000810 Parish Warden, expenses �56.47
000811 Glebe Field Centre, photocopying �3.76
000812 CRAMP, driving & copying �285.22

5946 Adjournment for Parishioners:
Mrs Wellby to be provided with current list of Burial Ground fees.

5947 Matters of Report:
Cllr. Whitney reported that barbed/razor wire has been placed on the track of the old mineral railway, to the rear of Dowie Way; photographic evidence to be forwarded to AVBC, with request for urgent action on Health & Safety Grounds.

Cllr Brierton reported he and Cllr. Hartshorne had organised the lighting of the Beacon on New Years Eve; Mr Newman, Optician to be thanked for sponsorship. Reported a new lectern has been erected by the Trustees of Crich Stand, detailing history of previous towers, also the Beacon, and the part played by Crich Parish Council.

Cllr. Hartshorne said a torch lit procession on New Years Eve would be a magnificent sight, but probably not practicable because of weather conditions.

Cllr. Lane reported the road nameplate at Allen Lane had become detached from the uprights. She will check that the new dog waste bin is being emptied on a regular basis.

Cllr. Cooke remarked on the high standard of the Christmas tree in the Market Place, but regretted the poor service with regard to refuse collections during the festive season, not all residents knew about the limited collections.

Cllr. Bendon remarked that the recycling bins had been cleared during the Christmas period. He was continuing to follow up the problem of material tipped on Severn Trent land.

Cllr. Lane had reported highway and footway problems a Bulling Lane, near the GP surgery, DCC is to deal with these.

Allen Lane road sign at the top of Bullbridge Hill had been reported to AVBC.

It was agreed to ask the Parish Warden to collect a grit bin from storage at DCC Duffield Depot, and resite near Horseshoe Cottage.

It had been reported the Plaistow Green road nameplate uprights had been damaged, AVBC informed.

Proposed by Cllr. Brierton and seconded by Cllr. Hartshorne that grant applications, proposed by Finance Committee, amounting to �1,350.00 should be ratified.

The meeting closed at 10.23pm