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Crich village cross
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Minutes of the Meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 10 January 2005, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr Goodhead (Chairman), Cllr Lane (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Thorpe, and Whitney, Acting Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham, six members of the public.

7038 Matters raised by the public
(a) The drainage condition of Hollins Lane (Clerk to write to DCC).
(b) Bennetts Lane
(c) Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham reported his deselection as candidate (Con) for the May elections. He intended to stand as an Independent.

7039 Co-option of councillor
Three qualified persons had applied for the vacancy.
RESOLVED: to ask them to attend the next regular meeting when the Council would interview them separately for around five minutes each based on a short list of questions drawn up by the Clerk.

7040 Minutes of the meeting of 6 December 2004
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chairman without amendment.

7041 Declarations of interest
Cllr Harwood declared a prejudicial interest in item 7039 as applicant Paul Harrison was her nephew. However the vote was deferred until February. Cllr Cooke declared a prejudicial interest in item 7049 and left the meeting during that discussion.

7042 Matters arising from the Minutes

7043 Crich surgery
No one attended from the surgery.

7044 Acting Clerk�s report
APE decision on Cllr Hartshorne The full decision was available in the parish office and on the Adjudication Panel for England website. The Panel decided that former Parish Cllr Hartshorne had brought the Parish Council into disrepute. He was barred from serving as a parish councillor for nine months. His actions did not affect his position as a Borough Councillor.

Clerk�s resignation Mrs Turville had sent a letter of resignation which was read by the Chairman.

Christmas tree problems Clerk had reported persistent criminal damage of the lights to the police and had requested several houses abutting the Market Place to report suspicious actions to the police. AVBC would have to charge the Council for the extra maintenance expense.

Computers for Crich Junior School The School had expressed interest in the two old office computers.
RESOLVED: to give the computers to the Junior School.

Notice board repair Clerk had removed all the damaged perspex from the Council�s board on Coast Hill.
RESOLVED: to spend around �50 on replacement of perspex or glass.

Chairman suspended Standing Orders to hear from the Vicar Philip Brooks on (a) St Mary�s Church planning application (see Planning) and (b) his request to support the Sims Charity (see S137 donations).

7045 Clerk�s appointment
The Acting Clerk left the room for this item.
RESOLVED: to advertise Clerk�s post in local newspapers and to set up a Clerk�s Appointment Panel of Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Cllr Harwood with full powers to appoint.

7046 Burial ground
Consecration of new ground The Bishop of Repton would officiate at 2.30 pm on 13 January.

RESOLVED: to approve payment of Eddowes Waldron�s legal costs.
Purchase of land to widen access Chairman and Borough Cllr Hartshorne had met Mr Sayles�s agent Mr Hollis.

RESOLVED: to purchase the land at the offer price of �500 and allow a further �500 professional costs.

7047 Parish Warden
AVBC was preparing the documents for termination of Mr Else�s employment on grounds of ill health.

7048 CRAMP [Glebe Field Trust]
Clerk apologized for this item, it should have read Glebe Field Trust although CRAMP was tangentially relevant. The Trust was reviewing its financial base and had asked the Council for further support.

RESOLVED: to ask the Glebe Field Trust for a full financial statement before agreeing further support.

7049 DCC Highways
The Council discussed a letter from Peter Leigh of DCC stating he had no funds to progress the report to the Leader. Members objected strongly to this letter.

RESOLVED: to make a formal complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.

7050 Police Matters
No PC attended. Cllr Salt queried how the police treated reports from members of the public.

RESOLVED: to ask Inspector Lish how many events were reported and how many were put on record.

7051 Planning decisions
AVA/2004/1236 Dimple Head former medical centre: new porch, conservatory, etc. Granted
AVA/2004/1281 Yews Cottage, The Common (Jerrom): alterations + extensions. Granted
AVA/2004/1282 Orchard House, Coast Hill (Parkin): extension over garage. Granted
AVA/2004/1310 Red Lion Fritchley: advertisements. Granted

7052 Planning site visit
AVA/2004/1022 Wheatcroft House, Wheatcroft Lane: wooden stable block. 11 January 11.45 am.

7053 Planning applications
AVA/2004/1413 St Mary�s Church, Crich: extension for parish room. No comment
AVA/2004/1438 Colliery Farm, Pit Lane (Gratton): barn conversion (amended). No comment

7054 S137 donations
The Finance Committee meeting on 16 December recommended the following donations for approval. Two other groups had been asked for further information and would be assessed on reply.
CLIFF INN HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY �50 (Cllr Brierton declared interest)
CRICH & NEIGHBOURHOOD COMMUNITY CARE �200 (Cllr Goodhead declared interest)

RESOLVED: to approve the above S137 donations.

The Finance Committee referred the following donation to the Council: Sims Charity �780 for parish school leavers� Bibles (over two years).

RESOLVED: to approve the above S137 donation.

7055 Accounts
Balances 31 December:
Current a/c �1126.38
Savings a/c �26029.17

Current a/c interest (30.11) �4.41
Archway FS re: burial (7.12) �24.00
Co-op Funeral Services re: burial (7.12) �100.00
J Allen & Son re: burial (22.12) �24.00
Archway FS re: burial (22.12) �24.00

M D A Coultas re: Acting Clerk to end Dec. �1073.60 + exp. �45.03 389 �1118.63
Glebe Field Trust re: CRAMP inv. 1785 + 1808 390 �83.10
Glebe Field Trust re: inv. 1781 + Dec. contribution �440 inv. 1807 391 �445.64
BT re: office phone 392 �83.67
Eddowes Waldron re: consecration fees 393 �293.75
Derwent Skip Hire re: burial ground skip 394 �70.50
Mrs Turville re: 2004 expenses 395 �198.18
AVBC re: grit bin refill + supply new bin 396 �642.37
Derek Harwood re: BG caretaking November salary 397 �86.67
�3000 transfer from Savings a/c to Current a/c

Precept setting 2005/6
Clerk presented estimates for 2005/6 expenditure and income.

RESOLVED: to set a Precept for 2005/6 of �38,000.

Mandate and Savings a/c
Items deferred.

7056 Correspondence from other authorities
AVBC Minutes submitted 22 December 2004

7036 Information
Cllr Smith attended at Holloway on 5 January to hear about local housing need and allocation. She offered to circulate her notes to anyone interested.

Chairman stated that a letter from Archway FS had arrived too late for presenting to the last meeting as requested by Archway FS. The letter was on file in the parish office. The Chairman would write to explain the procedure for submitting items for the Council�s notice.

Cllr Harwood said that Dowie Way grit bin was nearly empty and some kerb stones by St Mary�s Church neede attention from DCC.

Several members had been asked about the blue fencing recently erected by the Junior School and letters had been received by the Clerk. The School had stated that the necessary permissions had been given.

The Chairman thanked members and the public for attending and closed the meeting at 10.50 pm