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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday 8th. January 2007 in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr. Lane (Chair), Cllr. Brierton (vice Chair), Cllrs. Bendon, Harris,
Harwood, Salt, Steppings, Tromans, Whitney, Cty.Cllr. Jackson + 3 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.
Apologies: Cllrs. Goodhead, Smith, Thorpe
07/001Public participation � no comments
07/002 Police matters (PC 2024 Lowe) in attendance
Police are aware of theft of and damage to cars in the vicinity of the Kings Arms. A man is in custody and may well be responsible for these and other offences.
Cllr. Harris reminded the meeting that the reason for low police presence in Crich is the low incidence of reported crime, he felt strongly that everyone in the community should see the reporting of all crimes to the police as a duty not an option.
07/003 Minutes of the meeting of 4 December 2006
Resolved that these be signed by the Chair
07/004 Matters arising from the Minutes
Chair cannot attend the Belper Town Council Civic service. No one else was available to go in her place.
Cllr. Bendon questioned Mr. Coultas�s attendance at a quarry liaison meeting, Cty Cllr. Jackson explained that MC accompanied him and that he was quite happy with that.
Cllr Bendon also asked about the cost of lighting for the build out on the Market Place (this is dealt with later)
07/005 Declarations of interest � None
07/006 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson reported on the following:-
He is acutely aware of the horrendous parking problems in Fritchley and has asked the police at Alfreton to send a uniformed officer to tour the village with him in order to get first hand experience of the situation
The handrail situation is a matter for the County Council and is being monitored
At the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee meeting a verbal agreement was made with the Deputy Managing Director of Aggregate Industries that the movement of lorries be stopped for 30 minutes around the times children are arriving at and leaving school. He is awaiting a response to a request to make this a formal written agreement with drivers.
The County Council seems to be rather dismissive of the need to repair rural roads until the holes are really deep. He will raise his concerns at a full council meeting
Cty Cllr Jackson reminded the Council of the need to lobby about speed limits on rural and quiet roads in the parish
�Fridge magnets reminding us of the �Call Derbyshire � system were distributed. This is a useful and increasingly used service in the county
Funding for street lighting follows reported incidences of anti-social behaviour. A new �13,000 scheme in Chesterfield is evidence of this.

07/007 Clerks Report
Black spot lighting = we await written estimates from DCC but following a site meeting with Chris Green on 22.12.06 it was possible to report that:-
Lighting on the market Place build- out would cost about �2,500 to comply with regulation re. lighting of a road crossing
The lighting on New Rd. in general is a concern and we should pursue the possibility of an upgrade
The siting of a light at Bowmer Lane will involve either an attachment to the existing telegraph pole or a new light situated on the pavement at the boundary between the bungalows
Putting a light at Greenfields would certainly be of value but would be very expensive as the power supply is not handy and there is no pavement n.b. cabling costs �100 per metre in the road and �50 per meter in the footway.
A new light on The Common opposite the footpath would be expensive in that it would be on the opposite side of the road and would require 23meters of trenching to supply the power
Installation of a light on Roes Lane seems desirable and feasible, a resident offered to have the light attached to his property! The issue of whether the builder of the new houses should have provided a light was raised and a letter will be sent to him to this effect. ( We believe this to be an R Geeson company)
Caretakers pay: He is currently paid � 5.00 per hour. Since October 1st. this should have been �5.35 per hour to comply with minimum wage legislation. It was resolved to pay the new rate back-dated to October 1st 2006
Crich Quarry Matters
Cllr Bendon has collected a good deal of information in the form of letters, ROMP documents, plans, diagrams, telephone conversations, planning permissions etc. He explained that much of the information the council may seek about future plans the quarry companies may have are commercially sensitive and therefore hard to obtain. The company can use the quarry until 2042 and can effectively extract without limit vertically (actual limitations would be a. physical shape of the hole b. commercial viability). In theory they may work as quickly or as slowly as they like e.g. exhausting the deposits in 3 years or in 30 years. However, they would need further permissions to expand laterally and the Parish Council is resolved to resist this. County Council policy is not to give further permissions in Derbyshire.
Cty Cllr. Jackson reported that he had information suggesting that further vertical extraction would be limited by clay deposits. The next liaison meeting is on 25th. April 2007 and it was thought sensible to invite a council officer to a Parish Council meeting after that.
Cllr. Harris felt very strongly that the Parish Council should resist the granting of any permission for lateral expansion. It was agreed that this become Parish Council policy.
Mr. Pegg (member of the public) brought a copy of a letter sent to the County Council expressing concerns about the Crich Quarry on behalf of the residents of Wakebridge.
Cllr. Harris enquired why the footpath around the quarry (FP15) was technically �closed� The barriers are no longer obvious, the path is well used by walkers and does not seem to be dangerous. Cty. Cllr Jackson explained that such decisions were made on geological evidence and that he would report the problem. Cllr. Bendon added that the path is in places less than 8 metres from the quarry edge this is deemed to be unacceptable.
Christmas Tree
There had been problems with the transformer which was replaced and with some vandalism. The lighting was working in time for the carol service and continued to work over the Christmas period
Grass Track
The company has had to increase charges for the next year of its contract from � 3,450.00 to �3,726.00 + vat per year. This was seen as acceptable and favourable comments were made about the quality of their work.
Picture donation for office
The Council expressed thanks to Michael Coultas for his generous donation of 2 paintings of local scenes
Speed limit proposals
Cllrs. Lane, Harris, Steppings and Tromans submitted written proposals suggesting speed limits at various locations viz: The Common, Dimple Lane, Market, Wheatcroft Lane, Dark Lane , Potters Lane and Pit Lane. Mr. Pegg submitted a copy of a letter he had written regarding the road between Wakebridge and Crich. It was resolved that the clerk should send these suggestions to Cty. Cllr. Lucas (Cabinet Member) and that a letter in support of Mr. Pegg�s letter be sent with a copy to Cty. Cllr. Jackson.
There was a good deal of agreement on the effectiveness of large 30 mph signs painted in the road and interest was expressed in the deployment of �Speed activated signs�.
Cllr Steppings suggested a meeting with DCC to discuss all issues concerning roads. Chair suggested that the Transport Committee should meet to discuss these matters and to put in a written request for a meeting with the County Council. It was pointed out that it would be helpful if the Clerk were informed of minor road accidents i.e. those not reported to the police, as these have a bearing on the attitude to highway matters.
The issue of the way Sat Nav systems can misdirect motorists on to rural roads was raised. There have been a number of instances of this in the parish. It was pointed out that the police have the authority to deal with such matters when they are identified and reported.
Stonewall repair at FP 64
Payment of �800 for this work was approved
Chair reported that she is in negotiation over this and will report back.
Grit bins
8 of the 9 bins have been filled as requested ( the 9th. was not accessible!) AVBC has had a problem sourcing new bins but this is now hopefully resolved
07/008 Planning decisions
2006/0644 The Cottage ,Sun Lane (Harrison) demolition of garage and formation of new access drive. To go to APPEAL
GRANTED 2006/1237 Nuncott The Dimple, Fritchley (Perry) ext. to rear.
GRANTED 2006/2266 37 Coast Hill, (Daniels) fencing to NW of property
REFUSED 2006/1272 Land at Sandy Lane (Markeaton Construction) erection of new dwelling
GRANTED 2006/1365 Allen Lane, (Fritchley School) non-illuminated sign
07/009 Planning Applications
2006/1437 Land at The Yews, The Common, Crich.( Jerram): outline for detached dwelling. Objection. �Crich Parish Council strongly objects for the same reasons leading to the refusal of application 2005/1102. There are serious concerns about access, number of vehicles and size of proposed building which is not in-keeping with surrounding properties. There is a strong case for a site meeting�. In addition to the formal response to the Planning dept . a letter will be sent to Cllr. Hartshorne.
2006/1448 Old surgery, Dimple Lane (Lonsdale): new stone chimney.�No objections�
2006/1487 31,Coast Hill Crich (Beresford) 2 storey extension + utility room. (No objections)
2006/1498 Land adjacent to Greenacres, Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley (Walker) :erection of building + attached garage. �No objections�
20061512 7, Cromford Rd., Crich (Lucas) removal of highway wall and associated works �No objections� However Council recorded concern over the importance of protecting the footpath and of not building the wall to such a height that it interferes with sight lines.
2006/1524 Coddington Hall Farm, Whatstandwell (Chambers/Hawksley) demolition of redundant farm buildings + conversion of stone barn to 2 residential units + garage block. Objection: According to the Adopted Amber Valley Local Plan 2006 policy H3 allows development subject to conditions within the built frame work of certain urban areas and villages such as Whatstandwell.This site not within the built frame work and is therefore not permitted. There is no indication that the application meets the condition that the new development is�� necessary for the operation of a rural based activity and where a rural location is essential� No use for the dwelling has been specified and Crich Parish Council opposes the application.
2006/1533 Stones Lane (Orange/O2) telecommunications mast. �No objections� However, comment was made as to whether this mast could be located adjacent to an existing one and whether this type of mast could be disguised.
2000/01 4, Glen Rd. Whatstandwell. Proposed 2 storey side extension � kitchen, dining and bedroom extension. �No objections�
07/010 Donations
The following recommendations made by the finance committee were confirmed by the Council :-
Crich and Neighbourhood Community Care Scheme �225
Crich Junior School None
Fritchley Christmas Tree �150
Fritchley OAP Association �100
Fritchley Primary School Governors Account �90
Mid Derbyshire citizens Advice Bureau None � no longer at the Glebe
Victim Support Derbyshire (AV and Erewash) None
Whatstandwell Social club �100
Glebe Field Trust (special item) �525 monthly from 1 Feb. 2007
Sims Charity-
This was the subject of a long discussion as there was some concern that the Parish Councils appear to be the sole source of income for this charity which without the Parish councils support is effectively defunct..
Cllr. Salt supported payment on historical grounds
Cllr. Harris believed that it is not a proper use of local tax-payers money and that the church should fund the charity
Chair and Cllr. Whitney both felt it inappropriate for the Parish Council to fund this charity
Cllr. Salt proposed and Cllr. Brierton seconded a motion that the Charity should be funded according to their request (�740 to cover a 2 year period)
This motion was defeated by 5 votes to 4.
Cllr. Harris remarked on the limited information provided to the Council by the Sims charity compared with other groups who provided bank statements, financial records, detailed costings and fund raising activities. The Sims Charity gives no indication of efforts made on its own account � this he thought was not a satisfactory basis on which to allocate tax payers money
Cllr. Whitney reminded the Council that the Sims Charity must have been aware that some doubt was cast on the appropriateness of the council contribution 2 years ago but still they do not seem to have made an effort to seek funds from other sources.
Cllr. Harris suggested that we offer �200 to cover the next 2 year period, this would be in line with other donations and would perhaps encourage the Sims Charity to seek alternative funding.
Cllr. Bendon Proposed and Cllr. Salt seconded a motion that The Sims Charity be given �200 for the next 2 year period. Provided the Church can raise the balance of �540.00 from other sources.
This was carried FOR 4 AGAINST 2 ABSTENTIONS 3.

The full Council considered the following late applications:-
Crich Rangers FC �100
Crich Brass Band �150
07/011 Precept
This was agreed and signed by Chair in the sum of �36,200.
7/012 Accounts
Balances at 10th December Current �27423.20 Jubilee �945.50 Charity �120 76
Audit Commission has approved accounts for last Financial Year
Yorkshire Bank Current Acc. Interest (30.11) �45.96
A. Bolstridge re burial (20.12) �40.00
Thos Greatorex re. burial (20.12) �120.00
Archway Funeral Services re burial (20.12) �120.00
Midlands C S Funeral services re. burial (4.1) �30.00


M D A Coultas re Clerks salary for Dec. + exp. �4.07 081 �179.70
C. Ludlam re Clerks salary for Dec. 082 �313.84
M.MacArthur re BG/PG caretaking for Dec. 083 �108.33
Grass Track re. Dec maintenance 084 �337.81
Wilds Garden Design re stonewall repair FP 64 085 �800.00
BT re. office phone 086 �99.39
Viking Direct re. Printer ink 087 �109.44
Parkwood social Fund 2 FP 58 clearance 088 �50.00
S. Fantom re. various repairs 089 �121.90
The Post Office (for Inl. Rev.) re NIC+tax Q3 090 �98.00
Derwent Waste Management 091 �76.30
07/013 Circulars and Publications
AVBC minutes submitted on 20.12.2006
AVBC Planning Board Minutes 4 and 18 December 2006
DCC Draft Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2006-11
Derwent Valley WHS management plan (revised)
East Midlands Airport Master Plan Summary
07/013 Information
Cllr. Brierton expressed concern about the condition of the shed at the BG. The provision of a new shed and a strimmer to be discussed at the next meeting.
(There is an asbestos issue with the disposal of the old shed) He also requested that the provision of CCTV on the Market Place be discussed at the next meeting
Cllr. Harwood reported a faulty light on Dowie Way and 2 cars which appear to be abandoned on Sun Lane. These to be reported to the Police.

Chair thanked Councillors and members of the public for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10.25 pm

Clive Ludlam , Clerk 10.01.2007
The Glebe Centre, Crich 01773 853928