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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 7 January 2008, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (v-Chair) Bateman, Birkin, Clark, Harrison, Harwood, Smith, Steppings,Tromans. Cty Cllr. Jackson.and 6 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.

Apologies: AVBC Cllr.Taylor, Cllrs. Fudge and Thorpe.

07/164 Matters raised by members of the public

A letter from a former councillor had come to light recently although it was written some months ago. This letter was considered inappropriate by the recipient who was advised by Chair to make a written submission on the matter.

A parishioner complained of an increase in dog fouling particularly in the Market Place area and around the schools. Clerk was advised to seek the assistance of the AVBC Dog Warden service and the Environmental Services Department.

07/165 Police matters

There was no police representation at this meeting.

Cllr. Tromans reported that the Market Place telephone booth had been vandalised.

Cllr. Bateman said that he had been invited to join the Police Neighbourhood Committee and would be attending the first meeting on Thursday 10th. January. General surprise was expressed at the fact that this had not been publicised and was not known to any other councillor present.

07/166 Local Authority Councillors

AVBC Cllr.Thorpe indicated by letter that she supported Planning ApplicationAVA2007/1502

Cty. Cllr. Jackson reported the following:

Mr. Pegg�s generous and constructive offer of land for a footpath to improve road safety between Wakebridge and Crich had not yet drawn response from DCC � he will pursue this.

The West Bank handrails seem to be a success.

The holiday cottages on Potter�s Lane are for sale or to let. He will investigate whether this represents a change of use and, if so, whether it is a breach of planning permission.

The mess in the road caused by builders on Chadwick Nick Lane has been cleared and the problem resolved.

He is paying a site visit to inspect trees overhanging the A6.

The Vice-Chair of the Council for the Protection of Rural England has joined the Quiet Lanes Group along with Cllrs. Tromans and Taylor. He is concerned at the �Reserve� signs being placed on some roadside verges � does this mean they cannot be used by walkers or riders and will they be mown?

Parking offences are to be de-criminalised. DCC will not be taking this over from the police. It is, therefore, likely to go to private companies.

He was unable to walk the footpaths as planned in the Christmas period as he was commandeered for other council business, but still intends to do so.

Cllr. Bateman informed Cty. Cllr. Jackson that he was unhappy with the repairs to School Lane and that he had sent photographs to DCC.

07/167 Minutes of the meeting of 3rd. December 2007

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair .

07/167Matters arising from the Minutes

Some repairs have been carried out to School Lane but these seem inadequate.

Old Engine House and Woodhay Baulk Farm � AVBC is aware of developments at these properties and is of the opinion that planning regulations have not been breached.

Clerk has again written to the Bishop of Nottingham regarding problems caused by young people staying at The Briars and once again awaits a reply.

Parish Clerks will be able to discuss planning application problems with AVBC at a meeting on 24th. January 2008. Clerk would value any comments in addition to those already made. Clerk notes that while in Ireland he was able to access planning information on the AVBC website quite readily. Clerk was instructed to write to Brian Twigg at AVBC to re-iterate the Council�s total dissatisfaction with the system.

AVBC have been asked to help with a BG safety survey when they are less busy.

The new streetlight on New Road is now operative and seems to meet with general approval.

Thanks to all who have been to register their signature at the Yorkshire Bank. Clerk will now go to Ripley to put new list of signatories in operation.

Clerk is continuing to pursue the provision of new notice boards. Members were asked to consider the need for further boards and to suggest suitable sites.

Chair reported that she and Cllr. Thorpe had investigated the section 106 money (a fund provided by developers to help communities in which they are building). There is in excess of �10,000 and this could be used towards the cost of the RG fence. It is imperative that the Council submits 3 estimates without delay. The Finance Committee will study the estimates to hand. Contact at AVBC is Tara Willey.

07/168 Declarations of Interest


07/169 Clerk�s report

Allotment update � the new owner (Ken Briddon) is drafting a Code of Conduct for allotment holders in consultation with the Clerk and tenants� representatives. Further, he has asked the Parish Council to consider, in principle, the concept that it will meet maintenance costs and a fair share of legal costs. Council will wait to see the formal proposals.

Cllr. Fudge has gained a certificate for attendance at a training course for new councillors.

Fritchley Post Office will close temporarily on January 11th. Post Office Ltd. is trying to find a new location - applications would be welcome.

Rights of Way Improvement Plan for Derbyshire 2007-12 has now been published. It can be downloaded from the DCC website ( Printed copies can be requested by telephoning the �Call Derbyshire� number � 08456058058.

Cllr Tomans agreed to study this document.

Mr. A. Bostock has made available his submission to the Planning Inspectorate re Coddington Farm barn.

Clerk was instructed to send copies of the Parish Council�s own response to members of the Planning Committee.

07/170 Finance committee Report

Cllr. Clark (Chair) reported that, having studied the accounts and balances, the Committee recommended that the precept for 2008/09 be set at �34,000. This was adopted by the full council.

He expressed concern that the carry-over in March (about �20,000) is higher than would be acceptable to the auditor (25-30% of precept would be more normal). He felt it was important that the council identifies and instigates projects, which would benefit the whole community. All members were encouraged to take part in this.

The Finance Committee recommended the following donations be made to local organisations:

Crich Brass 150.00

Fritchley Christmas Tree 150.00

Crich Evergreen Club 200.00

Fritchley OAP Asssoc. 100.00

Crich Luncheon Club 150.00

Whatstandwell Social Club 150.00

Crich Rangers FC u 13s 250.00

Crich Scouts 250.00

Crich British Legion 20.00

These were approved by full council. After some debate it was decided not to make a donation to the Sims Charity or to Derbyshire Children�s Holiday Centre as it was considered this would not be an appropriate use of council taxpayers� money. It was agreed that these are difficult decisions and that the criteria for making such judgements should be reviewed before the next round in Autumn 2008.

Chair thanked Cllr. Clark for his report. The next meeting of the Finance Committee will take place on Wednesday, 16th January, 2008, at 6.30 p.m. in the Quiet Room at The Glebe.

07/171 Planning Decisions

AVA2007/1373 The Orchard Dimple Lane Crich � garage conversion and rear ground floor extension

AVA2007/1394 Mill Farm Brook Lane Fritchley � extensions and roof alterations

AVA2007/1447 Broom Cottage Main Rd. Whatstandwell � extension roof and roof light

AVA2007/1301 12 Dowie Way � loft conversion

TRE2007/0208 Crich Pottery, Market Place � removal of trees All granted

07/172 Planning Applications

3 applications have been considered by the Planning Committee � the documentation having been obtained from AVBC

AVA2007/1502 � Sunnyside, Briars Lane � no objection

AVA2007/1507 � Chase Cliffe Farm Whatstandwell � no objection

AVA2007/1529 � Wakebridge Farm, Wakebridge � objection on the grounds that the mobile homes do compromise the listed farmhouse and that as the family now has converted barns to use, the need for temporary accommodation has ceased.

Visit to view planning applications in the AVBC area.

07/173 Accounts

Balances at 30.11.2007

Yorkshire Bank current A/C �29924.59

Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C � 946.14

Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C �123.43


YB current A/C �74.26

Y B Jubilee A/C interest �0.08

VAT refund �3106.37

Hoults Memorials �40.00 Archway FS �60.00


� Chq. No.

CH Ludlam Clerk �397.68+expenses �16.62 414.30 193

M MacAther Caretaker BG +RG 126.76 194

Glebe Field Trust 525.00 195

BT (phone) 130.62 196

Grass Track (mowing Nov. 2007) 364.84 197

Grass Track (mowing Dec. 2007) 364.84 198

Moss Office Services (envelopes) 8.44 199

Tax and NI 3rd. qtr payment 2007-8 406.68 200

CH Ludlam additional expenses (memory stick+bin bags) 18.79 201

Belper Skip Hire 94.00 202

07/174 Circulars and publications

Register of Electors

B line �This is me�

Gritting routes- visit

AVBC news release on closure of Post Offices

What�s on in Amber Valley Jan 2008

DALC training opportunities 2008

Draft E. Midlands Plan

Christmas cards � Mercian Regiment, Andy Bostock, Judy Mallaber MP

AVBC condemns closure of local post offices Press Release

07/1745Communications from parishioners

Mr Crowfoot had made a number of submissions in support of his planning application.

07/176 Information

Cllr. Bateman expressed his disappointment that the bus shelter on the Market Place had still not been repaired despite assurances from AVBC � Clerk to pursue.

Cllr. Harwood reported that water collects into a large puddle on the Market Place build out. Clerk will write to DCC about this.

Cllr. Harrison commented that the handrail on steps from The Common to Surgery Lane had come loose � Clerk will report this to DCC.

He also said that the post box on Top Lane, Whatstandwell, is to be taken out of use causing inconvenience to residents. Clerk will write to the Post Office about this matter.

Cllr. Tromans said that the track/footpath from Wheatcroft chapel to Wessington would benefit from repair and suggested that this may be a use for the Minor Maintenance Grant (Footpaths).

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.35 pm.

NEXT MEETING MONDAY 4th. February 2008

Clive Ludlam Parish Clerk 9th. January 2008