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Crich village cross
Image from around Crich Parish

Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 5th January 2009, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-chair), Bateman, Bown, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Tromans, Cty. Cllr. Jackson and 3 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Cllrs. Birkin, Harwood and Thorpe. AVBC Cllr. Taylor

09/307 Matters raised by members of the public


09/308 Declarations of interest


09/309 Police matters

PC Wilbourne was present and was pleased to report a relatively quiet Christmas period as far as crime in the area was concerned. He expressed interest in Council plans to increase provision for young people in the area and said that the Police would support local initiatives.
Chair informed him of two more accidents involving cars hitting the wall at the top end of Bullbridge Hill, making a total of four accidents of this type in the past year. She also expressed her concern regarding speeding in this area. PC Wilbourne agreed to refer the matter to Traffic section and the Clerk was instructed to write to DCC.

09/310 Local Authority Councillors

Cty Cllr. Jackson presented a written report and amplified points as requested by members. Cllr. Harrison (Chair of the Transport Committee) agreed to attend the Joint Road Transport Forum which is chaired by Cty Cllr Jackson.
The Council gave unanimous support to a request from Cty Cllr Jackson to back a campaign by Alderwasley PC to secure the replacement of well established trees at �Three Tree Corner� on the A6 at Whatstandwell.
Cllr Bateman asked for help from Cty Cllr Jackson in getting replacements for the damaged road sign at The Cross and the �Give Way� sign at Bennetts Lane.
AVBC Cllr. Thorpe sent an email detailing her efforts to secure the repairs of damage done to Fritchley Green by a DCC grit lorry.

09/311 Minutes of the meeting of 1st December 2008

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair

09/312 Matters arising from the Minutes

Progress report from Major Projects Working Party/Transport Committee � Cllr Bateman had been in contact with the Vicar and a joint venture with the Church to provide table tennis and Wii game facilities looks promising. The Parish Council agreed to provide funding for table tennis tables and equipment and Cllr Bateman will continue to liaise with the Vicar.
A letter had been sent to the contractor informing him that if 5 new Notice boards were not delivered within 3 weeks the order should be considered �cancelled�. The time has now expired and Council will look elsewhere with a view to providing a speedy solution to this on-going problem.
Parish land � proof of ownership - information from Michael Coultas (former Clerk).
There are no deeds as such or proof of ownership except for the Recreation Ground, in which title is clear, descending from a transfer around 1947 by a miners� association. NB The Recreation Ground is charity land. Fritchley Drying Ground was originally common land and was claimed by the Parish Council some years ago. Ownership of the quarry by the Parish Council is unregistered but incontestable. The claim dates back a very long time, legally �time immemorial�. Part of this land has two tenants and rent is charged by the council. The Parish Council does, literally, own bits of the Market Place but, like the piece of verge opposite The Black Swan, ownership has little practical effect. The Cross and the tiny garden area opposite, in a sort of stone trough, is claimed and maintained as Parish Council property in order to provide public protection for an important monument. Michael Coultas, during his time as Clerk, was not aware that Fritchley Green is Parish property. However, it would appear that it does belong to the Parish Council and there are documents to prove this. (It should be noted that it is maintained by AVBC and not by our contractors, Grass Track.)
Chair has studied such deeds as exist, and it was agreed that more time needs to be allocated for councillors to discuss this matter. Further, although Council ownership is not in doubt, it is clear that more information about the current use of the Parish Quarry (adjacent to Bennetts Lane) is required.

Garages at The Beeches � AVH Ltd. have no vacant garages, in any case garages may only be let for the purpose of parking cars, they may not have storage as their primary purpose.
The skip outside the old Bakery was removed soon after the last meeting


09/313 Clerk�s Report

Precept � Documents were signed by Chair and will be submitted to AVBC
Damage to stiles and gates on the course of the Tors footpath was reported to DCC according to whom, they are the responsibility of the farmer. However Cty Cllr Jackson does not accept this and he will take up the case.
It was confirmed that the April meeting will be the Annual Parish Meeting (commencing at 7.00pm) and the May meeting will be the AGM of the Parish Council (commencing at 7.30pm).
Clerk has written to the acting BG and RG caretaker regarding the proposed job description as agreed at the December meeting. He was pleased to report that Mr. Spencer was performing his duties admirably.
All grit bins reported as being in need of filling have been reported to AVBC. Clerk asked to be kept informed of empty bins in the area.
Derbyshire Police have been informed that Cllrs. Lane and Bateman will attend the Police Annual Parish Councils Evening
Clerk has contacted Plantscape and will set up a meeting to discuss planters for 2009
Clerk informed the meeting that Robin Harvey and Bob Tatam give him a great deal of help in making sure that the Parish Allotments run smoothly.

09/314 Planning decisions

AVA/2008/1227 Thorndale Cottage, The Dimple � Double garage WITHDRAWN
AVA/2008/1292 3 The Cottages, The Green, Fritchley � 2 storey extension PERMITTED
AVA/2008/1265 Land at Town End � renewal of outline planning permission PERMITTED

09/315 Planning applications

AVA/2008/1331 Nether Nook Chapel Lane Crich -2 new detached dwellings and double garages No drawings were available making informed comment difficult.
AVA/2008/1360 Land behind the Glebe Field Centre Crich - New Medical Centre - this being a very large and complex document Council will need more time to study it properly. However, Chair summed up the general opinion of the Council as held at the moment:
The PC is generally supportive of the project
There is concern over mature trees with particular reference to the widening of the access road.
Glebe will lose the overflow car park
Car parking provision seems inadequate considering the likely number of staff and patients
Vehicular exit must not be via the road in front of the bungalows

09/316 Accounts

Bank Accounts
Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 9.12.08 � 39600.36
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C � 947.10
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C � 128.78

Yorkshire Bank current A/C interest� 10.84
Yorkshire Bank Charity A C interest � 0.08
BG fees �70.00

C.H.Ludlam (Clerk) salary + expenses �425.03 chq 314
VOID chq 315
Glebe Trust � 546.00 chq 316
Grass Track (Nov.) �364.84 chq 317
Grass Track (Dec) �357.08 chq 318
BT Phone and Bband �108.21 chq 319
RBL (Crich branch) � 250.00 chq 320
Crich Fete Cttee � 250.00 chq 321
Crich Scouts �250.00 chq 322
Sims Trust �200.00 chq 323
Whatstandwell Soc. Club� 250.00 chq 324
Fritchley Christmas Tree� 150.00 chq 325
Fritchley OAP Assoc. � 50.00 chq 326
Crich Evergreen Club �200.00 chq 327
Crich Brass �250.00 chq 328
Crich Luncheon Club �225.00 chq 329
Viking Direct �49.48 chq 330
Len Spencer (BG and RG caretaking) �144.52 chq 331
HMRC Tax and NI 3rd qtr�. 515.97 chq 332
CH Ludlam increment and back pay to April 2008 �243.94 chq 333

09/317 Circulars and publications


09/318 Communications from parishioners

A telephone call was made to the Clerk�s mobile �phone at 4.55pm on Saturday 20th. December 2008, asking if he had removed an advertisement from the notice board in Fritchley. Clerk would like it to be noted that a call to his mobile at such a time is insensitive and is an invasion of privacy. It is not an appropriate way to contact the Parish Council. Further, it should be noted that Parish Notice boards should only be used for Parish and Community matters � they are not meant to offer a free advertising space.
Letter from Lindsay Fogg of Whatstandwell regarding availability of Parish Allotments
Christmas cards were received from Michael Coultas, Judy Mallaber MP, Mercian Regiment and the Mayor of Amber Valley

09/319 Information from Councillors

A number of members expressed concern over notices advertising the sale of logs. These notices are a form of �fly-posting� which is illegal. Clerk was instructed to seek the help of AVBC in securing their removal.
Cllr Bateman asked about the large shed at Wakebridge which failed to gain retrospective planning permission, he also reported that he is working on the setting up of a liaison meeting with representatives of The Briars. He remains concerned about the lack of a litter bin outside the shops on the Market Place
Cllr. Brierton asked for a sign for St. Michaels Close
Cllr Tromans suggested that 2 footpaths in Wheatcroft would benefit from repair.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.39 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm MONDAY 2nd February 2009

Clive Ludlam
Parish Clerk
27th January 2009