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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday January 7th 2013, held in the Glebe Field Centre

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Trevor Griffin of Derbyshire Archaeological Society explained the Butterley Gangroad Project. The Society will seek permission to site an information board at the Market Place and an information board and a display truck at Fritchley Drying Ground.


Cllr Lane (Chair), Brierton (vice-Chair), Bateman, Baugh, Bown, Broom, Clark, Harwood, Slaney, Steppings Thorpe and Wells. Cty. Cllr .Jackson �and 6 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Part 1 Non � confidential items

13/873 To receive apologies for absence:

13/874 To receive declarations of interest and to approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.

Cllrs.Steppings and Wells declared an interest in any future planning applications for the siting of wind turbines in the Wheatcroft area. Members voted unanimously to grant them a dispensation to participate in any discussion on the matter.

13/875 Police matters

(Contact is:�
There have been a number of thefts of quality bicycles from garden sheds across the area

13/876 Matters raised by members of the public (10 minutes)

Concern was expressed regarding road safety issues arising from STW construction traffic passing Crich Carr School. Cty. Cllr Jackson and AVBC Cllr Gee are both pursuing this matter.

13/877 Reports from County and Borough Councillors

13/878 Minutes of the meeting of December 3rd 2012

Minutes of the meeting of were confirmed and signed by Chair.

13/879 Matters arising from the meeting of December 3rd 2012

STW Reservoir Project � report of Liaison Meeting. Cllrs Lane and Broom attended.
A number of planning details regarding enabling works have yet to be resolved. As yet no-one from DCC Highways has attended a meeting of the group.

Precept 2013-2014. Resolved by 11 votes to 1 to keep the Precept unchanged at �44,000 for the Financial Year 2013/4.

Market Place Working Group to include public conveniences, improvements at the Recreation Ground and the proposals regarding the Gang road in its brief.

Winter Service Group �Cllr. Wells reported that the group will inspect and fill bins during the coming week. A new bin is being considered forAmber Hill. Mr.Jim Riches has kindly volunteered to assist Cllr Slaney in his role as Snow Warden.

Public toilets � following a report by Cllr Wells it was Resolved to open the toilets as soon as possible once the legal agreement with AVBC has been finalised. Members agreed to support the spending of the first year �3,000. Cllr. Wells was thanked for all his hard work in researching the feasibility of this venture on behalf of the Council.

13/880 Report by the Parish Clerk:

Wind turbines � Resolved: Clerk to write AVBC Planning Dept. with a copy to the Council Chair asking for guidelines to help Parish Councils when considering applications to site wind turbines. The impact of noise, flicker, size and impact on bird life were noted as concerns .
Housing demand in the Crich area � the figures in this document will be borne in mind when considering planning applications for affordable housing.
Mole problem at the Burial Ground �Resolved: Clerk to engage the services of a pest control company on a 1 year contract
Problems at the allotments � excessive rain has washed away part of the driveway. An allotment holder has kindly agreed to carry out repairs.
DALC circulars � it was Resolved that the Circulars received should be recorded in the Minutes.

13/881 Planning Decisions

All permitted:
AVA/2012/1079 The Old Engine Shed, Dimple Lane � 2 extra window panels
AVA/2012/1077 21 Dale Close, Fritchley � 2 storey side extension and parking
AVA/2012/0860 � land at Woodside Farm, The Common � demolition of slaughterhouse erection of 14 detached dwellings.
AVA/2012/0995 land at 10 Main Rd. Whatstandwell. Change of use from agricultural to domestic curtilage.
AVA/2012/0991 Coddington Hall Farm � alterations to main farmhouse.

13/882 Planning Applications

AVA/2012/1034 Housing Development (18 dwellings) to rear of 27 � 35 Coast Hill Objection (by ballot � 8 votes supporting an objection, 2 votes against an objection and 1 abstention)G on the grounds of inadequate vehicular access to the site and the negative impact on road safety around the already busy Glebe/ Health Centre/Pharmacy site.
There is no objection to the following applications
AVA/2012/1155 The Poplars Matlock Rd. Ambergate extension to form a dependent relatives unit
AVA/2012/1161 30, Top Hagg Lane � detached house and garage.
AVA/2012/1077 Bobbin Mill Cottage, Fritchley �demolish garage and replace with store over.
AVA/2012/1074 Kirkham Barn, Fritchley. Renovation and conversion of milking building with first floor extension
AVA/2012/11066, North View, Detached timber garage.

13/883 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at
10th December 2012����� �40,956.69

Income as per bank statement:
10 November to 10 December - �780 (�610 from BG, �170 small Christmas Trees).


C H Ludlam (Clerk�s salary) + expenses �515.34 chq 898�
Glebe Field Trust �628.43 chq 899
L Spencer (work at RG and BG) �146.18 chq 900
HMR and C Tax and NI 3rd qtr �361.00 chq 901
Grass Track �407.16 chq 902
Viking Direct (stamps and stationery) �205.72 chq 903
Whatstandwell Social Club �150.00 chq 904
Whatstandwell WI �150.00 chq 905
Fritchley with Crich WI �150.00 chq 906
Fritchley Christmas Tree Association. �250.00 chq 907
Muddlealong �150.00 chq 908
Crich pre School �100.00 chq 909
Fritchley OAP Association �150.00 chq 910
Crich Luncheon Club �150.00 chq 911
Sims Trust �120.00 chq 912

13/884 Items for Information

13/885 Communications from Parishioners

Request from Crich Fete Committee for us of RG on 13th July 2013 � granted.
Letter from a resident offering to help with the Snow Warden scheme.
Two letters regarding Planning application AVA/2012/1034 (Housing development off Coast Hill)
Petition from a group of young people asking for a skate park Members acknowledge the attraction of a skate park for young people but Council has neither the funds nor a suitable site at the moment...
Letter complimenting the Council on the quality of the Christmas tree
Letter from Cty. Cllr. Simon Spencer (Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport) acknowledging Clerk’s letter re safety issues on country roads in the Parish
Email regarding obstructive parking on the Common � Clerk advised making a direct comment to DCC Highways via “Call Derbyshire”.
Rolls Royce Monitoring Results show no cause for concern.
Email from Mike Wright regarding a fallen tree blocking a footpath at Bilberry Wood, Crich Chase. Mike has offered to report footpath problems to the Council. Members welcomed Mike’s offer.

Part 2 Confidential items



NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday February 3rd 2013

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
9th January 2012
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928