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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday January 9th 2017, held in the Glebe Field Centre

Please contact the Clerk if further information is required

Minutes are not published until approved at the subsequent meeting

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Cllr. Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Anstead, Broom, Clark, Collison, Smith, Thorpe, Walsh and Yorke.  Cty. Cllr. Williams, AVBC Cllr. Gee and 8 members of the public.
Clerk in attendance.

Part 1 Non – confidential items

16/1449 To receive apologies for absence:

Cty Cllr. Taylor, Cllrs. Bateman, Baugh and Brown

16/1450 To receive declarations of interest and to approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.

Chair – Trustee of the Glebe Field Trust
Cllr. Smith – Planning Application AVA/2016/1277

16/1451 Police matters

No police present
Contact: PCSO Christopher Bannister 3841
The Police Commissioner has replied to an invitation to visit Crich Parish and has offered to attend the Parish Council meeting on May 8th 2017.
Members were pleased to note that a 27 strong “Rural Crime Unit” is to be set up by Derbyshire Police.

16/1452 Members of the public (10 minutes)

The lack of street lighting on Coddington Lane between the junction opposite the Cliff Inn and Coddington Hall Farm was reported to DCC by a concerned resident only for him to be informed that the lights had been decommissioned 2 years ago and would not be repaired. The resident was advised to refer the matter to Cty. Cllr Taylor giving full details of the location of the lights and the dangers caused by their absence.
A request was made for the agenda for full Council meetings to be published. Clerk will look into this including the possibility of posting them on the Parish Council page of the Crich area Community News website.
Concern was expressed about the dirty road outside the Roes Lane construction site where little attempt appears to be being made to clean the wheels of vehicles leaving the site – this matter will be pursued by AVBC Cllr. Gee (see below).

16/1453 County and Borough Councillors

Cty Cllr. Taylor has been dealing with the following issues:
Problems with the bus bay at Crich Market Place (Council made a request for a site meeting to be attended by Cty Cllr. Taylor, a representative of DCC Highways and Cllrs. Clark and Collison).
Problems with cyclists at Crich Carr Wood – Clerk will also report this to ESPROW 
Broken handrail at Sun Lane

Cty Cllr. Williams has been dealing with the following issues;
Outed street lights around Fritchley
Problems with cyclists at Crich Carr Woods
The provision of a 20 mph speed zone in Fritchley for which he was formally thanked by the Council.

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe has been dealing with problems of litter on Bullbridge Hill and is seeking to get a lowering of the speed limit on The Common. She has also been helping local families who have social needs.

AVBC Cllr. Gee was asked to help with the problem of mud from the Roes Lane construction site. He agreed to contact the site agent and with AVBC to determine whether the contractors were complying with the terms of the planning permission. His attention was also drawn to the lack of bus shelters on the road between Bullbridge and Town End compared with similar stretches of road in other parts of the Borough (AVBC is the major provider of these structures).

16/1454 Minutes of the meeting of December 5th 2016

The Minutes were accepted and signed by Chair.

16/1455 Reports

Thanks were expressed to Cllr. Clark for organising the small Christmas trees which enhanced the Market Place during the festive season.
Chair (please see written report).
Neighbourhood Plan
PLACE project – Cllr. Yorke emailed a report
Burial Ground development -  Clerk is establishing the official width of the easement around the low pressure gas main and has  written to all funeral directors asking them to ensure that grave diggers are aware of this pipe. He is also investigating the conditions required to put in place the process of consecrating a new area of the Burial Ground
Winter Service – new bins have been placed on Hollins Lane and near the island at the junction of Coast Hill and Bulling Lane.
Christmas trees (report by Cllr. Clark circulated by email

16/1456 Items for Discussion

Paul Garrud and family have kindly donated and installed a new bench at the Jubilee. Crich Parish Council wishes to formally thank them for their generosity and agreed to cover the cost of the fixings.
The Parish Precept form was approved and signed for submission to AVBC
Ideas for parish enhancement were suggested, these included enhanced floral displays from Spring 2017, improvements to the traffic island at the junction of Bulling Lane and Coast Hill, installation of a seat outside the chapel on the Market Place (i.e. opposite the existing seat) and review the position of the large planter on the Market Place which is usually masked by parked vehicles. Members were asked to email Clerk with further ideas before the February meeting
Council approved renewal of Parish Council insurance policy for a 3 year period with Came and Co.
“Tribute and WW1 Beacons of Light November 11th 2018” – Council agreed that the Beacon would be lit on this special occasion
A request for financial support for Carols Round the Tree was received from the Vicar. It was agreed that it would not be possible to provide a retrospective contribution but any application made in the next round of grant applications (October 2017) will be properly considered
The Pentrich Revolution Commemoration Project – Clerk to invite Geoff Johnson (organiser) to attend the next council meeting.

16/1457 Planning Decisions

AVA/2016/1135 27, Chadwick Nick Lane – summer house
AVA/2016/1122 Sycamore House, Plaistow Green Road – 2 storey side and rear extension
AVA/2016/1092 17, Hindersitch Lane – 2 bedroom cabin
AVA/2016/1158 Coddington Top Farm – change of use from agricultural store to become part of dwelling

16/1458 Planning Applications

AVA/2016/1307 Highlander Farm, Wheatcroft – to modify clause 2 of S106 Planning Obligation of 15/6/1993 from AVA/1291/1307 to sever cattle shed and land from the agricultural holding -  OBJECTION Council does not support this type of severance as it contradicts the original and fundamental reason for allowing the development in this type of location.
AVA/2016/1309 Potters Cottage, Potters Hill – 2 storey extension No objection
AVA/2016/1277 Hillcrest, Crich – reserved matters (AVA/2016/0483) landscaping etc. COMMENT – request made that the materials used are in keeping with the new adjacent development and with the houses which already exist on Hillcrest
AVA/2016/1329 190, The Common – 2 storey side and rear extension .  No objection
AVA/2016/1318 6, Church St., Fritchley – extension Comment – request that the east facing window be deleted to maintain the privacy of the adjoining property
AVA/2016/1335 25, St Michaels Close – conservatory to rear – No objection
AVA/2016/1356 Ivy Bank Farm, Wheatcroft – manege – to be reviewed by the planning group

16/1459 Accounts

Balance in Current Account at 09.01.17   £63,856.79

Income in December £830.64  (Burial fees and small Christmas Trees)
Bank Reconciliation (Current Account) available for inspection.
Deposit Account                                                £20,232.42


C. Ludlam (Clerk) 


Chq 507
Glebe Field Trust
Chq 508
HC Slingsby (grit bin)
Chq 509
Grass Track
Chq 510

Viking Direct (stationery)

Chq 511
HMR and C Tax and NI
Chq 512
FJ Brown (contractor-work at BG)
Chq 513
Crich Brass
Chq 514
Crich Fete
Chq 515
Fritchley Community Assoc.
Chq 516
Crich Well-dressing
Chq 517
Crich Luncheon Club


Chq 518
Sims Charity
Chq 519
Crich pre. School
Chq 520
Crich Care-line
Chq 521

Toy Library

Chq 522
Chq 523
Whatstandwell WI
Chq 524
Fritchley with Crich WI
Chq 525
Indoor Bowls Club
Chq 526
Chq 527
Came and Co. (insurance)
Chq 528
M MacArthur work at RG and BG


Chq 529
D Sturt (Christmas Trees)
Chq 530
Chq 531
P Garrud (fixing donated bench)          
Chq 532

16/1460 Items for Information

DALC circular 19 and 01-2017 
Missing direction sign outside Sycamore Farm on Plaistow Green Road has been reported to DCC ref. F231086

16/1461 Communications from members of the public

Email from Cllr. Gee expressing his disappointment at the decision to reduce the PC contribution to the Sims Charity.
Email from PA to Police and Crime Commissioner requesting list of dates of PC meetings.
Email expressing concern over misuse of Crich Chase woods by cyclists etc. (forwarded to Cty. Cllrs. Taylor and Williams).
Email from resident expressing concern over planning application AVA/2016/1277.
Report of damage to handrail at bottom of Sun Lane reported to Cty Cllr Taylor and to DCC by the resident ref F240339

Part 2 Confidential items



Monday 6th February 2017 7.30 pm

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 EU
01773 853928