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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council held on 2 February 2004, in the Parish Room, Glebe Field Centre, Crich

Present: Cllr. Harwood, in the Chair, Cllrs. Goodhead, Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Daniel, Harris, Hartshorne, Lane, Salt, Thorpe, & Whitney, also Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham, DCC, and two members of the public.

5975 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting of 5 January 2004 had been circulated. Proposed by Cllr. Whitney & seconded by Cllr. Lane that these be signed as a true record.

5976 Declarations of Interest: None.

5977 Matters arising from the Minutes
Proposed by Cllr. Lane and seconded by Cllr. Brierton that following research Minute 5914, December 2003, should be reinstated to read �Parish Council has power to provide Allotments, and duty, if demand is not satisfied.� Concern was expressed that a 1908 Act was still in force, particularly when all existing plots at Whatstandwell are not actively tended; this could be addressed if tenants had signed an agreement.

Minute 5924
Cllr Harris reminded the meeting of contact and correspondence with DCC, particularly regarding highway issues; there is extreme disappointment and dissatisfaction at the attitude of Officers, and service provided. There has been a lamentable lack of response to long-standing, oft repeated, concerns of Councillors, on behalf of the community. Resolved to send a further copy of the detailed letter to DCC Cabinet Member, with copy to Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham, and Ms Mallaber, MP. Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham said he would speak to Mr Waite, hoping he may intervene.

Minute 5937
AVBC does not consider the wall adjacent to the Recreation Ground is now in a dangerous state; Environmental Health Department to be asked what action has been taken regarding rodents at the site.

Burial Ground, concern expressed that few grave spaces remain, and necessary work prior to consecration has not yet commenced; quotations for work have been invited. National Office of TRANSCO to be advised of the request to divert gas pipe, in order to maximise the use of land, in interests of good public relations no charge should be levied. Reference to be made to deeds of Burial Ground. It has been reported that apparently badgers having been digging in the vicinity of graves.

A site meeting had been held with DCC Officer about lighting at Bull Ginnell, Footpath 42, Main Road to Railway Station, Whatstandwell, and Allen Lane, Fritchley. Quotations are awaited from DCC. Cllr. Hartshorne proposed and Cllr. Thorpe seconded a motion that AVBC should be requested to include planning condition for dwelling to be erected at foot of Bull Ginnell to provide lighting to illuminate the area. Also DCC to be requested to reinstate current light on Footpath 42. Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham to take up problem of state of surface and adjoining wall. Concern expressed over state of boarding of canal footbridge.

Cllr. Harwood reported on a site meeting with Mr Davis, representative East Midlands Housing Association (EMHA), and its contractor, to discuss planting work to be carried out at recently cleared Cromford Road site. EMHA is to provide alternative proposals for consideration, prior to submission to AVBC. The Borough Council will not consider revoking the caution issued. Cllr. Hartshorne had requested EMHA provide copies of correspondence, which he will pass on to the Leader of AVBC.

The litterbin near the Jovial Dutchman has been replaced.

Some work has been carried out to prune trees overgrowing path at Church Meadows, but the area is still in poor condition, AVBC to be urged to address the problem.

Minute 5939
Parish Warden draft contract of employment, concern expressed about NI benefit levels if separate contracts are established. Resolved that a sub Committee, comprising Cllrs. Hartshorne, Lane & Thorpe, should consider the proposed contract, after referring to current contract, and report back to full Council.

Minute 5941
DCC states it is obliged �so far as it is reasonably practical� to remove snow and ice from the highway network, and claims to carry out work on almost 50% of roads.

DCC to be requested to confirm ownership of land off Market Place, outside Ivydene.

Minute 5947
Cllr. Brierton to check if AVBC has removed wire from former mineral railway track.

Dog waste bin at Bowmer Lane is now being emptied on a regular basis.

Cllr. Bendon reported tipped material off Cowper Lane is apparently being removed in a piecemeal fashion, he will continue to contact Severn Trent on a regular basis.

5978 Police Matters
Cllr. Thorpe reported a burglary in Fritchley, while occupants were at home, she had requested advice re security lighting be provided. Information on Police scheme to provide free alarm systems for vulnerable people to be followed up. Cllr. Harris does not consider the service, which Inspector McLaughlin had articulated, when he spoke at the November 2003 Meeting, was being provided. Cllr. Salt had observed Police cars in Fritchley, and Cllr. Whitney had seen some passing through Crich. Further request for Police presence to be made. Cllr. Harwood explained dirt/mud/slurry on the Highway from Town End to Shuckstone is creating a potential hazard for drivers; DCC to be informed.

5979 Reports Glebe Field Centre
Cllr. Hartshorne reported on grants received from St Mary�s Church and Midlands Co-operative Society. A group from Ravenshead Day Centre had visited, with a view to setting up a similar project. There is a continued problem with young people in the Centre and grounds during some evenings, if the nuisance continues the Police will be provided with details. The Burns lunch was very successful, further themed lunches are planned.

Cllr. Goodhead reported on the CRAMP programme for February & March 2004.

The Parish Warden requested reimbursement for part cost of tow-bar and roof rack for his new car, which is used for his work. Proposed by Cllr. Brierton and seconded by Cllr. Daniel that this expense, about �100.00 be covered.

5980 Correspondence from Parishioners
(a) The Walshe family expressed appreciation for the opportunity to speak at the last meeting, and the approval of the memorial inscription.
(b) & (c) Mr & Mrs Friend and Mr Peck expressed grave misgivings about the potential problems for the area if planning permission is granted for RSW-AVA/2004/0053, for HGVs and trailers at Causeway Farm
(d) Mr Maggs, on behalf of Crich Village F�te Committee requested permission to use the Recreation Ground for the event on 17 July 2004. This was granted; Committee to be requested to make residents of adjoining properties aware of the activity, in order that their concerns may be considered.
(e) Mr Morris, Fritchley OAP Association thanked Parish Council for invitation to site meeting on lighting at Allen Lane, and requested grant aid; to be informed the latter will be considered by the Finance Committee at the end of the year.

5981 Correspondence from Other Authorities
(a) Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Local Plan, publication of altered plan; to Cllr. Bendon.
(b) DCC response to request for Dead End sign at Bowmer Lane, it considers present signage is sufficient; Cllr. Thorpe to take up this matter.
(c) DCC bus map and guide received.
(d) DCC draft revised Corporate Environment Policy received; copy to be supplied for Cllr. Bendon.
(e) DCC Safer Derbyshire website for community safety partnership information received.
(f) AVBC Draft lap dancing policy & conditions received.
(g) AVBC Consultation, Public Entertainment Licence, Rock & Blues Custom Show received
(h) AVBC Minutes of Council & Committee meetings received; to Cllr. Daniel.
(i) AVBC Result of consultation on notification of intent to carry out tree work, received.
(j) DALC Circulars and Legal Topic Note received.
(k) Derwent Valley Mills Partnership, Minutes of September 2003 meeting & World Heritage News, received.
(l) Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment, Pilgrimage, 4 July 2004 notification received.
(m) St. John Ambulance, Derbyshire Branch, request for grant aid, noted.
(n) AVBC Notification of Enforcement Appeal, land at Dowie Way received. Resolved to take no further action on discussing car parking with St Mary�s PCC.
(o) Derwent Valley Mills Partnership, Minutes of January 2004 meeting received.

5982 Planning Decisions
(a) AVA/2003/1398 Erection of children�s outdoor play structure, 142 The Common, Crich; granted.
(b) TRE/2003/0116 Remove two sycamore trees, Derwent Hotel, Whatstandwell; no Tree Preservation Order.

5983 Planning Applications
(a) RSW-AVA/2004/0053 Part change of use from equestrian to workshops & garage for 3 HGVs & 3 trailers, Causeway Farm, Plaistow Green; the Parish Council objected to this application on highway safety and environmental grounds. AVBC to be asked to detail extent of commercial use of premises.
(b) RTH-AVA/2004/0066 Change of use from Pottery Workshop to two independent dwellings, Crich Pottery, Market Place; observations about increased vehicular traffic and access to be recorded.
(c) TRE/2004/0011/ Crown lift & crown thin ash tree, crown lift sycamore tree, Hill Top Cottage,
Whatstandwell; application forwarded to Tree Wardens.

5984 Accounts
000813 Glebe Field Trust, contribution �440.00
000814 Burial Ground Caretaker, salary �86.67
000815 F J Brown, removal Burial Ground spoil & breeze blocks �650.00
000816 AVBC, Christmas tree �998.75
000817 AVBC Parish Warden costs, 1-4-03 to 7-12-03 �2252.66
000818 AVBC, repair Thurlow Booth seat �23.50
000819 Viking Direct, printer ink �37.58
000820 Parish Clerk, salary, December 2003 �362.00
000821 The Comrades Club (Ltd.) Crich, S 137 grant �200.00
000822 Crich Brass, S 137 grant �200.00
000823 Crich Indoor Bowling Club, S 137 grant �100.00
000824 Crich Luncheon Club, S 137 grant �200.00
000825 Crich Heritage Partnership, S 137 grant �350.00
000826 Fritchley Fundraisers, S 137 grant �100.00
000827 Whatstandwell Social Club, S 137 grant �200.00
000828 Mr J Else, Burial Ground water pipe repair �100.00
000829 Parish Warden expenses �54.47
000830 Zurich Insurance Company, premium �373.27
000831 Glebe Field Trust, CRAMP �264.48
000832 Glebe Field Trust, photocopying �12.90
000833 Derwent Skip Hire, Burial Ground �58.75
000834 DCC, Licence, use Fritchley School Playing Field �100.00

Parish Warden to be requested to look at restricted water flow to Burial Ground tap.

Cllr. Harris questioned the budget set aside for Burial Ground expenditure; it was explained a large amount of work is necessary to prepare the area for consecration. Cllr. Harris wished to record his concern that current Council Taxpayers are subsidising the Burial Ground. Informed that Section 137 grants were awarded to organisations which provide a service for parishioners.

5985 Adjournment for Parishioners
There was a query as to the TRANSCO way leave for Burial Ground pipe.

5986 Matters of Report:
Cllr. Harris continues to be concerned at the speed and number of lorries being driven through the village; the importance of the licence details being provided to the Quarry Manager was stressed.

Cllr. Thorpe explained she had been informed a new resident was driving along Dimple Lane at high speeds; advised Police should be informed of registration numbers. Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham to take up problem of flooding on Dimple Lane, following work carried out by Morgan by TRANSCO. Cllr. Hartshorne will take up problem of flooding at Hat Factory, Dimple Lane.

Cllr. Bulkley-Kirkham detailed problems, which have been reported regarding lack of serviced grit bins. Explained that AVBC had been contracted in November, to fill all the bins, which are the responsibility of the Parish Council, and last week had again been requested to re-fill bins. List of grit bins in the parish, and responsibility for same, to be forwarded to Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham and Cllr. J Brown, AVBC Cabinet Member.

Cllr. Whitney reported Bulling Lane was particularly in need of gritting, as the only DCC Surgery is situated there, DCC to be requested to add this to the gritting route.

Fritchley Festival Fundraisers formally requested use of the Green, Fritchley for the Festival Day on 31 May 2004, granted.

Cllr. Lane reported that Dr Wright had requested action concerning a problem with an unsafe perimeter wall at Fritchley Playing field; situation to be taken up with owner and tenant of the land. AVBC to be reminded of the need for signs re dogs at the site.

Cllr. Cooke reported a coping stone has fallen onto a footpath at Whatstandwell, DCC to be informed.

Cllr. Bendon reported parents at Crich Infant School had requested a roadside barrier at the Bowns Hill entrance; DCC to be requested to provide.

The meeting on 8 March 2004, with Glebe Field Trust Trustees & Management Committee to commence at 7.30pm.

There are difficulties in obtaining up to date quotations for IT equipment for the Parish Office, as best value offers are usually in force for a short duration. Agreed Cllr. Hartshorne to advise purchase of on suitable equipment within the budget allocation.

Explained it is considered good practice to invite public participation, for a period not exceeding ten minutes, before the start of the meeting, resolved to implement this.

The meeting closed at 10.20pm.