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Crich village cross
Image from around Crich Parish

Minutes of the Meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 7 February 2005, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr Goodhead (Chairman), Cllr Lane (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Harwood, Salt, Smith, and Thorpe (after 8 pm), Acting Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham, nine members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Harris and Whitney.

7058 Matters raised by the public
(a) Glebe Field Trust overflow car park lighting
(b) Obscene grafitto on �Dark Lane� off Sandy Lane
(c) Haulage lorries speeding between 5 and 7 pm
(d) Message of congratulations to Ellen MacArthur on her round the world sailing record
RESOLVED: Clerk to take the necessary actions.

7059 Minutes of the meeting of 10 January 2005
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chairman with amendments: (7041) line 1 �7039�; (7044) line 3 �nine� not four; (7046) �Borough� not Dis; and (7057) Cllr Smith attended at Holloway �to hear about local housing need and allocation. She offered to circulate her notes to anyone interested.�

7060 Declaration of interest
Cllr Harwood declared a prejudicial interest in item 7061 as applicant Paul Harrison was her nephew. She left the room for the discussion and the vote.

7061 Co-option of councillor
The Council excluded the public from item 7061 under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 section 2 by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted. Two candidates had presented themselves in person as requested by the Council (Minute 7039).

RESOLVED: not to consider a third candidate unable to be present in person.

The Council interviewed separately the two candidates and voted by secret ballot counted by the Clerk and Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham.

RESOLVED: to co-opt Mrs V Tromans as parish councillor.
Cllr Tromans signed a declaration of acceptance of office.

7062 Matters arising from the Minutes

7063 Rolls Royce (Hilts Quarry)
Jeff Elliott and Oliver Monk gave a Powerpoint presentation on monitoring, sampling, radiation results, site restoration, and further work at Hilts Quarry. The restoration would be finished at the end of February, two further boreholes would be sunk in March, and seeding/planting would start in April. The site will remain closed to the public. Notes on the presentation were given to the Clerk and Councillors.

7064 Clerk�s appointment
The Acting Clerk had received five applications for the post by 31 January. The Clerk�s Appointment Panel had asked them all to come for interview at the Glebe Centre on 17 February.

7065 Acting Clerk�s report
AVBC promotional video A video on Amber Valley was available at the Glebe Centre front office.
Christmas tree costs AVBC costs for the next tree would rise by around �250 to �1250 due to vandalism in December.
Crich Community Bonfire Crich Community Bonfire thanked the Council for its support last year.
Crich Map Crich Heritage Partnership thanked the Council for its current donation for the Crich Map.
Crich Village Fete Crich Village Fete requested use of the recreation area on 16 July 2005.

RESOLVED: to allow Crich Village Fete use of the area on 16 July.
DCC Highways report Clerk had received and copied the Crich Market Place report to Councillors.

RESOLVED: to call an extraordinary meeting on Monday 21 February to discuss this item first and then also any other items that could usefully be presented before 7 March.

Fritchley School fence. The school asked the Council to remove its wood and link fence between the school and the playing area rented by the Council from DCC as the school had erected a more secure new steel fence on the school side of it.

RESOLVED: to refer the matter to DCC.

Regimental pilgrimage Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters annual pilgrimage to Crich was on 3 July at 3 pm. Formal invitations would be sent in May.

7066 Glebe Field Trust
Chairman read the Trust�s report for January. He also announced the resignation of Ann Shepley due to ill health and of her husband Norman Shepley. No financial projections had been prepared. The Council could not therefore assess any extra support for the Trust.

7067 Burial ground
RESOLVED: deferred to the extraordinary meeting (additional inscription fee).

7068 Parish Warden
Mr Else�s employment had ended on grounds of ill health on 31 January. Clerk had asked AVBC and Key Services to assess which Warden�s duties they might be able to undertake.

RESOLVED: further discussion deferred to the extraordinary meeting.

7069 Blackspot lighting
Cllrs Lane and Salt had made a tour of blackspot areas and presented a shortlist. The new light in Allens Lane, Fritchley was in operation. Councillors agreed that the blackspot lighting programme shared with AVBC drawn up in 2001 had fallen behind due to other financial considerations.

RESOLVED: to ask AVBC for two lights in New Road first; then to consider Station Road Whatstandwell and to ask Network Rail about lighting of the rail footbridge; and the 2005/6 budget allocation for two lights should be continued in future years.

7070 Maintenance (Key Services)
Clerk presented Key Services� 2005 maintenance quotation. The recreation area figure seemed too high.

RESOLVED: to refer the quotation back to Key Services.

7071 Land purchase (burial access)
Clerk presented written estimates for professional costs of up to �1200 plus the �500 sale price. This was around �700 more in professional costs than provided for by the Council under Minute 7046. Clerk also proposed Flint Bishop Barnett of Matlock as the Council�s solicitor in this transaction.

RESOLVED: to accept professional costs as given in writing of around �1200; and to appoint Flint Bishop Barnett solicitor for the Council.

7072 Police matters
Cllr Salt said that Sandra Haycock of Derbyshire Constabulary could attend a meeting to discuss Neighbourhood Watch and Ringmaster schemes.
RESOLVED: to ask Sandra Haycock to attend when convenient.

7073 Planning decisions
AVA/2004/1022 Wheatcroft House: wooden stable block. Refused
AVA/2004/1190 Plaistow House Farm: agricultural/engineering repairs to 30 June 2006 only. Granted
AVA/2004/1280 Jasmine Cottage, 16 Hindersitch Lane: vehicle hard standing + 2 storey extn. Granted
AVA/2004/1301 Alma House, Wheatcroft Lane: front conservatory. Granted
AVA/2004/1306 42 Main Road, Whatstandwell: domestic greenhouse within curtilage. Granted

7074 Planning and licence applications
Licence 487 Rock & Blues Custom Show, Coney Grey Farm, Pentrich: 28�30 July. �No objection.�
AVA/2004/1343 Land adjacent Nether Nook, Chapel Lane (Johnson): 2 new dwellings + double garages (amended). �The Parish Council opposes this application on grounds of unacceptable increase of traffic access and egress in an already confined and congested space.� AVBC site meeting on 21 February.
AVA/2005/0022 Land in Chadwick Nick Lane (Walker): new dwelling + integral garage. �The Parish Council is not in principle opposed to infilling on this site. However the Council objects to this application which shows no sensitivity to the surrounding architecture and in particular to Random Lodge which is a building of some character.�
AVA/2005/0027 Ladybird Cottage, The Dimple (Perry): extension for new kitchen. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0059 106 The Common (Mason): 2 storey extension. �The Parish Council objects to this application. The very large area of glazing is insensitive to its setting and will offend neighbours. Please note that the similarly intrusive glazing at the Old Reading Room, Crich, has already caused problems.�
AVA/2005/0061 Ann Croft, Plaistow Green (Williamson): outline for new farmhouse. �The Parish Council opposes this application. No evidence has been submitted for the siting of a farmhouse here. The widely dispersed agricultural holdings of the applicant are managed without a farmhouse at present. The site is also too small to permit a farmhouse under normal rules.
AVA/2005/0092 2 The Cottage, Sun Lane (Maggs): single storey extension. �No objection.�

7075 S137 donations (unresolved items)
Alfreton Shopmobility had not replied but Fritchley Festival had now sent a balance sheet for 2004.
RESOLVED; deferred to the extraordinary meeting.

7076 Accounts
Balances 31 January
Current �2055.97
Savings �21529.17
Jubilee �944.50
Charity �112.52

Current a/c interest (31.12) �2.57
Jubilee a/c interest (31.12) �0.09
Archway FS re: burial (17.1) �24.00

1st Crich Scout Group re: S137 donation 398 �200.00
Cliff Inn Horticultural Society re: S137 donation 399 �50.00
Crich Brass re: S137 donation 400 �200.00
Crich Evergreen Club re: S137 donation 401 �200.00
Crich & Neighbourhood Community Care Scheme re: S137 donation 402 �200.00
Crich Heritage Partnership re: S137 donation 403 �100.00
Crich Rangers FC re: S137 donation 404 �200.00
Fritchley & District OAP Association re: S137 donation 405 �200.00
Fritchley Primary School Governors a/c re: S137 donation 406 �92.00
Sims Charity re: S137 donation 407 �780.00
Key Services re: grass cutting October 408 �423.02
Derwent Waste Management re: skip 409 �58.75
AVBC re: supply of Christmas tree 410 �998.75
Brian Wood re: internal audit (replacement for lost cheque 364) 411 �32.00
Glebe Field Trust re: January contribution 412 �440.00
Glebe Field Trust re: CRAMP January 413 �277.00
M D A Coultas re: Acting Clerk 28.12�31.1 (68 hrs �598.40 + exp. �176.24) 414 �774.64
Derek Harwood re: burial ground caretaking January 415 �86.67
DCC re: Fritchley school playing field annual rent 416 �100.00
Transfer �2000 transfer from Savings a/c to Current a/c
Mandate Clerk had thought only four members were signatories but there were apparently six. He would confirm with Yorkshire Bank. If so, there was no need for a new mandate.
Savings a/c Deferred to extraordinary meeting.

7077 Correspondence from other authorities
Alfreton Police and Community Consultative Group Minutes 26.1.05
DCC Crich Market Place Traffic Management Study

7078 Information
Cllr Thorpe presented letters concerning the stopping point for the school bus in Allen Lane, Fritchley and the Fritchley school boundary wall.

Cllr Smith mentioned a crossing on the Market Place; this would be discussed with the main item at the extraordinary meeting.

Cllr Harwood said that one of the beech trees by The Beeches was raising a pavement and the matter should be referred to DCC.

Cllr Bendon raised the question of double yellow lines in Fritchley. He asked if AVBC was getting any feedback about the large glazed area in the development of the Old Reading Rooms. He also asked that an item on how to deal with letters from the public should be on the next ordinary agenda.

Cllr Cooke said that DCC had temporarily patched the potholes in Bennetts Lane.

Cllr Lane presented a letter sent to the Police on car club time trials along Dimple Lane.

The Chairman thanked members and the public for attending and closed the meeting at 10.30 pm