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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 6 February 2006, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Cooke, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Tromans, and Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and 5 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Smith and Thorpe.

05/332 Public Participation
(a) Dog mess on The Common / Bowns Hill / Tors. Chair was referring to mess in her forthcoming CACN article.
(b) No plastic recycling points in Crich Parish. Clerk would write to AVBC on (a) and (b).
(c) Opposition to planning item AVA/2005/1502.
(d) Opposition to planning item AVA/2006/0022.
(e) Chair received documents querying validity of planning procedure for AVA/2005/0813. She would examine them and if necessary refer the matter to the next meeting.

05/333 Minutes of the meeting of 9 January 2006
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair with no amendments.

05/334 Matters arising from the Minutes
Cllr Bendon (05/303) said the consultant now had a digital map which would cost �50.
Cllr Cooke (05/303) said that Parkwood Conservation Group had cleared FP 58 to Whatstandwell and the path from Sandy Lane to Sun Lane.
(05/296) Clerk had no update on reinstatement of Green Waste scheme.
(05/299 Clerk reported some empty grit bins had been filled and some had not. In reply to Cllr Harris, Clerk had no reply yet to request to DCC that Bulling Lane up to the Surgery be added to the winter gritting schedule.

05/335 Declarations of interest

05/336 Police matters
Sgt Barker attended. He said that a policy of leniency was currently adopted on pavement parking in view of the pressure on space for parking. He would ask if the Section could make use of the Glebe Centre for any purpose.

05/337 AVBC planning officer Steve Walsh
Steve Walsh discussed the definition and use of Certificates of Lawfulness with the Council.

05/338 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson spoke on: (a) bus shelters at The Common � meeting with Cllr Goodhead, (b) attendance at Sandy Lane site meeting for AVA/2005/0813, (c) Joint Transport Forum meeting on 17 January and a recent conviction for �rat running� an HGV through South Wingfield, (d) The Beeches, (e) dog fouling � encouraged people to report incidents to AVBC dog wardens  (01773 841335), (f) New Road parking, (g) Fritchley double yellow lines, (h) Quiet Lanes, (i) quarry traffic � encouraged people to report misuse.
Borough Cllr Thorpe (through Chair) circulated a list of new plastic recycling sites in Amber Valley. The Council noted with surprise that none were in Crich Parish. Cllr Thorpe also asked the Parish Council to write to Judy Mallaber MP to urge the Government to publish long awaited guidance on Quiet Lanes.

Clerk�s Report
05/339 The Beeches A letter from DCC was read. Cllr Bendon expressed concern at the condition of the pavement leading on to the footpath to Coasthill and asked who owned it.
RESOLVED: Chair to inquire on ownership from Land Registry using map provided by Clerk.
05/340 Blackspot lighting: AVBC lack of funds AVBC had no allotment for 2005/6 and none yet for 2006/7 for matching funds for street lighting. Clerk said that the Council could fund schemes at Chatsworth Avenue and New Road / Chapel Lane out of agreed budgets for 2005/6 and 2006/7, �2000 in each year. He had leafleted houses at the first site with four replies in favour so far and none against and had met one resident at the second site in favour.
RESOLVED: to proceed first with New Road / Chapel Lane scheme after Cllr Goodhead had checked local support.
05/341 Burial Ground mole eradication After several complaints at the considerable mole activity in the burial ground Clerk had asked Byron Haynes to take action with gas pellets for a cost of �180 and would monitor the situation, which appeared to be a nationwide problem this year. Cllr Brierton said that traps might be better than gas.
05/342 Crich Rangers FC S137 donation Clerk said that Crich Rangers FC had no formal accounts but had submitted their June 2005 AGM report to the Council.
RESOLVED: to make an S137 donation of �200 to Crich Rangers FC for the under 11 team.
05/343 Planning appeal
Woodhay Baulk Barn, Wakebridge, against AVBC enforcement order.

05/344 Planning decisions
AVA/2005/0813 Land at Sandy Lane, Crich (Blueline Dev Ltd): dwelling with garage Granted
AVA/2005/1306 Mill Farm, Brook Lane, Fritchley (King): alterations + extensions to building Granted
AVA/2005/1342 Bank House, Wheatcroft (Smith): 1st storey balcony to east side Granted
AVA/1368 51 The Common, Crich (Jacob): remove roof to semi-bungalow and construct 1st floor domestic extension Granted
17.11.05 2005/1381 40 Coasthill, Crich (Mould): first floor side ext over garage + garden room Granted

05/345 Planning applications
AVA/2005/1455 Plaistow House Farm (Hartshorne): certificate of lawfulness for haulage business. As discussed with Steve Walsh (05/337) this was not technically a planning application and followed different procedures.
RESOLVED: to ask AVBC to make inquiries to assess the commercial use of the Farm in the relevant period in greater detail than the evidence produced by the applicant.
AVA/2005/1494 Conway Reed, The Common, Crich (Else): 2 storey side extension. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/1502 Old Cottage, Taylor�s Yard (Curzon-Jones): rebuild derelict building. �Crich Parish Council objects on the grounds of size, both in length and height, that makes it out of keeping with the neighbouring dwellings. The Council is also concerned that the access and parking arrangements may not be adequate under the relevant guidelines. The Council notes strong objections from at least two neighbours. The Council further queries whether the derelict structure was ever a residential unit and requests AVBC to make inquiries. The Council also notes the absence of any mention in the proposal of the public right of pedestrian access from Market Place to Recreation Ground passing over this property.�
AVA/2006/0022 Nether Nook, Chapel Lane (Johnson): erection of two detached houses, one bungalow, one double garage + ext and conversion of existing garage to form dwelling. �The Council strongly objects to this proposal which greatly exceeds the former permission granted for 2004/1343 to which the Council also objected. The extra two dwellings would oversaturate an already well developed area and have adverse effects on vehicle movements and access. The proposed dwellings are poorly related to each other visually (which was not the case for 2004/1343), with no thought for the overall look of the development as a contribution to the built environment of an established village area.�
AVA/2006/0033 53 Cromford Road, Crich (Dyrda): detached dormer style bungalow (outline). �No objections in principle. The Council however asks for its effect on the Conservation Area to be taken into consideration.�
AVA/2006/0043 6 Hindersitch Lane, Whatstandwell (Gowar): 2 storey rear ext to form sun lounge with bedroom and en suite over + formation of parking space. �No objection.�

05/346 Grass and maintenance contract 2006/7
Clerk presented three quotations for the 2006 season contract. He had not received all of them until recently and had not been able to enclose full details with the Agenda.
RESOLVED: Clerk to circulate details for consideration at the next meeting.

05/347 Hilt�s Quarry
The Council considered a letter of 30 December from the Environment Agency.
RESOLVED: to ask Rolls Royce to reply to our letter of 13 December and then reply to the Environment Agency.

05/348 Insurance renewal
Clerk presented the annual insurance schedule and invoice from Zurich Municipal. He suggested adding (a) libel and slander cover and (b) legal costs incurred in employment disputes. He said that the playground equipment was not covered for replacement but after talking to the installing contractor he was satisfied that extraordinary force would have to be used to inflict damage requiring replacement and that the Council would best fund minor damage itself.
RESOLVED: to approve the invoice and to ask Zurich Municipal to add the two extra covers (a) and (b) as above.
Clerk also reported Zurich Municipal�s repudiation of the playground injury claim by N Curzon in 2004.

05/349 Transport
Cty Cllr Jackson circulated updated Minutes of the Joint Transport Forum meeting on 17 January. Clerk had distributed an earlier version with the Agenda.
RESOLVED: to defer consideration of the updated Minutes to the next meeting.

05/350 Balances 9 January Current �22220.39; Jubilee �945.06; Charity �116.80



05/351 Yorkshire Bank curr. a/c int. 31/12



05/352 Yorkshire Bank Jubilee a/c int. 31/12



05/353 VAT refund (1/8�31/12) 10/1



05/354 Archway FS interment 18/1



05/355 Thos Greatorex & Sons interment 18/1



05/356 Archway FS interment 25/1






05/357 Clerk�s salary Jan + exp �52.80



05/358 M Macarthur BG/PG caretaking January



05/359 Crich Glebe Field Trust January cont.



05/360 AVBC Christmas tree



05/361 Derwent Waste Management BG skip



05/362 Zurich Municipal annual insurance



05/363 B L Haynes mole eradication at BG



05/364 Crich Rangers FC S137 donation



05/365 DCC Licence Fritchley School sports field



05/366 Circulars and publications
AVBC Further proposed modifications to the Local Plan Review (January 2006)

05/367 Information
Cllr Harwood said that a retaining wall on Wheatsheaf Lane had been removed that may be part of the highway. She would help Clerk write a letter to AVBC and DCC. She also complained of chewing gum on the pavement by shops in Crich Market Place.
Cllr Harris reported persistent local unhappiness at AVBC�s new recycling schedule and Cllr Cooke asked why there was no plastic collection point in Crich Parish given in the document presented by Cllr Thorpe (see 05/338). Clerk would write to AVBC on both matters.
Chair had received thanks from Fritchley Sports Club for the Council�s recent donation.
Clerk said that the Regimental Pilgrimage would take place on Sunday 2 July at 3 pm. He had provisionally approved use of the Recreation Ground for Crich Village Fete on Saturday 15 July. The Council agreed.

The Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.30 pm.