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Minutes of the Meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday 5 February 2007 in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr. Lane (Chair), Cllr. Brierton (vice-Chair), Cllrs. Bendon, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Steppings, Thorpe, Tromans, Cty. Cllr. Jackson + 4 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.

Apologies: Cllr. Whitney and Cllr Thorpe (delayed by other meetings)

07/014 Police matters: Sgt. Abbott introduced PCSO Steve Slater who has responsibility for the parish area. He will be seen in the locality and will hold surgeries in the Glebe Centre. Contact him on 08451233333 or e-mail Cllr Harris suggested that regular visits at a fixed time are most likely to be successful but acknowledged that this is not always possible.
Cllr. Goodhead reported the theft of a chainsaw and other gardening equipment from a shed in Whatstandwell. Sgt. Abbott said that this should be reported to the police and reminded the meeting that we are entering the season of gardening tool theft (shed alarms are available from the police at Alfreton at about �5.00 each).
Cllr. Smith expressed concern that Sat- nav. Systems are directing heavy vehicles onto narrow lanes, this concern was shared by Cllr. Steppings. However road restrictions are governed by Government and Local Authority regulations which do not yet address the relatively new problems caused by Sat-nav systems.
Cty. Cllr. Jackson drew attention to the parking problems in Fritchley and asked that the police look at this problem.

07/015 Public participation: The Vicar raised the issue of the Parish Council�s decision regarding a donation to the Sims Charity (see minutes of the meeting of 8th. Jan. 2007). He offered to attend the next meeting to state his case for a revision of that decision and to answer questions. Chair suggested that he write to the PC, however, the precept has now been set and she felt that it may not be appropriate to revisit a decision made by the full council. Cllr. Salt believed that in any event more information about the Sims Charity would be valuable.
A member of the public raised the issue of the damaged grit bin on Dark Lane. The Clerk informed the meeting that 3 new bins have been on order for some time but that AVBC is having difficulty in sourcing them.

07/016 Minutes of the meeting of 5th Jan 2007
Minutes were accepted by the meeting and signed by the Chair.

07/018 Matters arising from the minutes.
Caretakers pay � the new rate of pay was accepted
Precept document was circulated and accepted
Chair read out a letter From Cty. Cllr Lucas re. the PC�s suggestions on speed limits for rural roads in the Parish. A copy is to be sent to Cty. Cllr. Jackson.
The Committee was appraised of the last 4 planning applications made regarding The Yews, The Common, Crich and it was resolved that the council would monitor developments on this site,
Cllr. Tromans reported on the Draft Rights of Way proposals which she said were full of predictions. There are few Bridleways in much of Derbyshire and the Footpaths are badly maintained. 65% of Parish Councils expressed an interest in taking over responsibility for the footpaths as was once the case under the Parish Footpaths Partnership (1994-2000) Cllr. Tromans believed that the cost of this combined with the likely lack of funding meant that the responsibility was best left with DCC. Cllr. Salt supported this view on the grounds that there may well be an insurance liability. Cllr Harris wondered how a bridleway network could be developed (apparently this is much easier if green lanes, old rail lines or reclaimed land e.g. colliery sites exist in the area.) Cllrs. Brierton and Goodhead reported that the Parish Footpaths Partnership had worked well and Cllr. Tromans agreed to compose a response in time for the March meeting.
DCC confirm that Footpath 15 is officially closed for safety reasons pending improvements by Aggregate Industries. It is illegal to use this FP. DCC acknowledge an on-going problem with the barriers.
Handrails at West bank Avenue would cost an estimated �950 (South side) and �1200 (North side) the Clerk was instructed to seek financial assistance from AVBC
Black spot lighting. The lighting committee will convene to consider the cost of installation and design as per a letter from Chris.Green (Chief Lighting Technician DCC). None of the projects is without a problem be it cost or specific location of the lights. (Sites are at Bowmer Lane, Roes Lane, The Common and New Rd.) The lighting committee will meet to discuss the proposals.
Quarry plans. Cllr. Bendon now has copies of the plans he requested from DCC and has written for clarification of some of the content. Cllr Bendon will also write to DCC about the contents of a letter from Aggregate Industries passed on by Cty.Cllr. Jackson. This concerns the proposed future development of the quarry.
Website. Following up from contacts made by Chair the Clerk has been in contact with the CACN Website managers and exchange of information is being arranged.

07/019 Declarations of Interest
Cllr Smith declared that her husband is a Governor of Crich Infant School and that this may have a relevance to an issue to be discussed later.

07/020 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr. Jackson reported that new bus shelters will be provided as appropriate. The cost should be met 50% DCC+ 50% from AVBC or the Parish Council. However, in Crich Parish there will be no PC contribution as DCC removed the shelters.
Car parking at Fritchley has become an increasing problem since Christmas. Cty Cllr Jackson can see no particular pattern but one persistent offender will be visited by Cty Cllr Jackson in order to seek some co-operation.
Funding for Community Shops (England) Up to �40,000 per shop is available as start up funding for Community owned shops. Eligible applicants will include community based organizations located in rural communities of not less than 200 residents. Applications may be submitted up to July 2009. Contact Sue Douglas, Senior Economic Development Officer, Policy, Regeneration and Research Division, County Hall, Matlock DE4 3AG tel. 01629 580000 ext. 7244
HGV movement at school entry and leaving times. Schools are lobbying for co-operation from hauliers in this matter. However it is difficult to impose restrictions on lorries based in the zone or delivering to sites within it.
Cty Cllr Jackson fully supported Cllr. Tromans view that responsibility for footpaths and bridleways is best left with DCC. He sees problems with expense and with Health and Safety requirements.
Cllr. Thorpe submitted a letter detailing her activities including:-
Arranging for the clearance of litter on Allen Lane and the clearance of sludge on Bobbin Mill Hill. However, the cause of the problem (a blocked drain) remains and it was requested that the clerk write to DCC concerning this matter. She is also addressing the problems of buses bringing children home late to Crich and Fritchley from school in Matlock.
Cllr Thorpe has particular concerns about the provision of affordable housing in the area (citing the case of a couple who have approached her for help) She will ask Mr. Thornley (Sustainable Communities) to address the PC.

07/021 Clerks Report
CCTV on the Market Place. The Clerk produced a report of a conversation with Leighton Davis (Town Centers Manager AVBC). This will be discussed further at the next PC meeting. However Cllrs Harwood and Brierton reminded the Council of the earlier idea of linking the system with that of the school. Cllr. Harwood who is a Governor agreed to find out more.
Burial Ground. The BG Committee will visit the BG with the report on the condition and safety of headstones.
BG shed. The present shed is in a poor state and is certainly not secure.Cllr Brierton presented the results of some research into types of shed and costings. The old shed has an asbestos roof and would need to be demolished by an approved contractor. The council allocated discretionary power to the Chair and the Clerk of up o �500 to pay for removal of the shed; this will be the first stage of the process while Cllr. Brierton does further research on a new one. The BG Committee will inspect the site and make a proposal to the next meeting including the suggestion that Grass Track be approached to take on all duties at the BG which require the use of expensive tools which seem to present safe storage difficulties. It was decided that a strimmer would not be purchased at present.
Rolls Royce monitoring results showed nothing untoward
AVBC can provide funding of up to �150 to support Concerts in the Community. Clerk has details of the application procedure.
It was resolved that pre-payment for ashes interment plots was not to be allowed. Any applicant should be advised to approach an undertaker who may well be able to put such a request in place.
An application for a donation to the Millennium Toy Library was discussed but as it was received long after the official deadline for applications (November) it was agreed that no donation could be made this year, this view being supported by Cllrs. Harris and Salt. The Millenium Toy Library will be appraised of the conditions relating to applications for future reference. Cllr Thorpe said she may be able to help if they have an urgent need.
Clerk reported that he is awaiting a reply from AVBC solicitor re. the proposed Compulsory Hiring Order with respect to the Whatstandwell Allotments.
Dog bins. AVBC will no longer erect or service dog bins in any locations other than patrolled parks. There are a number of Health and Safety issues e.g. location and emptying and disposal of contents. Cllr Thorpe�s enquiries have subsequently substantiated this.

Chair reminded members that when she attended a site meeting concerning The Briars planning application to change parking arrangements, it was stated that they no longer intended to apply for planning permission for a conference centre and new chapel. She read a letter from CPA Associates explaining that there is no intention to increase the number of students at the site, which is not the same thing. Chair said that she would write a letter pointing this out and putting forward her concerns about the increased use of the site.

07/022 Planning decisions
AVA/2006/0644 The Cottage, Sun Lane, Crich. (Harrison) demolish garage + new drive APPEAL
AVA/2006/1317 Beech Farm Wheatcroft Barn (Brown) as holiday accom. GRANTED
AVA/2006/1366 Trevone 16 Chapel Lane Crich (Ottowell) Bungalow to 2 storey house REFUSED
AVA2006/1386 7 Amber Hill Crich (Chorley) dormer ext. GRANTED
AVA 2006/1398 35 Weaver Close Crich (Shepley) erection of wind turbine GRANTED
AVA 2006/1411 Bennahie Kirkham Lane Fritchley (Bussell) kitchen en suite ext. GRANTED
AVA 2006/1422 Tanglewood Hindersitch Lane Whatstandwell (Morley) 2 storey side ext. GRANTED
AVA 2006/1437 Land at the Yews (Jerram) dwelling house (outline) REFUSED
AVA 2006/1448 Old Surgery Dimple Lane Crich (Lonsdale) new stone chimney GRANTED
AVA 2006/1450 Victoria House The Common Crich (Fletcher) change of use, storage into gents hairdresser GRANTED
AVA 2006/1487 31, Coast Hill (Beresford) 2 storey ext. GRANTED
AVA 2006/1498 Land adj to Greenacres Chadwick Nick Lane Fritchley (Walker) dwelling with attached garage GRANTED
AVA 2006/1512 7, Cromford Rd. Crich (Lucas). removal of current highway wall + enclosed land to be converted into garden + assoc. works. GRANTED

07/023 Planning applications
CD6/017/161 Proposed re-siting and erection of existing shed on playing field of Crich Jun. Sch (DCC)
No objection
AVA/ 2007/0069 Land adjacent to The Barn, Chadwick Lane Fritchley (Gratton) 1 new dwelling
No objection
AVA 2007/0078 Land adj. to 58 The Common Crich (Dolman) openings amendments to previously approved out buildings
Objection on the grounds that there is no indication of the proposed use of these garages with their showers and toilets. The PC suggests that there may be a change of use issue.
AVA 2007/0080 Sherwood Cottage 39 Chapel Lane Crich (Howarth) 2 storey rear ext to form 1 new bedroom and lounge
Objection due to concerns re. the access onto Chapel Lane
AVA 2007/0081 7 The Common Crich (Scotcher) Loft conversion with dormer window
Objection. The dormer windows look odd ill-conceived and out of place. The design is no improvement on the previous retrospective one which was refused
AVA 2007/0116 Costcutter Market Place Crich (Sohal) Metal security box on side of premises
Objection The box protrudes into a right of way leading to the school; suggesting that DCC Highways should be involved. The box is metal but the applcn. refers to a stone and slate construction.
AVA 2007/0117 Costcutter market Place Crich (Sohal) Illuminated shop sign
Objection The present shop front is out of keeping with the Market Place conservation area status. More signs would make matters worse. Did the present shop fronts need or gain planning approval?
AVA 2007/0130 Dove Cottage, Potters Hill Wheatcroft (Ward) change of outbuildings to living accom.
Objection. The drainage problems associated with this site are a cause for serious concern.

07/024 Insurance renewal
New premium is �946.82 (last year the premium was �736.98) it was resolved to renew this policy.

07/025 Transport committee
Cllrs. Bendon, Harris and Smith + Cllr. Steppings (by invitation) met twice.
Their recommendation that the Market Place build-out should go ahead was agreed by the full council For 9 Against 0 Abstentions 1.
It was agreed that each member of the committee would survey the road conditions in a sector of the Parish.Cllr. Bendon reported that a lot of work had been done and that a great deal of information had been collected. Cllr Bendon offered to collate this information and write a letter to DCC.
Priorities identified were:
Glen Rd and footpath in Whatstandwell
Jefferies Lane (surface)
Potters Lane (collapsed drain)
Market Place and the bottom of Main Rd. Whatstandwell (potholes)
Fritchley-various locations (good quality pot-hole filling).
On receipt of Cllr. Bendon�s full report the PC will decide on a course of action.
The Clerk was instructed to write to DCC in support of the Infant School where the Governors are concerned about the break-up of the pavement at the Bowns Hill entrance which constitutes a trip hazard.

07/026 Accounts
Balances 5th February Current �26,655.11; Jubilee � 945.61; Charity �120.76
Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (29 Dec.) � 45.81
Yorkshire Bank re: Jubilee a/c interest (31.12) �00.11
Hoults memorials (Additional Inscription) �20.00
e-On Central Networks leasehold rent (Jefferies Lane) �55.00
C.H. Ludlam re: Clerk�s salary January + exp 093 �284.70
M.MacArthur re: BG/PG caretaking January (+ 3 months back-pay) 094 �138.60
Crich and Neighbourhood Community Care Scheme 096 �225.00
Fritchley OAP Association 097 �100.00
Fritchley School Governors A/C 098 �90.00
Whatstandwell Social Club 100 �100.00
Crich Rangers FC 101 �100.00
Crich Brass 102 �150.00
Zurich Municipal re: Annual Insurance 104 �946.82
Audit Commission 105 �293.75
Grass Track Grounds Maintenance 106 �337.81
AVBC For filling Grit Bins 107 �235.00
Crich Glebe Field Trust re: January contribution 108 �500.00
DCC Licence to use Fritchley School playing Field 109 �100.00

07/027 Circulars and publications Collection of personal identifiers from electors registered for an Absent Vote
�Rural Matters� Derbyshire Community Council Winter 2006/7
Notice re. Consultation meeting on the future of the Post Office Network
Notice re. Meeting to discuss proposed closure of Whitworth Hospital Darley Dale
FDVL Minutes of January meeting
DALC Circular 01/2007 Index of DALC circulars
DALC Circular 02/2007 General Circular-Disability Discrimination act
DALC Circular 03/2007 Keeping of Documents
DALC Circular 04/2007 Draft Freedom of Information and Data Protection Regulations 2007
Derwent Valley Mills Partnership Minutes of Dec. meeting and copy of management plan
SACRE Annual report 2005-2006
Re-organisation of local Probation Services
What�s on in Amber Valley January 2007
What�s on in Amber Valley February 2007
Amber Valley Social Services Networking Event AVBC
Supporting People Information Booklet DCC A new website for horses and riders across the UK.
Derbyshire Rural Community Programme Calor Village of the Year Competition

07/028 Contacts from parishioners
Letter from Joyce Williamson Lindbrook Farm, Lindway Lane, Brackenfield (on northern boundary of the Parish). Clerk summarized this letter which asked for support in seeking action from DCC to improve drainage and to stop the use of this lane by HGV�s. Mrs. Williamson has already been in contact with DCC but it was felt appropriate that the Clerk write to DCC in support of her requests which are consistent with the PC�s views on the care of rural lanes.
07/029 Information
Cllr. Harris was not happy about re-visiting the decision made by the PC regarding the donation to the Sims Charity
Cllr. Thorpe reported that Nick Wilder is in consultation with the Glebe Field Trust in connection with the provision of low cost housing.
Cllr Tromans is concerned that Shuckstone Lane needs to be cleared of litter and that FP 34 (old chapel in Wheatcroft to Wessington) which was cleared last year at the PC�s expense, is now the subject of a claim of ownership and that the claimant has given permission to a neighbour to stone it over to create a car park. Clerk to seek to establish ownership and responsibility for keeping the lane clear.
Cllr Goodhead requested that the Clerk follow up the cleaning of the War Memorial.
Cllr. Harwood asked that the poor state of Wheatsheaf Lane be included in Cllr Bendon�s transport report. She also reported a faulty light between Vicarage Lane and Coasthill.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 22.20

Clive Ludlam, Clerk,
25 Feb 2007
The Glebe Centre, Crich 01773 853928