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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 9th February 2009, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-chair), Bateman, Bown, Clark, Harrison, Thorpe, Tromans, Cty. Cllr. Jackson and 2 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.ce


Cllrs. Birkin, Fudge, Harwood and Steppings. AVBC Cllr. Taylor

09/320 Matters raised by members of the public


09/321 Declarations of interest


09/322 Police matters

PCSO Donna Shaw was present and amplified the content of a written report provided by PC Wilbourne. Further to concerns over speeding on The Common and at Main Rd. Whatstandwell, she reported the she had secured two �Traffic Officer Days� for the area and that the Speed Camera Team will be operating in the Parish.
She was also pleased to inform the meeting that the Police are willing to contribute �500 to the Youth Club fund. She has also produced posters seeking volunteer helpers for the club.
In a written reply to a question from Cllr. Bateman, PC Wilbourne reported that in the month of December 2008, 4590 drivers were breath tested by Derbyshire Police - 216 testing positive. This compares with 3590 in December 2007 when 160 were positive.

09/323 Local Authority Councillors

Cty Cllr. Jackson provided a written report and answered related questions. He has spoken with David Orton of DCC Highways regarding speeding in the Crich area and in particular about the petition from residents of Whatstandwell regarding speeding at Main Rd.
His �Road Transport Forum� was unable to meet due to bad weather but a new date will be published soon.
AVBC Borough Cllr. Thorpe reported that:
Damage to Fritchley Green caused by a DCC lorry is due to be repaired
She had arranged litter clearing on Bullbridge Hill
She is in contact with DCC regarding the series of accidents near the top of Bullbridge Hill. Cllr. Bateman drew the attention of the meeting to the part played by the �adverse camber� on this section of the road
She had complained to Amber Valley Housing regarding their failure to clear snow from the pavements at St. Michaels Close

09/324 Minutes of the meeting of 9th January 2009

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair

09/325 Matters arising from the Minutes

A written Progress Report was received from Major Projects Working Party/Transport Committee.
Road accidents at the top of Bullbridge Hill � Council awaits a response from DCC and the Police
Fly-posting of �Logs for Sale� signs has been reported to AVBC and will be further followed up with AVBC by Cllr.Thorpe
Temporary closure of FP 51 (by the canal) was reported.
The case of the �shed� at Wakebridge, which did not gain retrospective planning permission , has been referred to AVBC Planning enforcement.
Chair has been in contact with PCSO Donna Shaw re. funding for the proposed Youth Club and is pleased to report that the Police are able to make �500 available.
Chair and guest are invited to attend the Belper Town Council Civic Service at Christ Church on Sunday 22nd March 2009 at 3.00pm. Cllr. Thorpe offered to attend.
Clerk will be away for 2 weeks from March 19th 2009 and requested that the April meeting be postponed to Thursday 9th.April

09/326 Clerk�s Report

Parish notice boards have now been manufactured. Cllr. Harrison has kindly agreed to be responsible for glazing and installation.
Planters for 2009 � the Plantscape estimate was accepted. This will mean an increase in floral displays around the parish this Summer.
The Annual Pilgrimage to the War Memorial will take place on Sunday July 5th at 3.00 pm. Invitations will be sent out in May.
Rolls Royce has sent the latest set of monitoring figures from Hilts Quarry. They show no cause for concern.
AVA/2008/0685 (9, Surgery Lane � change of use from garage to residential), the planning hearing will take place on February 10th.
Bio diversity Duty for Public Authorities. -Cllr Tromans kindly agreed to deal with this matter on behalf of the council.
A member of the public reported by email that the new greengrocery store on the Market Place is encroaching onto the pavement with goods and signs. He was advised to refer the matter to DCC who are the responsible body. The Parish Council does not condone the obstruction of pavements but notes that the pavement at this location is wide and any obstruction is likely to be minor. Councillors commented that they were pleased to see a new retail outlet in the village.
The AVBC (off street parking places) (Civil Enforcement and Consolidation) Order 2009 will come into force on 19th. February 2009. Details will be published in local newspapers and on posters in car parking places.
A request was received from Roger Bode (Secretary of the Crich Village Fete committee) for permission to use the RG on 18th July 2009. Council was pleased to grant this permission provided that the required insurance is in place.
Compost Tax � Robin Harvey (joint Allotment Superintendant) drew the attention of the Council to this issue which may come into force. No action is needed at the moment.
It was agreed to continue the contract with Grass Track for the care of the grass at the BG and RG.
Orders have been placed with AVBC for the filling of various grit bins including Chase View. They have also been asked to look into the feasibility of siting a new bin on Springfield Close and an additional bin on Hindersitch Lane. A new bin is needed at Chapel Lane to replace the one which has been stolen. Council agreed to include the location and state of grit bins as an item on a future Parish Walk.
Cllr. Bateman reported that Fr. Wheat has asked to come to the March meeting to speak about the work of The Briars.

09/327 Planning decisions

AVA/2008/1331 Nether Nook, Chapel Lane � 2 new detached dwellings and garages � PERMITTED
AVA/2008/1193 The Briars � regularisation of work to access road - REFUSED

09/328 Planning applications

Council agreed to adopt the comments recorded at the last Parish Meeting as the formal response to the Medical Centre Planning Application (AVA/2008/1360)
AVA/2009/0018 Croft Cottage, Parkhead � single and double storey side ext., garden room, workshop, chicken shed, greenhouse and log cabin- Concerns were expressed about the scale of the development and the size of windows The proposed garage seems to be out of keeping with the style of the house. There is a lack of detail about the wind turbine.

09/329 Accounts

Bank Accounts
Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 9.01.09 � 35912.81
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/ C� 947.18
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C � 128.78

Yorkshire Bank current A/C interest none shown on this statement
Yorkshire Bank Charity A /C interest � 0.08
BG fees �390.00
Eon rent �55.00

C.H.Ludlam (Clerk) salary + expenses �449.98 chq 334
Glebe Trust � 546.00 chq 335
Len Spencer (BG and RG caretaking) �156.91 chq336
Viking Direct �46.46 chq 337
Glebe Field Centre (PATs testing) �14.00 chq338
BT phone and Bband �106.30 chq339
AVBC � grit bin filling �115.00 chq340
Licence to use Fritchley School Playing Field payable to DCC � 120.00 chq341
AVBC grit bin filling � 86.25 chq342
Grass Track (January) � 357.08 chq 343

09/330 Circulars and publications

SACRE (Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education) Annual Report 2007/8
Derbyshire Rural Community Council � Annual Review 2007/8

09/331 Communications from parishioners

Letters of thanks for donations have been received from 1st. Crich Scouts, Fritchley Christmas Tree Committee, Crich Luncheon Club, Sims Charity, Crich Village Fete Committee and The Royal British Legion
Letter and copy of petition re problems with speeding traffic in Whatstandwell from Mr. Coulter

09/332 Information from Councillors

Chair reported that the 2nd. Phase of public consultation on the Stevensons site is about to begin.
Cllr. Brierton wondered what was happening about the future of the Hartshorne transport business in view of the planning decisions made on it. He also expressed concern that water running over the Stand drive �Plaistow Green road freezes to a sheet of glass.
Cllr. Bateman (in connection with recent vandalism at The Glebe), wondered if the CCTV recordings were of any help. He had attended the last Amber Valley Housing walk and reported that some house-holders would be sent letters congratulating them on the standard of care of their houses. He would like to see the provision of Litter Bins outside the doctors surgery, outside the shops and in School Lane, a Dog Bin at the Bulling Lane/Coast Hill junction and a new grit bin at New Rd./Amber Heights.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.10 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm MONDAY 2nd March2009

Clive Ludlam
Parish Clerk
25th Feb 2009