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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 7th Feb 2011, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-Chair), Bown, Clark, Fudge, Harwood, Steppings, Thorpe and 3 members of the public. Clerk in attendance..


Cllrs. Bateman, Birkin, Harrison, Tromans and AVBC Cllr. Taylor

11/603 Matters raised by members of the public

Request for a dog bin on Cemetery Lane
Report of the possibly illegal and unregulated tipping of road planings in a field at Plaistow � Cllr. Thorpe will report this to DCC and AVBC
Sheep breaking through fence at the allotments. This will be reported to Mr Briddon who lets the ground to a farmer.6

11/604 Declarations of interest

Cllrs Lane and Clark declared a personal interest in Planning application AVA/2011/0042

11/605 Police matters

PC Wilbourne reported the following:
Attempted shed burglary at The Tors � a security light has been provided
Lead thefts on The Common
An assault at The Green in Fritchley � 3 men arrested
He also noted the need to investigate damage to the grit bin at Hollins Lane and informed the meeting of the new Derbyshire Police website address:

11/606 Local Authority Councillors

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe presented a written report
Cty Cllr. Jackson:
Pedestrian access to the Stand is likely to be made much safer in the Spring thanks to the creation of a new footpath.
Members questioned Cty Cllr Jackson about the Winter Service provided by Derbyshire County Council. The personal commitment, hard work and effort he has put in as Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways was acknowledged as was DCCs performance in keeping major routes passable in snowy conditions. However, general dissatisfaction was expressed at the County Councils performance in a number of areas including:
Clearing minor roads
Failure to deploy farmers and contractors who have access to snow moving equipment
Supplying grit to bins
Publicising the existence of emergency services such as delivery of medicines/food/fuel etc. to the vulnerable
It was thought that the management of these services at County level is inefficient and over-complex with no single point of contact and an inherent confusion about the roles of the County Council, the District/Borough Councils and the Parish Councils.
Members felt that it would be preferable if winter gritting was the responsibility of the County Council (roads) and the Borough/District councils (pavements) and that this was clear in the eye of the public. Parish and Town Councils with no labour force, transport or storage should not be directly involved.

County Councillor Jackson said that he would report back after a high level meeting to be held at County Hall later this month.

11/607 Minutes of the meeting of Jan 7th 2011

These were approved and signed by Chair.

11/608 Matters arising from the Minutes

Grit and bins � This matter was fully discussed with Cty Cllr Jackson (see above)

Future of the Youth Club.
The future of the club depends on support from voluntary helpers. Chair reported on the response to letters sent out asking for this support from parents of Youth Club members - three parents and one former church youth club worker have volunteered. This may offer a partial short-term solution but does not relieve what many members consider to be the unacceptable burden placed on Chair and her husband. Cllr Brierton felt that running a Youth Club was not a Parish Council matter and Cllr Steppings felt that the members of the club should be required to do more of the setting up of equipment at the start of each session. The matter of financing a leader and drawing up a constitution will be discussed at the next meeting. Cllr Thorpe offered to get information from other clubs e.g. a model constitution
The Precept 2011-2012. As delegated the Finance committee has set the precept at �34,000 (No change from 2010-11)
Localism Bill � we need to be aware of these proposals. How they will work, how they will affect Parish Councils and what Parish Councils will look like in order to effect the proposals is not clear.
Pruning the beech trees at the Recreation Ground - these trees should be inspected by a suitably qualified person and recommended safety work should be carried out. Clerk was instructed to seek professional advice and estimates


11/609 Clerk�s Report

Planters 2011- the order has been placed. The total cost will be �2640 + vat.
Dog fouling � how to tackle the problem. More bins, more notices, raising awareness, educating irresponsible dog owners, reporting offenders etc. The scale of this problem was acknowledged by Council one strategy is to encourage school children to design posters for display in the area.
Clerk visited the Parkhead well and thanked Mr. Ward for all he does to maintain the site in excellent condition. Mr Ward has been aware for some time of the intention to erect a bench seat and feels that it would be an asset.
Clerk has written to Mr and Mrs Fretwell thanking them for their generous offer to help with a radar speed monitoring gun.
Emergency pack from e.on � the company has provided a demo pack to illustrate sensible steps to take in preparation for a power cut. It includes having a torch, radio, wind-up phone charger, analogue phone handset, chemical hand warmer and emergency blanket
Letters have been sent to the schools explaining that it is not proper for the Parish Council to award grants except in special circumstances
Setting up an Allotment Committee (to plan the future care of the allotments) and a Parish Land Committee (to identify the location and future management of Parish land). The work will need to address spending and development issues. Council accepted the idea but agreed to defer implementation until a new council is in place after the local elections
The appropriate return has been made to the Charity Commission regarding the Recreation Ground. The RG does not earn money for the PC but it does cost approximately �4,000 per annum for maintenance.
RG safety inspection - Clerk suggested that this and any remedial work should be undertaken. It was agreed that he should organise this.
Council insurance 2011-2012 � (�1514 pa for a one year deal or �1370 if we sign up for 3 years) �it was agreed to take up the 3 year option with Zurich Insurance.
Missing grit bin and dislodged �Give Way� sign at Cowper Lane/Sandy Lane junction has been reported to DCC along with faulty streetlight and broken drain at Town End.
The Annual Parish Meeting will take place at 7.00pm on April 4th and the Council meeting on May 9th will be the AGM 2011
Review of donation to Glebe � it was agreed that no increase from the current �570 per month would be appropriate in the current financial climate. 

11/610 Planning decisions

AVA/2010/1155 Rock House, Sandy Lane. Small glass extension PERMITTED
AVA/2010/1122 Coddington Hall Farm. Variation of conditions PERMITTED
AVA/2010/1106 30, Cromford Rd., Garden shed. PERMITTED
AVA/2010/1110 Crich Hair Studio, Market Place. Replacement door and windows. PERMITTED

11/611 Planning applications

No objections were raised against any of the following:
AVA/2011/0076 23, Chadwick Nick Lane � ext to garage, granny flat, re-siting of porch and kitchen extension
AVA/2011/0042 126, The Common. Ground and first floor extension
AVA/20101184 Coddington Hall Farm. Variation of condition 2
AVA/2010/0032 3 Tors Spring. Amendment to AVA/2010/0533 to use transparent roofing sheets in place of 4 of the similar but opaque ones
AVA/2010/1157 The Willows, Glen Rd., Whatstandwell � free-standing solar panels
AVA/2011/0004 � 142, The Common � new bathroom on first floor, en suite and alterations to the porch

11/612 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at 30.12.10 - �41805.40

C. Ludlam (Clerk) Salary + expenses� 468.26 chqu. 614
Glebe Field Trust � 570.00 chqu 615
M.Lane YC expenses � 84.93 chqu 616
Grass Track � 375.79 chqu 617
BT �Phone �69.51 chqu 618
BT Internet �47.46 chqu 619
AVBC (Christmas tree in Market Place) � 1083.35 chqu 620
Fritchley WI � 200.00 chqu 621
Whatstandwell WI � 200.00 chqu 622
Cliff Inn Horticultural Society � 200.00 chqu 623
Crich Brass �250.00 chqu 624
Fritchley Christmas Tree � 200.00 chqu 625
Crich Fete �250.00 chqu 626
Royal British Legion � 250.00 chqu627
Whatstandwell Social Club �200.00 chqu 628
Crich Luncheon Club � 250.00 chqu 629
C. Ludlam expenses � 17.28 chqu 630
Belper Town Council � 210.00 chqu 631
L Spencer �237.83 chqu632
Grass Track� 7.99 chqu 633

(Crich WI � 200.00)
(Sims Charity �200.00)
(Muddlealong �100.00)
( ) = subject to conditions

Once again the BT invoice and payment dates are out of sync. creating inflated bills. Any over-payment is rectified in the next invoice and over the year payments do even

11/613 Information received

Derbyshire Community Health Services � DCHS will become an NHS Trust from 1April 2011. A leaflet is available to explain the implications.
�Have Your Say� � report from Derbyshire Police Authority
Financial Inclusion Derbyshire

11/614 Communications from members of the public

A resident of Hollins Lane witnessed what he thought was someone damaging the grit bin and reported the matter to the Police. Clerk asked PC Wilbourne to follow up the matter on behalf of the Council. PC Wilbourne has now investigated the incident and has found that the person seen at the scene was removing the bin from the road � the true culprit is still at large, 

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10.00 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday March 7th 2011
Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
15 September 2010
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928