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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 6th Feb 2012, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-Chair), �Bown, Broom, Clark, Harwood, Steppings, Cty Cllr. Jackson, AVBC Cllr. Gee and 2 members of the public. Clerk in attendance


Cllrs. Bateman, Baugh, Slaney, Thorpe and Wells

12/744 Matters raised by members of the public

It was reported that the Plaistow Green Road sign has fallen off the wall.
AVBC has trimmed the branches which impeded the new light on Wheatsheaf Lane

12/745 Declarations of Interest


12/ 746 Police matters

PCSO Donna Walker said that there were no crimes to report.
�She will be taking part in a new �High Vis� initiative in which she and a colleague will patrol the villages between 3.00-5.00pm on a weekly basis - it is their intention to be seen!
The Police Safer Neighbourhood Panel will meet at 6.00 pm on April 18th in The Glebe Field Centre
Cllr Gee reported that the speed limit signs around the village have been defaced

12/747 Local Authority Councillors

�AVBC Cllr. Thorpe sent a written report to the Clerk. She has been addressing the following issues:
Throwing of litter from cars
Dumping cardboard at Sandy Lane
Provision of support for the new Chair of the Fritchley play group (�Super mums�)

Cty Cllr. Jackson has been working with the ST Reservoir Action Group. He reported that DCC Highways had been very active delivering Winter Service and that they had made extensive use of volunteers.
Chair wondered why DCC does not push to have the national speed limit on country lanes abolished and replaced by a lower limit.
Cllr Steppings asked about the proposed cuts to street lighting and was informed that there would be an opportunity to participate in the consultation process.
AVBC Cllr. Gee � in answer to a question from Cllr Broom informed the meeting that the AVBC Local Development Framework will be ready in Spring 2012 � this was at variance with information given to Cllr Broom by another source which suggested that the date was more likely to be 2013.

12/748 Minutes of the Meeting of January 2012

Resolved � to accept the Minutes as a true record.


12/ 749 Matters arising

STW Reservoir Project � Chair outlined the work of the Action Group whose last meeting was attended by Cty Cllr Jackson:

  1. Letters had been written to Natural England and the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust but no reply has been received.
  2. An enquiry about the cost of an ecological survey has brought no reply
  3. A copy of the STW Environmental Impact Survey is available but remains �a work in progress�.
  4. STW will not release the Environmental Survey until the planning application is submitted in early to mid March.
  5. Letters have been written to two Members of Parliament � Patrick McLoughlin has passed the concerns on, Nigel Mills has not replied
  6. Atkins have replied to the detailed letter from John Slaney regarding Bullbridge hill but have failed to answer the specific points he made
  7. The group discussed distributing leaflets and involving the media
  8. Chair and Cty Councillor Jackson met Simon Spencer (DCC Cabinet Member for Highways) and expressed the widely held concerns over the Bullbridge route for construction traffic. Cty Cllr Spencer agreed to apprise his officers of these concerns and suggested that a Local Liaison Group be set up involving DCC, AVBC, STW Crich PC and Atkins (the civil engineers). This could lead to a public meeting.
  9. Chair will refer to the reservoir project in the next Crich Area Community News.

After a long discussion regarding the detail of suggestions for improving the road safety on Bullbridge Hill and The Common and regarding securing a �Section 106� type agreement with STW it was agreed to refer the matter to a special meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Monday 20th February. It was also decided that the Parish Council would no longer participate in the Action Group.

Winter Service Working Group � Cllr Steppings presented a written report. In addition it was agreed that Len Spencer should be given access to the grit spreader for use at the Burial Ground in preparation for any interment in wintry conditions. Cllr Steppings remarked on the desirability of having a Deputy Snow Warden but it was acknowledged that the Glebe Field Trust may be reluctant to have more key holders to access the grit and equipment. Chair thanked the group for their hard work.

Standing Orders (deferred)

Fritchley under Fives � consideration of grant. Council agreed to donate �100. Clerk was instructed to suggest that the group also seeks funding from the other councils from which it draws membership.

Burial Ground rules and regulations � it was agreed that these are quite clear and comprehensive and that they do give guidance on the matters of concern regarding the over decoration of some plots with floral tributes, plants and other items. Clerk will put up a sign reminding relatives of the need to maintain the dignity of the site and to keep the area around the headstones clear to allow mowing to take place, any excessive decoration around the headstone area to be removed by April 1st.

Parish and Town Councils Liaison Forum is scheduled for Thursday April 26 �th 6.00 to 8.00 pm. Cllrs Broom and Wells will attend along with other members of the Council.

Neighbourhood Development Plan � Cllrs Brierton and Broom will attend further training on 21st March after which the Parish Council position will be discussed in more detail.

Having studied the latest report from Rolls Royce on the monitoring at Hilts Quarry, Cllr. Clark said that he had no current safety concerns.

12/750 Clerk's Report

Request to scatter ashes on Fritchley Green - after careful consideration it was agreed that this would not be allowed. This would avoid the danger of creating a precedent.

Management of Motorised Vehicles in the Countryside. This DCC initiative does not really impact on Crich as there is only one short bridleway (linking Coast Hill to Carr Lane) and no �green lanes�

Playground safety inspection � this has been ordered from ROSPA.

The AVBC Community Toilet Scheme � members welcomed this initiative and hoped that some Crich businesses would join.

Queens Jubilee � Cllr. Brierton will light the beacon on behalf of the Parish Council. Any other organisation proposing to use the site will need to contact the Mercian Regiment.

Floral displays have been ordered from Plantscape with a request for �bright mixed colours�.

Proposed waiting restrictions at Main Rd Whatstandwell (to improve road safety around the school) were welcomed by members.

DCC is changing its Youth Service provision.� Anyone wishing to make their views known should visit service2012

Renewal of grounds maintenance contract �it was agreed to extend the contract with Grass Track.

Barony of Crich � it is not believed that the sale of this will have any impact on the parish or the Parish Council

12/751 Planning Decisions

The following application was permitted:

AVA/2011/1166 Drs Surgery, Bulling Lane � conversion to dwelling

12/752 Planning Applications

No objections were recorded regarding the following applications:

AVA/2012/0015 Potters Cottage, Potters Hill, Wheatcroft � extensions to rear and side.
AVA/2012/0059 94 The Common � extension including garage, WC, bedroom, utility and dining room

12/753 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at 9th December 2011 � 32637.67

C. Ludlam (Clerk) Salary + expenses �493.21 chq 773
Glebe Field Trust �598.50 chq 774
Viking Direct �97.59 chq 775
AVBC Christmas tree �1245.05 chq 776
BT phone �58.96 chq 777
BT internet �50.36 chq 778
Zurich Municipal Insurance �1468.21 chq 779
Donald Sturt (Christmas trees) �110.16 chq 780
Glebe Field trust (YC rent) �49.16 chq 781
DALC (course fee for Clerk) �15.00 chq 782
C Ludlam (expenses) �15.36 chq 783
L Spencer (work at RG and BG) �298.84 chq 784
DCC Salt refill (Kirkham Lane) �90.00 chq 785
DCC bin and refill at Oakwell Drive �244.61 chq 786


12/754 Information Received

DALC � Invitation to Cllrs Brierton and Broom to attend further Neighbourhood Planning Training (21.3.12 at Little Eaton). There are no additional places.
CPRE �A Guide to Neighbourhood Planning
Rural Action Derbyshire �The Playing Field�
Rural Action Derbyshire �A Year in the Life of RAD 2010-2011�
Derbyshire Police Authority �Have your say�;

12/755 Communications from Parishioners

Acknowledgements of receipt of grants/donations � Muddlealong, Crich Youth Club, Whatstandwell WI, Crich Brass, Whatstandwell Social Club and Cliff Inn Horticultural Society. No acknowledgement has been received from the following recipients of grants Crich Preschool Group, Sims Charity, Crich Carnival Committee, Fritchley Christmas Tree Association, Crich WI and Fritchley WI.



NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday March 5th 2012

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928