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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday February 4th 2013, held in the Glebe Field Centre

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-Chair) Baugh, Bown, Broom, Slaney, Steppings Thorpe and Wells. Cty. Cllr. Jackson and 2 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Part 1 Non � confidential items

13/886 To receive apologies for absence:

Cllrs Bateman, Clark and Harwood.

13/887 To receive declarations of interest and to approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.


13/888 Police matters

(Contact is:�
No police present.
Resolved: To inform PCSO Walker of dangerous parking on Sandy Lane and that �as the Youth Club no longer functions, the police may wish to collect the equipment they donated for use elsewhere.

13/889 Matters raised by members of the public (10 minutes)

13/890 Reports from County and Borough Councillors

AVBC Cllr Thorpe presented a written report.

Cty. Cllr. Jackson expressed his concern over road safety issues related to STW reservoir construction �traffic.

13/891 Minutes of the meeting of December 3rd 2012

Minutes of the meeting of were confirmed and signed by Chair.

13/892 Matters arising from the meeting of December 3rd 2012

STW Reservoir Project � the next Liaison Meeting will take place later in February.
Precept 2013-2014. AVBC has been asked for �44,000 as agreed but there are minor changes to the process.
Market Place Working Group � Cllr. Steppings reported on the first meeting of the group which met on site on February 2nd. The group identified the following areas for improvement:

  • Re-furbishing the public toilets with a view to opening them in early March.
  • Public seating
  • Signage
  • Noticeboards
  • Troughs
  • Parking
  • The Gangroad project.
  • Telephone box
Winter Service � Cllr. Wells reported that the road clearing/gritting service provided by DCC is working well and that provision of grit by the Parish Council is up to date. He complimented Cllr Slaney for all his hard work (including the 4.00 am starts!) as Snow Warden. Cllr Brierton was thanked for making his car and trailer available to deliver grit to bins. Chair added her thanks to all those working hard to provide winter service.

Cllr. Wells reported that the project to refurbish and open the public toilets by early March is progressing well. Chair is studying the legal agreement which will need to be made with AVBC. Cllr Wells was thanked for all his work in driving the project and Cllr. Brierton was thanked for repairing woodwork in the toilet.

13/893 Report by the Parish Clerk:

DALC Circulars received Circs 01-2013, 02-2013 and 03-2013
Cllr. Broom encouraged members to engage in Councillor training as groups and individuals (please refer to Circ. 02-2013)
Wind turbines � no application has yet been received. Guidelines provided by AVBC were judged to be weak and inadequate.
The mole problem at the Burial Ground is being successfully dealt with by Pestforce.
It was Resolved to accept the quotation for floral displays provided by Premier 1 UK.
Council will seek funding for RG improvements.
Burial Ground fees � Resolved: to increase the fees by 10% from April 1st 2013.
Allotment fees will be collected in March.
Information only - proposed “Traveller Site” at Whatstandwell (this is just outside Crich Parish and is in the jurisdiction of Derbyshire Dales District Council) � the application has been withdrawn.�

13/894 Planning Decisions

AVA/2012/0863 Cliff Farm, Plaistow Green Rd. � construct farm pond.
AVA/2012/0945 Red Lion, Fritchley replacement windows and doors.

13/895 Planning Applications

There is no objection to the following applications
AVA/2012/1030 Street Farm, Wheatcroft Lane, change of use from barn to 3 bed room holiday let.
AVA/2013/0019 Woodside Cottage, The Common � rear 2 storey extension
AVA/2013/0002 25, Cromford Rd., Crich - replace dilapidated toilet with single storey extension.

Resolved: Clerk to write to AVBC Borough Development requesting that planning applicants are required to use materials in-keeping with the rest of the building/area.

13/896 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at
10th January 2013����� �38,426.57

Income as per bank statement:
10 December to 10 January 2013 none recorded.


C H Ludlam (Clerk�s salary) + expenses �497.80 chq 913�
Glebe Field Trust �628.43 chq 914
Grass Track �168.00 chq 915
Pest force �552.00 chq 916
BT internet �127.41 chq 917
BT phone �125.50 chq 918
Harlite �660.00 chq 919
Scrap *** chq 920
Zurich Insurance �1471.37 chq 921
Grass Track �407.16 chq 922
CACN donation �150.00 chq 923
Cllr. R. Brierton (travel expenses � 22.50 chq 924
DCC (grit) �110.40 chq 925
L, Spencer �282.96 chq 926

Financial summary to 31st March 2013
Already spent �41,000
Estimated additional spending to 31.3.13 �4500 (including �1500 for grit)
Estimated total spend for 2012-2013 = �45,500
Income 2012-2013 =�49,000
Surplus = �3,500 + C/F from last Financial Year �22,000 = �25,500
A reasonable C/F figure into 2013/2014 would be �11,000 allowing for say �14,000 to be spent on toilets and improvements to the Market Place and Recreation Ground

13/897 Items for Information

13/898 Communications from Parishioners

Letters of thanks for donations from Fritchley Christmas Tree Committee, Fritchley and Crich WI, Whatstandwell WI, Whatstandwell Social Club, Crich Luncheon Club, Muddlealong and the Sims Charity.
Letter suggesting the setting up of a Community Award Scheme.
Email from a resident of Coast Hill Terrace objecting to the proposal for housing to the rear of the Glebe.

Part 2 Confidential items



NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday March 4th 2013

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
9th February 2012
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928