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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday February 2nd 2015, held in the Glebe Field Centre

Minutes are not published until approved at the subsequent meeting

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-Chair), Bown, Broom, Clark, Thorpe. Cty Cllrs. Taylor and Williams and 4 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Part 1 Non – confidential items

15/1178 To receive apologies for absence:

Cllrs. Baugh, Harwood, Steppings and Wells. AVBC Cllr. Gee.

Cllr. Slaney has resigned from the council with immediate effect members wished to place on record their appreciation for his work as a Councillor and as Snow Warden.

15/1179 To receive declarations of interest and to approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.

Cllr Thorpe declared a personal interest in the matter of making a grant to support the Community First Responders.

15/1180 Police matters

Contact is:
  Or telephone 101 and mention collar number 3841
  No police present

15/1181 Members of the public (10 minutes)

15/1182 Reports from County and Borough Councillors

AVBC Cllr Thorpe presented a written report.
Cty Cllr Taylor has been pursuing the issues of switched off lighting at Main Rd., Whatstandwell, a mirror at the Shaw’s Lane/Main Rd. junction and mud on the road at Cowper Lane.
Cty. Cllr. Williams reported that DCC will serve an enforcement notice on the owners of trees overgrowing the B3035 at Whatstandwell. He confirms that DCC are satisfied with the HGV signage at the junction of Hindersitch Lane and Main Rd., Whatstandwell.    

15/1183 Minutes of the meeting of January 5th 2015

TThe Minutes were accepted and signed by Chair.

15/1184 Matters arising from the meeting of January 5th 2015

Recreation Ground:
Paul Yorke gave an up-date on the progress made by the working group. He has met the STW Reservoir project Community Liaison Group and hopes for a share of their £25,000 funding. STW contractors may also be able to offer help “in kind” e.g. re-painting the play equipment. The working group now has a full committee with officers and has prepared a letter to go out to the community via the CACN website, this will be followed by a questionnaire to the all homes. It is intended to raise funds through community events and Paul himself is doing a sponsored walk on the West Highland Way.

Neighbourhood Plan: The inaugural meeting held on January 19th was attended by 6 members of the Parish Council and 32 residents. Joe Dugdale explained the “what, why and how” of a Neighbourhood Plan. The next meeting will take place on Monday 16th February at 7.30 pm in the Glebe.
BG development – Clerk has obtained plans and specifications for the proposed roadway which will enable him to get costings.

STW Reservoir project: Chair attended a meeting of the Liaison Group on 23.1.15. The project is on schedule for completion by March 2018.The contractors agreed to monitor dust and mud on the road and will increase sweeping. Any community grants will be divided equally between the affected communities Crich/Whatstandwell – Fritchley - Bullbridge/Sawmills.

Grant for Community First Responders:
A decision was deferred until next meeting when a representative of East Midlands Ambulance Service will be in attendance.

Defibrillators in Crich:
Cllr Thorpe agreed to pursue the offer to install a defibrillator in the Market Place telephone box.

Winter Service:
It was RESOLVED unanimously to refill grit bins as necessary.

15/1185 Report by the Parish Clerk:

Precept: RESOLVED to maintain the Precept at the 2014-5 level of £50,000 (the actual claim to be for £53,422 to compensate for the grant to be withheld by AVBC).

Allotment report: rents for 2015-6 are now being collected. There may be 2 vacancies (to be confirmed in March. PC has £600 to spend on allotment improvements in the next Financial Year.

The Pentrich Revolution (Cllr. Broom) – members agreed in principle to support the project to mark this event which involved some men from Crich.
Request for a grant to support the well-dressing plan - RESOLVED: to make a special donation of £150 for the purchase of materials.

15/1186 Planning Decisions


15/1187 Planning Applications

AVA/2015/1087 24, Fritchley Lane – single storey rear extension. NO OBJECTION
TRE/2014/0004 18 Top Lane – remove yew tree. OBJECTION as this ancient tree is a valued feature of the locality.

15/1188 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at 9th January 2015                £48,327.36

Income £ - no cheques banked.


C H Ludlam (Clerk’s salary) + expenses

Chq 226

Glebe Field Trust
Chq 227
BT Phone
Chq 228
BT Internet
Chq 229
Grass Track
Chq 230
HMR and C Tax and NI
Chq 231
JGS (grit)
Chq 232
Cllr D Wells (travel)
Chq 233
Viking Direct
Chq 234
Post Office (Crich Fete donation replacement chq)
Chq 235
Imperial Decorating Ltd (painting phone box)
Chq 236
Chq 237

15/1189 Items for Information

DALC Circulars 01 and 02 02-15 6

Planning Appeal – land off Roes Lane. The appeal to be held at The Council Chamber, Market Place, Ripley will open at 10.00 am on Tuesday 9th June 2015. 8 days have been allocated.
Anyone intending to attend the enquiry should “book in “now by telephoning the legal department at AVBC (01773 570222).
Anyone attending the enquiry should report to Reception.

15/1190 Communications from members of the public

Letter from Whatstandwell and District WI thanking the PC for the recent donation.

Part 2 Confidential items


NEXT MEETING 7.30pm Monday March 2nd 2015.

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
6th February 2015
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 EU
01773 853928