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Crich village cross
Image from around Crich Parish

Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council held on 1 March 2004, in the Parish Room, Glebe Field Centre, Crich

Present: Cllr. Harwood in the Chair, Cllrs. Goodhead, Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Daniel, Harris, & Salt; also Police Sergeant Smith-Beard, Dr Shearer and two members of the public. Cllrs. Hartshorne & Thorpe arrived later.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Lane & Whitney.

5987 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting of 2 February 2004 had been circulated, but because of omissions these to be corrected and re-issued.

5988 Declarations of Interest: None.

Dr Shearer, GP from the Crich Medical Practice referred to the useful meeting, which had been held with Cllrs. Lane & Salt. She outlined the challenges for the Practice, the anticipated new premises on land at the rear of the Glebe Field Centre, and some of the implications of the new GP contracts, which should come into force in April 2004.

The new building, funded from various sources, should include a Pharmacy, and hopefully would be utilised by other Agencies, could be ready for use by 2007. All the practicalities of the re-structuring of General Practice are not yet clear, the Primary Care Trust (PCT) will be responsible for organising out of hours services; Saturday surgeries will end.

Dr Shearer agreed there were not sufficient surgery hours provided in Crich, but too many in South Wingfield and Holloway; adjustments were being made to improve the situation, also there is a wider use of Nurses.

A patient satisfaction survey is being compiled; the Practice is keen to receive community feedback. Re-iterated the previous resolution to invite GP representation to meetings on a quarterly basis.

5990 Matters Arising from the Minutes
Minute 5977 Rodents at Taylor�s Yard, Crich, AVBC had inspected area, but not located any infestation; residents recommended to approach AVBC directly if problem recurs. TRANSCO would charge for diversion of pipe to side of Burial Ground. Possibility of use of Garden of Remembrance, if land runs out suggested, also the extension being re-sited to the lower piece of land.

TRANSCO to be again contacted, acknowledging there was a previously unsatisfactory decision to site the gas pipe, but in the interests of community relations, this should be rectified, without cost to the Parish Council; a site meeting to be requested. The MP and County Council representative to be informed of the problem.

Lighting, Bull Ginnell, AVBC cannot impose retrospective condition to require householder to provide illumination for path. Light, footpath 42, Whatstandwell, DCC to request landowner to clear vegetation from around lamp post, in order that repair work can be carried out; work on wall adjacent to footpath will be carried out in the next financial year.

There will be no detriment to Parish Warden benefits if he works to two separate contracts; proposals to be considered by sub-group in mid March.

AVBC has again been requested to remove the wire from the former mineral railway track. Cllr. Bendon reported he had met a member of Severn Trent Water staff at the site of tipped material, and had eventually managed to gain assurance that the site would be cleared.

Minute 5978
Police Inspector McLaughlin wished to assure the Parish Council that uniform foot patrol officers had visited the village, minor anti-social issues had been addressed, there are negotiations underway with AVBC to identify a site for a �youth shelter�. Councillors stressed it is important all relevant incidents are reported to the Police, thus raising the profile of the area.

DCC to be again requested to provide information about the ownership of land in front of Ivy Dene, Market Place, Crich.

Minute 5980
Mr Morris, Hon. Secretary, Fritchley OAP, suggested the Parish Council should send out grant application forms; this was not considered practicable.

Minute 5981
Cllr. Bendon proposed response to be made to DCC draft Corporate Environmental plan that in view of the extensive mineral extraction and transportation within the county there should be an aim to direct transport to routes which minimise the impact upon local communities; agreed.

Derby & Derbyshire Mineral Extraction Plan, Cllr. Bendon proposed that it should be noted any future mining or extraction must not penetrate below the height above sea level of Hilts Quarry, and quarrying must not penetrate the impervious layers in Crich Hill, above the height above sea level of Hilts Quarry, as this may create upward flow from subterranean levels into Hilts Quarry; agreed.

Minute 5984
Parish Warden has carried out work on Burial Ground tap, it had been working, but latterly may have been frozen.

Thanks for grants had been received from Crich Brass, Crich Heritage Partnership, Crich Indoor Bowls Club, Crich Luncheon Club and Whatstandwell Social Club.

Minute 5985
TRANSCO does not pay wayleave for pipe under Burial Ground.

Minute 5986
Cllr. Hartshorne suggested servicing of grit bins may be improved if these were numbered, Cllr. Salt suggested telephone contact numbers be included; Parish Warden to check on current state, before re-filling order is placed. DCC is not prepared to include Bulling Lane on gritting schedule, but will consider next year. Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham to be informed of the justification for this, the route to the only GP surgery. Cllr. Hartshorne had requested the old Parish Office IT equipment be donated for Day Care use at the Glebe Centre, agreed.

5991 Police Matters
Sergeant Smith-Beard referred to Inspector McLaughlin�s letter. He stated there is a dedicated rural Police car, but the single Officer is also on call for Alfreton town centre. There have been foot-beat officers in the parish, but it is generally not good value to have staff in an area without definite cause.

Details of incidents dealt with in the first two months of this year were given. Cllr. Salt referred to the problem of skateboarding in Fritchley, also car parking problems at Fritchley Lane/Church Street. Sgt. Smith-Beard suggested the Parish Council would probably be asked to give a third of the funding, with the Police and AVBC, for a �youth shelter�.

5992 Reports
Glebe Field Centre, Cllr. Hartshorne had reported that a relief driver, Mr G Wishaw, had replaced the PIR floodlight, without charge. Profits from the Christmas & Burns Lunches had been used to purchase uniform items for Day Care Staff and the Cook. The Management Committee is considering the provision for an outdoor play area, following a request from Crich Pre-School. Members were reminded of the meeting with the Trustees & Management Committee on 8 March 2004.

The Parish Warden has carried out repairs to the seat at St. Michael�s Close.

Cllr. Goodhead detailed the proposed April programme for CRAMP, and mentioned new clients were using the service

5993 Allotments Provision
Cllr. Goodhead reported on a meeting of the Allotment Feasibility Study Group, and presented figures, produced by Cllr. Hartshorne, on costs to set up allotments, if it is deemed they are needed. Concern was expressed at the level of requested land rent, which would need to be recouped; necessitating a much higher plot rental for users than any quoted. Proposed by Cllr. Harris and seconded by Cllr. Daniel, that the Parish Council waits for parishioners to request allotment provision, before formal consideration.

5994 Blackspot Lighting
DCC estimates for lighting at Allen Lane were considered. Proposed by Cllr. Brierton and seconded by Cllr. Daniel that a quotation for a light to be erected outside The Sweepers be commissioned, at a cost of about �800.00, subsequently grant aid to be sought from AVBC.

5995 Correspondence from Parishioners
(a) Mr & Mrs Holden were impressed by the improved state of the steps at the Tors.
(b) Crich Women�s Institute (WI), sought permission to hold stalls at the Market Place on a Saturday in May, agreed that area to the rear of troughs could be used. Organisation to be directed to contact DCC regarding formalities, and to pay due regard to Health & Safety issues.
(c) Formal invitation to the Annual General Meeting of the Glebe Field Centre User Groups Management Committee, on 29 March 2004, received,
(d) Mr & Mrs Varty, Tree Wardens, approved proposed tree works to be carried out at Derwent Hotel, Whatstandwell (TRE/2003/0116), Hilltop Cottage, Top Lane, Whatstandwell (TRE/2004/0011), Riverside Cottage, Chapel Lane (TRE/2004/0019)

5996 Correspondence from Other Authorities
(a) DCC, Hilts Quarry, final restoration scheme. Cllr. Harris explained the report was a resume of statements made by Rolls-Royce at the end of 2003. Cllr. Bendon proposed the following observations should be made. The Parish Council is included in inspections, and receives copies of test results. The results should cover the full gamma spectrum, there should be a definition of what level of test results would indicate further tests are required, also how there could be discrimination between contaminants from under the capping as opposed to those which leached prior to capping, or leched from other waste disposals; agreed.
(b) DCC County tax increase & Council plan summary received.
(c) AVBC, invitation to Mayor�s Charity Concert on 27 March 2004, noted.
(d) AVBC invitation to Planning Board site visit, Green Bank Cottage, Dimple Lane Fritchley, 24 February. Cllr. Thorpe, AVBC Councillor for the Ward, thanked Cllrs. Harwood & Goodhead for attending the meeting, and reported the Officer�s recommendation to approve the application, had been overturned.
(e) Amber Valley & Erewash Walking Festival, 13-23 September 2004, received.
(f) DALC Circulars received, including DEFRA report on consultation to remove or relax general restrictions on access land under Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000, Legal Topic Note, acquisition of ownerless land, for which it is advised a Solicitor should be employed.
(g) Countryside Agency, Vital Villages update of grant aided case studies, received.
(h) AVBC invitation to apply for funding for Concerts in the Community, information to be forward to Crich and Fritchley fund raising groups.
(i) Amber Valley NHS PCT requested to attend meeting to discuss community links; agreed to invite Ms Perdue to the April meeting.
(j) AVBC require a replacement for the recently felled beech tree; Cllr. Hartshorne reported the base had yet to be removed, then re-planting would take place.
(k) AVBC Code of Conduct, Register of Interests, clarification on two issues received from the Standards Board for England, copy provided for all Councillors
(l) The Carers Federation requested to attend meeting to discuss community links, a duplication of (i) above.

5997 Decisions on Planning Applications
(a) AVA/2003/1258 & 1262 Change of use of outbuildings to residential accommodation at The Mount, 1 Bowns Hill, Crich; granted.
(b) AVA/2003/1491 Ground floor extension & replacement garage, Pine Cottage, Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley; granted.
(c) TRE/2004/0011 Work on ash & sycamore trees, Hill Trop Cottage, Top Lane, Whatstandwell; no Tree Preservation Order to be served.
(d) TRE/2004/0013 Fell two silver birch trees, Lower Roskeen, Surgery Lane, Crich; no Tree Preservation Order to be served.
(e) AVA/2004/1483 Erection of dwelling at land adjacent to 10 Amber View Road, Fritchley; refused.

5998 Planning Applications
(a) TRE/2004/0013 Fell two silver birch trees, Lower Roskeen, Surgery Lane, Crich; no comment.
(b) TRE/2004/0019 Remove willow, birch & cedar trees, prune cedar, reduce height of cypress hedge, Riverside Cottage, Chapel Street, Fritchley; no comment.
(c) PAW-AVA/2004/0120 Single storey extension, including garage, Ballantrae House, 16 Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley; no comment
(d) PAW-AVA/2004/0144 Rear extension, utility workshop, 2 bedrooms & sitting room, Skyfield, Sandy Lane, Crich; no comment.
(e) SW-AVA/2004/0162 New dwelling, land between 11 & 17 Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley; no comment.
(f) LB-AVA/2004/0164 Demolition of existing kitchen & construction of new enlarged kitchen & toilet, Archway House, 2 Bowns Hill, Crich; no comment.

5999 Accounts
000835 Glebe Field Trust, contribution �440.00
000836 Burial Ground Caretaker�s salary �86.67
000837 Parish Warden, expenses �59.37
000838 Parish Clerk, salary, January 2004 �362.00
000839 Glebe Field Trust, photocopying �7.56
000840 Parish Clerk, postage & expenses, financial year �230.87
000841 Glebe Field Trust, CRAMP, driving & copying �290.85
000842 Parish Office IT equipment �853.38

6000 Crich Cross
The actions taken following the damage to the structure caused by the impact from a car were detailed. Initially DCC said the structure was not unsafe, but subsequently informed AVBC it may be in a dangerous state. Following pressure from Parish Councillors AVBC Chief Executive had sanctioned work to erect protective scaffolding, and consider what further work will need to be carried out; this has not yet been actioned.

Enquiries continue as to the ownership of the structure.

A letter of application for compensation has been made to the Magistrate�s Court, where the uninsured motorist is to appear. The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) is to be informed, but it is understood there will be �300.00 excess.

Cllr. Cooke explained he had spoken to the media, in a private capacity; he had taken advice from a professional in another Authority, and subsequently requested a road closure, this was refused by DCC. The County Council to be again requested to provide written assurance of the safety of the structure, and a copy of the report; also to be informed the Parish Council will not accept any responsibility for harm/damage to people/property. AVBC to also be requested to provide written report on structure inspection.

Proposed by Cllr. Salt & seconded by Cllr. Cooke that legal advice should be sought from AVBC regarding action through the Civil Court, for the full cost of reinstatement and repair of the Cross.

Cllr. Thorpe reported AVBC has a small fund to be used for Listed Buildings.

Cllr. Harris re-iterated annoyance at the way in which the Parish Council is being virtually ignored by DCC, and urged the Chair to take up all the issues by requesting a personal meeting with the Leader of the County Council.

6001 Matters of Report
Cllr. Cooke requested that Cllr. Thorpe should consider if the Derbyshire Aggregates grant aid form, was applicable for repair of the Cross.

Cllr. Thorpe reported on a site visit she had organised with DCC staff, to consider damage to verges at Dimple Lane, some caused by work for TRANSCO, contractor will have to re-instate. The achievements of Crich Brass, and the ways in which they are applying for grant aid were outlined.

Cllr. Daniel outlined a problem with a contractor pressing a resident to employ him to tarmac a drive. Cllr. Salt explained that such an incident should be reported to the Police.

Cllr. Hartshorne was concerned that the bungalows by the Glebe Centre are dependent upon electricity for heating, he is discussing with AV Housing Association how to overcome the problem if the electricity supply should fail; similarly at the Glebe, there is consideration of eventually providing a generator.

There is a meeting of the Town End Quarry Liaison Group on 21 March 2004.

Cllr. Goodhead recounted an incident where a very elderly resident was returned home from an A & E Department, in the early hours of the morning without reference to the Warden or family members. In addition to using the Complaints Procedure, the local NHS PCT could be informed. Cllr. Harris is standing for election as a member of the Council of the NHS Foundation Trust for South Derbyshire Hospitals, and noted the information.

Cllr. Lane had received reports about the poor state of repair of a wall, the Tors to Chadwick Nick lane, DCC to be informed. Also the problems of parked vehicles causing access difficulties, Fritchley Lane- Church Street, Fritchley, DCC to be informed.

Parish Warden to be requested to trim ash tree suckers which are invading one of the wall of the Jubilee tree enclosures.
AVBC contends it did not erect the dog waste bin at the Jubilee, and therefore will not take responsibility for servicing it; resolved to employ AVBC to empty the bin on a monthly basis.

Work continues to re-instate the play equipment on the Recreation Ground; safety surface is to be put in place shortly, followed by bolting down of equipment, concrete pieces will be removed from site.

A second copy of the letter detailing problems to DCC was passed onto Cllr. Lucas, Cabinet Member, who in a letter dated 4 February 2004, promised to write in the near future.


The meeting closed at 10.30pm