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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 6 March 2006, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Thorpe, Tromans, and Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and 5 members of the public.

Apologies: None.

05/368 Public Participation
(a) AVBC recycling. Cllr Thorpe said that Julian Townsend (AVBC Director of Environmental Services) would attend a meeting if asked (see 05/375 below).
(b) Comments on planning application AVA/2006/0198 (see 05/383 below).
(c) Comments on planning enforcement appeal on Woodhay Baulk Barn.

05/369 Resignation
Cllr Cooke had notified the Chair of his resignation. Clerk would prepare public notices of the vacancy as from 7 March. Electors had until 24 March to petition for a bye election, failing which the Council should co-opt a member as soon as practicable.

05/370 Minutes of the meeting of 6 February 2006
RESOLVED: that these be amended at 05/338 by the addition of �Cllr Thorpe also asked the Parish Council to write to Judy Mallaber MP to urge the Government to publish long awaited guidance on Quiet Lanes� and signed by the Chair at or before the next meeting.

05/371 Matters arising from the Minutes
05/332 (e): Chair would take no further action.
05/334 re 05/299: Cllr Harris said that DCC had refused the Council�s request to extend the winter gritting route to the Surgery as they did not grit �cul-de-sac situations�.
RESOLVED: to pass the correspondence to Cty Cllr Jackson.
05/340: Cllr Goodhead had seen residents of Chapel Row. No 2 was concerned by the closeness of the proposed new light to the bedroom. Clerk would ask DCC if the light could be resited.
05/347: Rolls Royce had now replied. Cllr Bendon presented a draft letter to the Environment Agency.
RESOLVED: to approve Cllr Bendon�s letter for sending to the EA.
05/347: Cllr Harris noted that the wall on the access road to Hilts Quarry from Dimple Lane was not yet restored to its original condition.
RESOLVED: to thank RR for its landscaping work and ask RR to attend to this outstanding matter.

05/372 Declarations of interest

05/373 Police matters
No PC attended. Cllr Bendon mentioned ball games being played in the Market Place. Chair had seen children on mini motorbikes on the Dimple, Fritchley, and Cllr Harwood had reports of the same in Crich at the Recreation Ground, Coasthill, and Sun Lane.
RESOLVED: Clerk to write to Police about mini motorbike use by children.

05/374 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson said that (a) AVBC would reinstate the bus shelters at The Common after consulting DCC and (b) the Government had not given any support to local authorities for Green and Quiet Lanes (Countryside Act 2000).
Borough Cllr Thorpe explained why she was unable at present to work full time for health reasons. The Council looked forward to her recovery.

Clerk�s Report
05/375 AVBC News Releases: (a) litter fines (b) green waste AVBC community wardens would patrol on foot and in vehicles from April and report litter, graffiti, and anti-social behaviour. They could issue �50 on the spot fines for dropping litter. AVBC is also asking householders by survey whether they would pay up to �49 p.a. for collection of garden waste. Councillors expressed concern about various waste issues and survey techniques.
RESOLVED: to ask Julian Townsend to attend a Council meeting to discuss all waste matters.
05/376 AVBC plastic recycling The Glebe Field Trust was unable to offer any land for this purpose.
05/377 The Beeches Clerk said there was no need for a Land Registry inquiry as DCC had now agreed to place FP 59 in its 2006/7 maintenance schedule.
05/378 Bowns Hill public conveniences Cllr Smith had been told by AVBC that refurbishment of the conveniences was up for Cabinet approval on 15 March to bring them into line with the Disability Discrimination Act. The work would go into the 2006/7 schedule so may take up to a year.
05/379 BT payphone removal Hindersitch Lane Due to structural defects BT had removed the payphone and intended to remove the kiosk. The Council could make comments up to the end of March.
RESOLVED: Cllr Bendon (ward member) and Clerk to assess public feeling and write to BT as necessary.
05/380 Dog waste Cllr Smith had made detailed investigations. AVBC�s Street Scene made no charge for cleaning up mess but needed to be told locations; the two Dog Wardens were available for advice and in some cases direct action; and the Parks dept charged �230 for provision and erection of a dog bin with �2.50 a week maintenance. Cllr Thorpe would ask AVBC to send free dog waste bags to local shops.
RESOLVED: to write to Dog Wardens for advice
05/381 War Memorial cleaning Crich Royal British Legion had asked the Council to fund cleaning of the War Memorial at the entrance to St Mary�s Church. Clerk presented one quote from Construction Cosmetics for �310.
RESOLVED: to accept the quote.

05/382 Planning decisions
AVA/2005/1339 Fairfield Fm, Fritchley (Treanor): agricultural building for livestock/equipment Refused
Chairman said that this had already been built. Cllr Thorpe said she was taking it up with the Enforcement Officer.
AVA/2005/1393 10 Hindersitch Lane, Whatstandwell (Gregory): portal steel frame building for fodder and machinery storage Refused
AVA/2005/1494 Conway Reed, The Common, Crich (Else): 2 storey side extension. Granted
AVA/2006/0022 Nether Nook, Chapel Lane (Johnson): erection of two detached houses, one bungalow, one double garage + ext and conversion of existing garage to form dwelling. Refused

05/383 Planning applications
AVA/2006/0139 Bracken Edge, Park Head (Howard): conservatory to rear. �No objections.�
AVA/2006/0142 St Mary�s Church (Vicar + PCC): extension for parish room (amended). �No objections so long as the terne coated steel roof really does match the lead roof of the existing church.�
AVA/2006/0145 Tramway Museum: new single storey as replacement for demountable structure. �No objections.�
AVA/2006/0168 Land adjacent 53 Cromford Road (Lowe): erection of dwelling. �We have no objections to some development here but think a four bed house may give rise to more vehicles than is safe for the site. We request DCC to inspect the vehicle access carefully as the site is on a sharp bend and directly opposite a junction.�
AVA/2006/0198 55A The Common, Crich (Dolman): two new dwellings. �Crich Parish Council objects to this development on grounds of excessive infill on a site with restricted access. The Council notes that the applicants have already started to build structures that can only be for housing.�

05/384 Grass and maintenance contract 2006/7
The Council interviewed three contractors after exclusion of the public and selected Grass Track.

05/385 Transport
Cllr Bendon presented the traffic consultant�s report on Market Place improvements.
RESOLVED: to discuss the report at the next meeting.
Cllr Cooke�s resignation left a vacancy on the Transport Committee.
RESOLVED: Cllr Harris to join the Committee.

05/386 Balances 9 February Current �21660.36; Jubilee �945.06; Charity �116.80
05/387 Central Networks re: wayleave (9.2) �55.00
05/388 Central Memorials re: memorial (17.2) �36.00
05/389 Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (31.1) �29.29
05/390 J Beresford re: inscription (18.2) �18.00
05/391 J Beresford re: memorial (3.3) �36.00
05/392 M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary February + exp �68.06 004 �597.61
05/393 M Macarthur re: BG/PG caretaking February 005 �108.33
05/394 Crich Glebe Field Trust re: February contribution 006 �462.00
05/395 Zurich Municipal re: additional insurance 007 �26.25
05/396 Viking Direct re: office supplies 008 �46.02
05/397 AVBC re: grit bin refill 009 �29.38
05/398 Shaw & Sons Ltd re: register of burials 010 �159.62
05/399 Parkwood Social Fund No 2 re: footpath clearance 011 �150.00
05/400 Derwent Waste Management re: BG skip 012 �70.50

05/401 Circulars and publications
Alfreton Police Consultative Group Minutes 1 February
AVBC Minutes submitted on 15 February
AVBC News Releases: (a) litter fines (b) green waste
Derwent Valley Mills Partnership Minutes 26 January

05/402 Information
Cllr Salt announced that Fritchley Festival was on 29 May.
Cllr Harris said that Glebe Field Centre audited accounts to year ending 30 September 2005 would be presented to the AGM on 27 March. He also said that the Centre was available as it always had been for hiring at weekends.
Cllr Whitney asked if the Centre could produce quarterly statements. Cllr Harris agreed to raise this at the AGM.
Cllr Bendon asked about use of land behind the Centre for sports. Cllr Harris said that plans were in hand and asked for the matter to go on the next Council Agenda.
Cllr Goodhead was concerned at the reported Police �leniency� regarding car parking on pavements.
Cllr Harwood mentioned derelict vehicles on Sun Lane. She also said that the No Ball Games sign at The Beeches� garages probably put up by AVBC was missing.

The Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.20 pm.