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Crich village cross
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Minutes of the Meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday 5 March 2007 in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr. Lane (Chair), Cllr. Brierton (vice-Chair), Cllrs. Bendon, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Steppings, Thorpe, Tromans and Whitney Cty. Cllr. Jackson + 4 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.

Apologies: Cllr. Goodhead and Cllr Thorpe (delayed by other meetings)

07/031 Police matters: (PCSO Steve Slater in attendance)

Cllr. Smith reported an accident near the Cross and wondered if it had been damaged � advised to report this to the police.
Cllr Harris reported that on Feb. 9th his car was the subject of an attack by children throwing snowballs on Sandy Lane. As this was causing a hazard to traffic he reported the matter to the police. In their initial response to Cllr. Harris and later to his wife it was clear that they did not choose to understand the significance of the incident, and the attitude of the call centre staff was hardly likely to encourage the public to contact the police. PCSO Slater said he would report back.
Members of the public related other examples of difficulties contacting the police and it was acknowledged that there are still problems with the 0845�. number.
Cllr. Salt agreed to represent the PC at the Police Consultative Group Meeting.
Cty.Cllr. Jackson asked for continued police help with the parking problems in Fritchley.
Cllr. Steppings enquired whether PCSO Slater�s leave would be covered and expressed the hope that it would.

07/032 Public participation

The following matters were brought to the attention of the meeting:
Manhole by the bus shelter continually overflows.
Many gullies are blocked.
Dimple Lane � potholes are very bad and the lane is in a generally poor state. Chair reported that DCC are aware.
In answer to a question as to whether Fritchley Lane was to be improved the meeting was informed that this is in hand.
There is a large pot-hole on Hindersitch Lane near the allotment entrance
Grit bin lid on Hollins Lane is cracked.
Fritchley Lane grit bin would be of more use at top of the hill.

07/033 Minutes of the meeting of 5th February 2007
Minutes were accepted by the meeting and signed by the Chair.

07/034 Matters arising from the minutes.

Sims Charity: Chair referred to Para 36 of Standing Orders (see below) and explained that if the PC wished to revisit the decision this matter these orders would need to be followed.

Rescission of Previous Resolution
36 (a) A decision (whether affirmative or negative) of the Council shall not be reversed within six months except by special resolution, the written notice whereof bears the names of at least four members of the Council, or be a resolution moved in pursuance of the report or recommendation of a committee.
(b) When a special resolution or any other resolution moved under the provisions of paragraph (a) of this Order has been disposed of, no similar resolutions may be moved within a further six months.

The vicar offered to clarify any points in the letter he had written on this issue, he also said that the Sims Charity ministers to the whole community and has an educational dimension.
Cllr. Smith expressed her wish to propose a special resolution and was referred to Standing Orders.
Cllr Tromans enquired what would happen to the Sims Charity were it not to be fully funded by the PC. The vicar replied that he was not sure but that some schools may be able to pay for their own Bibles and that there may be some national funding but that this would be a �one-off�. Ideally the Vicar would like a third Trustee to do some fund-raising as he does not see this as part of his brief.
Cllr. Salt reminded the meeting that Sims is not actually a Church charity.
Cllr. Harris raised several points:
If the purpose of buying Bibles is educational it is the responsibility of Derbyshire County Council not the Parish Council.
Sims Charity does not produce the required bank statements when applying for a grant from the PC
He believes 100% funding of the charity using Council Tax payer�s money is not appropriate
In the interests of equality children should also be given copies of other religious works
Vicar replied that this is indeed a Parish and not a DCC issue and that accounts had not been required in the past
Cllr Harwood saw the charity as a tradition but Cllr Harris expressed the view that he does not feel hide-bound by the decisions of previous councils.
Cllr Salt felt that the meeting should move on as no action can be taken unless 4 members seek a Special Resolution.
Burial Ground Shed
Cllrs. Brierton and Harwood had visited the shed which is in a very poor state and had removed the tools for safe-keeping. There was a general discussion as to whether or not a shed is actually needed. Alternative solutions are asking the caretaker to keep the tolls at his home or contracting out the tasks which need the use of tools. Clerk was instructed to discuss these matters with the caretaker and with the mowing contractors
Cllr. Salt proposed that the old shed be removed in any case and this was agreed .
Burial Ground Memorial Safety
Cllr. Brierton suggested that he and the Clerk should identify the most dangerous gravestones and that in the meantime Clerk should seek advice from our insurers. Clerk was also instructed to remind all undertakers using the BG of the maximum size allowed for memorials.

CCTV on the Market Place
After an extended discussion it was agreed that although desirable this is not a viable option in terms of cost and legal issues, which include Human Rights and data storage and usage. It was acknowledged that should a specific problem arise which merited the use of CCTV the deployment of a mobile camera by the police would be sought.
It was felt that the community should be encouraged to report problems to the police and that the setting up of Neighborhood Watch schemes would be of value.

War Memorial
We await an estimate for cleaning from J. Beresford of Belper. The meeting was reminded that Cty.Cllr Jackson and his wife did a very good job cleaning the memorial last year and thanks was recorded for their hard work.

FP 34
Clerk reported that the FP was not impeded in any way by the actions of a resident in putting down some stone at the entrance. However Cllr. Tromans expressed concern over the way water drains off the road on to the path rendering it so wet as to be almost impassable. This will be referred to DCC.

Lindway Lane
Cty.Cllr. Jackson reported that he had visited the site, taken photographs and personally cleared some drains. He has informed DCC of the problem and a larger drain has been fitted. However, the drainage and HGV related problems remain and Cty. Cllr Jackson will continue to pursue the matter on behalf of Mrs. Williamson.

Hand rails at West Bank Ave.
Amber Valley Housing has offered to pay 30% of the cost but PC has not budgeted for this expenditure. It was agreed that this is a matter for AVBC not Crich Parish Council.

The Briars
Chair read a letter she had written to the Director of Borough Development at AVBC expressing the concern of the PC regarding future expansion at The Briars, which would almost inevitably lead to an increase in noise, traffic and the nuisance caused by unsupervised children in the area

State of roads in the Parish
We await a reply to the letter sent to the Director of Environmental Services following a thorough survey by the Traffic Committee.

Curbed Build out at the Market Place
This will go-ahead at a cost of approx. �4,950. The work should commence in about 12 weeks.

Glebe Centre
Between 2nd. and 13th. April the centre will undergo a programme of decoration and repair. There may be some disruption for user groups.

East Midlands Regional Plan
Chair�s comments on the plan have been acknowledged

Responsibility for footpaths and bridleways
Cllr. Tromans presented a letter she had drafted to DCC on behalf of the PC asking that this responsibility remains with the County Council as the cost and Health and Safety issues are beyond the scope of the Parish Council. The content of the letter was agreed with a small amendment and Clerk was instructed to forward it.

Lighting Committee
Will meet on Friday March 9th. 2007

07/035 Declarations of Interest

07/036 Local Authority Councillors
Also see Cty.Cllr. Jackson�s report on Lindway Lane and Cllr. Thorpe�s report in Information.
Cty. Cllr. Jackson referred to progress in controlling the movement of quarry related HGV�s at school opening and closing times when no loaded lorries will leave the quarry. The manager of the quarry will visit the schools to evaluate the success of the scheme.
Cty. Cllr. Jackson also said that he was studying the Aggregates Levy Grant Scheme and also that he will attend the next Rights of Way meeting with Cllr. Tromans.

07/037 Clerk�s Report

Reports of litter on footpaths and roadways have been dealt with by the AVBC team. They appreciate information on these matters and seem keen to respond.
Grit bins
Provision of replacement bins and repair of damaged bins by AVBC has been has been a long process. However, new bins are now being put in place.
Clerk awaits a reply from the AVBC solicitor regarding a compulsory hiring order. The allotment holders are naturally concerned to receive information on the future of their plots. Chair will write to the AVBC solicitor (Mr. Benski)
Clerk agreed to contact the adjacent landowner regarding damage to the perimeter wall � this would appear to be the result of pushing by cattle.
The Parish website has now been officially wound up.
Crich Parish Council information is now carried on the CACN website. This relationship is developing well and it was resolved to pay CACN �120 in advance for one year�s postings on their website.
Burial Ground Charges
The current rate of charges is very modest compared with other local burial grounds.
Cllr. Salt enquired whether the charges covered costs �they do not.
Cllr. Harwood suggested that we never have and never will cover costs and also remarked that digging is very difficult.
Cllr. Brierton proposed that the charges remain unchanged until the November Finance Committee meeting and this was accepted without further debate
Enforcement appeal by G and M Hartshorne
A letter written by Cllr. Bendon to the Planning Inspectorate was circulated. His comments reflected the widely held concern in the Parish concerning the damaging effects of HGV�s on rural roads.
Parking at the Church.
The vicar explained a letter he had written to the PC regarding signage designed to preserve parking near the church for the disabled and for bridal and funeral cars as required. (Provision of parking for the disabled is required by the church authorities) The lane outside the church which would seem to be the most suitable place is the property of the Parish Council.
Cllr. Salt pointed out that although it would not be possible to enforce compliance with the signs they may help by appealing to the public�s good sense.
The Parish Council expressed no objection to the idea of the Church putting up 2 wall mounted signs indicating restricted parking.

.Clerk�s Holiday
The Clerk informed the meeting that as his son is getting married in Ireland on 30th of June 2007 he would not be able to attend the July meeting scheduled for July 2nd. It was agreed to postpone the meeting for 1 week so that it will now take place on Monday July 9th. 2007.

07/038 Planning decisions
10.04.06 2006/0383 53 Cromford Road, Crich (Dyrda): 2 bedroom bungalow Granted
19.12.06 2006/1524 Coddington Hall Farm (Chambers/Hawksley) Demolition of redundant farm buildings and conversion of stone barn and outbuildings to 2 residential units + detached garage
block Refused
2.2.07 2006/1533 Telemast (Orange O2 UK Ltd) Stones Lane Granted 4, Glen Rd. Whatstandwell. 2 storey side extension incl. kitchen dining room and bedroom Granted

07/039 Planning applications
07.02.07 2007/0143 Leashaw Farm Robin Hood W�standwell (Slaley) 4 stables for livery �No objections
07.02.07 2007/0146 Riverside Cott. Chapel St. Fritchley (Midgely) Extension �No objections
12.02.07 2007/0163 Westmead, 7 Hindersitch La. Whstnwell. (Bailey) porch/utility ext.-No objections
13.02.07 2007/0181 The Yews The Common Crich (Jerram) new dwelling. Window position and porch design amended from previous applcn. AVA 2006/0999-Objection on the grounds that the site is already over-developed and further access on to a busy road is undesirable
21.02.07 2007/0212 6 Jefferies Lane Crich (Andrews) 2 storey ext + 3 car standing 21.02.07 �No objections
2007/0223 Shuckstone Farm Bungalow Tansley (Slack) change of use-outbuilding to home office �Objection on the grounds that no reference is made to any type of business being carried out but that public access is a factor in the application.

07/040 Accounts Audit Commission has appointed Michael Newbury as Auditor for the Financial year 2006/7
Letters of thanks for donations have been received from Crich Luncheon Club and Whatstandwell Social Club.

Balances (1st. March) Current �23,781.56; Jubilee �945.61; Charity �120.76

J. Beresford and Sons (Inscription for Mrs. Hands) �20.00
Archway Funeral Services (burial of Mary Hand) �120.00
Clerks salary (February) and expenses �388.11 + �48.30 chq. 110 � 436.41
M Macarthur re: BG/PG Caretaking February 111 �115.92
Crich Glebe Field Trust re: February contribution 112 �525.00
Keith Evans (for top soil to BG) 113 �45.00
Ross Fletcher (website July 06 to Jan 07) 114 �140.00

07/041 Circulars and publications
DCC Mobile phone campaign and poster
St. John Ambulance asking for support
Standards Board for England-questionnaire
DCC Waste Sites Development Plan
Commission for Rural Communities � Review of the Quality Town and Parish Council Scheme
AVBC Draft Fuel Poverty Strategy
DCC Scrap the Scams Campaign and Leaflet
Enjoy England � Celebrate St. George�s Day � guide to taking part
Communities and Local Government � Consultation on Amendments to the Model Code of Conduct for Local Authority Members
Parish Council Election 3rd. May 2007 � Clerk has information package for prospective candidates.
Derbyshire Environmental Trust- Aggregates Levy Sustainability fund AVBC Consultations Panel Questionnaire (Nov. 2006). Results published in Amber Voice
What�s on in Amber Valley March 2007
AVBC Minutes of Proceedings � Council and Committees
DALC Circular 05/2007 General Circular Freedom of Information Publication Schemes.
DALC Circular 06/2007 Parish Plan Surgeries
DALC Circular 08/2007 Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund
DALC Circular 09/2007 Code of Practice on Local Authority Publicity on Run-up to Election
Darley Maternity Unit and Midwives to go (Letter requesting support)
07/042 Contacts from parishioners

The Parish Council approved a request made by the Village Fete Committee to use the Recreation Ground on Saturday 14th. July 2007

07/043 Information

Cllr. Thorpe reported that residents in Amber Valley Housing properties that were undergoing major refurbishment have been left without heat, light and cooking facilities during cold weather. This she regarded as intolerable. Any resident suffering in this way should contact Cllr. Thorpe. She was also able to inform the meeting that Dog Bins would now be installed and serviced by AVBC despite their earlier refusal.
Cllrs. Tromans and Whitney informed the meeting that they would not be able to attend the next meeting.
Cllr.Harwood asked if consideration had been given to the provision of a cycle rack at the Junior School..This matter was discussed along with other requests for donations and was rejected at the January meeting. Cllr. Thorpe added that funds may be available from DCC via �Greenwatch�. Further, there is concern over the condition and position of the seat at the junction of Bulling Lane and Coasthill- Cllr. Brierton informed the meeting that the seat belongs to AVBC. He will check the condition of the seat and report back. It was agreed that the seat was put in that position for a purpose and the PC will not sanction moving it . Cllr. Harwood also asked that the Christmas wreathes be removed from the BG.
Cllr. Harris raised the issue of appointing a Parish Warden. This was generally agreed to be a good idea. The matter will be discussed at the next PC meeting when a clear Job Description will be drawn up. The merits of a Warden being engaged on a self-employed basis were acknowledged. Chair asked that members bring ideas to the next meeting.
Cllr. Steppings wondered who would manage the Warden, Chair replied that it would be the responsibility of the Clerk.
Cllr Salt reported that the Fritchley Festival would take place on 28th. May 2007.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 22.15

Clive Ludlam, Clerk,
10th. March 2007
The Glebe Centre, Crich 01773 853928