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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 2nd March 2009, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (vice-chair), Bateman, Birkin, Bown, Clark, Harrison, Harwood, Fudge, Steppings, Cty. Cllr. Jackson and 4 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Cllrs. Thorpe and Tromans AVBC Cllr. Taylor

Fr. Wheat gave an illustrated presentation about the history and work of the Briars Catholic Youth Retreat Centre. The Centre can accommodate about 70 residents (usually young people aged between 10 and 21) and it employs 14 local people, many of whom have been on the staff for some years. He answered questions about traffic safety and car parking on the site and about levels of noise which have been monitored by AVBC and have not contravened any regulations. Fr. Wheat expressed the intention of The Briars to have good relations with neighbours and he offered an open invitation for councillors to visit and to attend the Open Day in summer.

09/333 Matters raised by members of the public

Mr Wells of Hollins Lane asked that the grit bin stolen from the top of Hollins Lane be replaced. He also asked that an additional bin be place about one quarter of the way down the lane .His requests were acknowledged by the council. The location of grit bins will be the subject of a �Parish Council Walk�
Mrs Hartshorne was pleased to report that the �Fritchley Fields� footpath sign has been replaced

09/334 Declarations of interest


09/335 Police matters

PCSO Donna Shaw was present. She reported a fairly quiet month on the local crime front viz: 2 domestic incidents, 1 noise related complaint and 3 incidents of anti-social behaviour. However, there has been a good deal of activity related to traffic monitoring, speed and other checks were carried out on the 16 and 23 February resulting in 3 fixed penalty point notices for speeding and 3 for the illegal use of mobile �phones. Numerous cautions for speeding, failure to use seat belts and vehicle defects were issued. She also reported that speed surveys (wires across the road) are being carried out and may lead to a more active response to speeding in the Parish. PCSO reminded the meeting of the importance of reporting all appropriate incidents to the Police as weight of evidence can most influential in eliciting response.
Cllr. Thorpe (in writing) thanked PC Wilbourne and PCSO Shaw for their work regarding speeding in the Parish .
Chair thanked the Police for their support with funding and staffing for the proposed Youth Club .

09/336 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson presented a written report of his activities and answered related questions. Cllr. Bateman asked that DCC be requested to repair the fence on the land they own at the Scout Hut he also wished DCC to be informed of a new leak in the Market Place.

09/337 Minutes of the meeting of 9th February 2009

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair

09/338 Matters arising from the Minutes

Youth Club up-date.
Five people have volunteered their services as supervisors, the police will help with CRB checks and with interviews .Police monies will be made available for the Wii console and games and for a pool table. The Church has already purchased a pool table. Chair and Cllr. Bateman have been delegated to purchase a television set for use with the Wii. Parish Council will pay for hire of the room. Chair , Cllr Bateman and the Vicar will meet to discuss practical issues. Chair thanked the Police for all their help
Parish land
Chair has studied deeds and other documents related to the ownership of �Parish land�.
Parish Council has deeds for a strip of land which is effectively a footpath on the road from Church Lane to the Burial Ground, for 2 acres at the Burial Ground and for the site of the Market Place bus shelter. It also has Registered Ownership of Common Lane at Sod Hall, Wheatcroft Bank and Fritchley village green.
Documents exist regarding attaining ownership of land at The Drying Ground, Fritchley. Further, Council could now apply for a �Possessery Title� of land below the Burial Ground and Tor�s Quarry, including the Jubilee Garden. Chair and Clerk will investigate these matters further and will also look into ownership of the Recreation Ground. The Council will need to decide whether there is any use or value in instigating complex and probably expensive legal actions to standardise and formalise the ownership of these parcels of land.
A reply has been received from DCC re traffic management at the top of Bullbridge Hill. They consider the signage to be adequate.
Council�s views on the plans for the Medical Centre have been sent to AVBC
Date of the April meeting was set for Tuesday 7th. The full council meeting will be preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting commencing at 7.00pm
Cllr. Harrison has erected the first of the new notice boards � one at the Market Place and one at Fritchley. He was warmly thanked for his work on this matter. It was agreed to investigate putting a �Crich Parish Council� sign on each board along with a notice advising residents how they may or may not use them. The boards are for notices related to Parish Council and community matters. They are not a vehicle for advertisements of a commercial nature.l

09/339 Clerk�s Report

The state of the road between Stand Lane and Plaistow Green Road has been reported to DCC. David Orton the area officer has agreed to investigate
The enforcement officer has been asked about the current status of the planning enforcement order re. the Hartshorne lorry business.
DCC Rights of Way has supplied an excellent new map of Parish footpaths
The order for summer plant displays has been placed with Plantscape of Hulland Ward.
Grass Track has been invited to continue grounds maintenance at the RG and BG
Letters have been sent to allotment holders asking for payment of rent by March 15th

09/340 Planning decisions

AVA/2009/0018 Croft Cottage, Parkhead - double storey extension, garage, greenhouse, chicken shed etc. PERMITTED

09/341 Planning applications

AVA/2009/0118 7,Tors Spring. Orangery to rear of building- NO OBJECTION
AVA/2009/0114 Tan Yard Croft Crich. Garden room extension - NO OBJECTION

09/342 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank current A/C at 29.01.09 � 34293.29
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C� 947.26
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C� 128.78

Yorkshire Bank current A/C interest (the variable rate interest is currently zero)
Yorkshire Bank Charity A /C interest� 0.08

C.H.Ludlam (Clerk) salary + expenses� 441.44 chq. 344
Glebe Trust �546.00 chq345
Belper Skip Hire �92.00 chq346
Zurich Insurance �1026.92 chq347
BT phone and bband �109.25 chq348
Viking Direct �85.75 chq349
DALC sub + Assoc of Burial Authorities� 646.95chq 350
Grass Track (FEB)� 357.08 chq351
L Spencer work at BG and RG� 71.63 chq352

09/345 Circulars and publications

Rural Stress Network
Cromford Canal

09/346 Communications from parishioners

Request for grit bin at bottom of Springfield Close

09/345 Information from Councillors

Cllr. Fudge reported that the wooden support for the Chadwick Nick Lane sign has rotted away.
Cllr. Clark said that DCC had looked at the use of the pavement outside the new green grocers and saw no cause for concern.
Cllr Bown informed the meeting that residents of Sawmills and Bullbridge were setting up a forum to discuss local issues
Cllr. Steppings asked about the current status of the planning appeal relating to Coddington Farm
Cllr. Birkin reported trees growing across the road at Garner Lane
Cllr. Bateman reported that the Market Place bus shelter light is working and that he would like to see a litter bin near the Market Place shops and also one in School Lane. He would also like a dog bin at the junction of Coast Hill and Bulling Lane
Cllr Brierton reported that the seat on Hindersitch Lane has been removed � it seems likely that it has been taken away to be repaired by a well-wisher.
Chair is working with the Derbyshire Rural Community Council to carry out a survey on the impact of the recession on rural communities and businesses

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at10.05 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm on Tuesday 7th April 2009

Clive Ludlam
Parish Clerk

5th March 2009