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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council held on 5 April 2004, in the Parish Room, Glebe Field Centre, Crich

Present: Cllr. Harwood, in the Chair, Cllrs. Goodhead, Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Harris, Hartshorne, Lane & Salt; also five members of the public.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Daniel,Thorpe & Whitney

6002 Matters Raised by the Public
It had been widely understood, following meetings with Rolls-Royce and the Environment Agency (EA), that the use of Hilts Quarry was to be formally terminated, and there is no suggestion that this will not be the case.However it appears that DEFRA is not moving the process forward. The EA has not informed the Parish Council of any problems.

Resolved to write directly to Mrs Becket, MP, Secretary of State, with a copy to Ms Mallaber, MP, requesting reasons for the apparent hold up in the process.

A resident of Bowmer Lane, Fritchley outlined the disruption for residents caused by a group of young people skateboarding, wall damage, and threats when requested to move away. This had been reported to the Police, Parish Council to make similar report to PC Chambers, Youth Liaison Officer.

6003 Minutes
The re-issued Minutes of the meeting of 2 February 2004 had been circulated. Proposed by Cllr. Brierton and seconded by Cllr. Hartshorne that these be signed as a true record.

6004 Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting of 1 March 2004 had been circulated. Proposed by Cllr. Harris and seconded by Cllr. Goodhead that these be signed as a true record.

6005 Declarations of Interest: None

6006 Speaker:
Ms P Perdue, Amber Valley National Health Service, Primary Care Trust, (PCT), Assistant Director for Public & Patient Involvement:

The new national policy for statutory services to be more accessible was explained. The PCT has a duty to involve local people in decision-making. Ms Perdue wanted to know of the best way to reach residents, as a sustainable, long-term project. Cllr. Hartshorne offered to identify the groups, which used the Glebe Field Centre, and invited Ms Perdue to give a short talk at one of the themed lunches, which attract a large number of people; he also provided a copy of Crich Area Community News.

In reply to Cllr. Harris�s suggestion that a member of the PCT could be invited to join the Glebe Management Committee, Ms Perdue said it had been decided that membership of such groups was not appropriate, because of a potential conflict of interests, but she would explore the possibility of sending an observer. Cllr. Lane referred to the large Old Age Pensioners� Group, which meets in Fritchley. Ms Perdue explained there would be a media campaign to publicise the project, and leaflets, which had been distributed to Councillors, would be sent out to every household in Amber Valley, with the annual Patient Prospectus.

6007 Matters Arising from the Minutes of 2 February 2004:
Minute 5977
East Midlands Housing Association to be again requested to provide copy of draft planting scheme, for land off Cromford Road, prior to submission to AVBC. AVBC to be informed that work is still necessary, to improve the ground around the balancing ponds, off Cromford Road. DCC to be informed that there is a particular problem of the state of the highway, gateway near Stand Lane. Unsafe wall at Fritchley Playing Field, landowner is seeking advice regarding responsibility of the tenant. A pedestrian barrier, Bowns Hill, outside the Infant School can be provided, if it is funded from the school�s delegated budget.

6008 Matters arising from the Minutes of 1 March 2004:
Minute 5990
TRANSCO continue to be unprepared to divert gas pipeline in Burial Ground, unless full cost of work is provided by the Parish Council. TRANSCO to be requested to provide a copy of the agreement with the then landowner, when the pipe was laid. Cllr. Hartshorne suggested that if there was no satisfactory conclusion, it may be possible for the line of the pipe to be used as a return road. Copies of TRANSCO correspondence to be forwarded to Ms Mallaber, MP.

Wire on the former mineral railway track has been removed. Severn Trent had removed fly tipped material, but it transpires the land is privately owned; Cllr. Bendon to inform landowners that further tipping has taken place on the site. DCC confirms land in front of Ivydene is in its ownership; DCC to be informed the Parish Council strongly objects to not having been consulted before work to tarmac the area was carried out, and to stress again it should be marked as available for parking. Cllr. Harris suggested this should be mentioned at the forthcoming site meeting.

Minute 5991 Skateboarding:
DCC had suggested referring the matter to the Police. A reply from Inspector McLaughlin explained it was not a criminal offence, unless damage is caused to property; he requested to be provided with times and locations, an officer would speak to the youths concerned, and, if appropriate, contact parents. Cllr. Lane suggested PC Chambers, Youth Liaison should be informed of the problems occurring in Fritchley.

Minute 5993 Allotments:

Mr Benski, AVBC Solicitor, considers it legitimate for the Parish Council to wait until 6 electors make written representation before considering the matter again.

Minute 5994
Application for grant aid for black spot lighting has been made to AVBC, but no budget has yet been set; contact to be made again in June if information had not been received.

Minute 5995
W.I. may well be placing their stall in front of the Butchers shop, rather than on the Market Place.

Minute 6000
Cllr. Harwood, Chair, Cllr. Harris, Chair of Transport Committee & Cllr. Hartshorne had met Cllr. John Williams, DCC Leader & Cllr. Brian Lucas, Cabinet Member for Environment & Transport; John Waite & David Orton, Officers, were in attendance.

Cllr. Harris reported on a positive meeting, with the DCC Leader directing Officers to arrange a site meeting at Crich shortly after Easter, and within a month report back with suggested solutions. The Cabinet Member to be provided with a list of Parish Council priorities; agreed these are control of traffic, especially HGVs, pedestrian safety and business viability, Bowns Hill and Market Place; traffic control, especially HGVs, Cromford Road, Church to Cross; consideration of formalising parking on the Common.

It had been stated that the Parish Council would be provided with reasons if ideas put forward could not be implemented. The importance of the Parish Council being consulted before work is carried out was stressed. Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham to be asked to provide a resume of the proposals for DCC highway works in the parish for the current financial year.

Minute 6001
The Derbyshire Aggregates grant scheme would not be applicable to the Cross. The contractor touting for tarmac work in the parish had been reported to the police, but the registration plate was false.

Cllr. Hartshorne explained the problem of heating bungalows if there was a power cut would also apply to West Bank and The Tors. DCC Rights of Way staff had inspected footpath No. 79; AVBC to be informed of adjacent wall damage. Recreation Ground play equipment should have had final check, after refurbishment, earlier in the day; maintenance schedule has been requested. Reply from Cllr. Lucas, DCC Cabinet member to letter about highway concerns, had been distributed to Councillors.

6009 Police Matters:
Cllr. Lane reported vandalism to a house adjacent to Fritchley Playing Field. She had advised the resident to contact PC Chambers,Youth Liaison Officer, also the school, in order that builders are expected to store away tools and equipment. Parish Council to also make a report to PC Chambers.

6010 Reports:
A report from the Glebe Field Centre Manager was distributed, this included information about termination of the agreement with Derby University to use the IT Centre as a training club, the Holiday Club will not be using the Centre. Copy of the proposed May programme of CRAMP visits was provided.

6011 Crich Cross: Members were brought up to date on the situation, including a recent meeting held with Les Unwin, DCC Highways, and Frank Gratton, AVBC Building Control. Councillors continue to be annoyed at lack of co-operation by DCC, the letter confirming its opinion that the structure is not dangerous, is still awaited, and it will not be able to provide a short-term interest free loan to initially cover the costs of repair work. The MP has spoken personally to Cllr. Cooke about the problem.

Proposed by Cllr. Brierton and seconded by Cllr. Cooke that the Parish Council, wishing to expedite the situation, not withstanding DCC assurances, and being concerned for public safety and local heritage, is prepared to underwrite the repair, in the belief that reimbursement will be forthcoming from the Motor Insurers� Bureau (MIB). AVBC to be requested to provide copies of quotations for work, and reminded of promise to oversee work.

Cllr. Bulkeley-Kirkham to be requested to exert influence at DCC in order that the work is carried out in one day, thus saving an additional �1,000.00. It was suggested the work could be carried out with a partial road closure. Power Pak to be invited to meet Councillors on site. The situation to be detailed to MIB, and advice requested.

Suggested that if the Parish Council is to take responsibility in future for the structure, it should be covered by Insurance.

6012 Resolution:
Proposed by Cllr. Cooke and seconded by Cllr. Bendon that �It is the opinion of this Parish Council that we have lost confidence in Derbyshire County Council with regard to their responsibilities for the public highway within the boundaries defined by Crich Parish.� Cllr. Cooke spoke to the motion, referring to examples already cited, of lack of action by DCC to Parish Council requests for highway works. After discussion Cllr. Salt proposed & Cllr Bendon seconded that the motion should be formally deferred for two months, in the light of the meeting with the Leader of DCC, thus providing the opportunity for action.

6013 Website:
Agreed that links should be available with other sites relevant to Crich; Ross Fletcher to take advice from Cllr. Hartshorne about any sites which may be contentious. Councillors were requested to provide suitable material for news items, features and illustrations; Cllr. Hartshorne offered photographs of the recently refurbished play equipment. Mr Lane to be informed that the Parish Council has an agreement for the organisation of the website for the first year, after that, the suggestion of a new Service Level Agreement or a volunteer parishioner maintaining the site would be explored.

6014 Correspondence from Parishioners:
(a)Mr Crossman had written to express concern that there were infringements of Burial Ground rules, and cited examples. It was agreed there were problems, e.g. use of chippings around cremation tablets. Suggested that the Burial Ground Committee and Chair should meet, identify the problems and revise current rules. It was stressed that any actions must be dealt with both sympathetically and firmly. Mr Crossman to be informed of this resolution.

6015 Correspondence from Other Authorities:
(a) AVBC, response to representation to Amber Valley Local Plan review, Councillors to be provided with copy of the document.
(b) AVBC, Standards Committee news and invitation to seminar on Code of Conduct 17 June 2004, at Ripley Town Hall, noted.
(c) AVBC, 2004 Visitor Guide received.
(d) AVBC, Minutes of Council & Committee meetings received.
(e) Dethick Lea & Holloway Parish Council suggested meeting with some other Parish Councils to discuss common issues of concern, agreed.
(f) DALC, Circulars, Consultation on Burial Law, Cycle of Local Government Elections in England received.
(g) DALC, Legal Topic Notes, Protection of �ownerless� Common Land & Private access to Council�s Recreation Ground received
(h) East Midlands Electricity, wayleave agreement P.001728 to be signed, with the proviso that stay, in Recreation Ground is fenced off.
(i) Aggregates Industries UK Ltd., Minutes of Liaison Meeting, 29 September 2003 received. Cllr. Hartshorne reported on a recent meeting when traffic problems were again discussed, it is possible there may be consideration of funding for a speed camera. It is anticipated extraction should be completed by 2010; landscaping plans continue.
(j) Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service requested use of Parish Notice Boards for recruitment purposes, agreed.
(k) DTI/DEFRA, booklet on rural broadband received.
(l) DCC, Second Local Transport Plan Development, accessibility planning questionnaire, completed.
(m) DCC Provisions of grit bins, details noted.
(n) DCC, b-line magazine, to be placed in Glebe Centre foyer.
(o) AVBC, Public Entertainment Licence, Rock & Blues Custom Show, noted.
(p) Derbyshire Police Authority, Annual Report 2002-2003, received.
(q) Severn Trent Water requested use of Parish Notice Boards for publicity purposes, agreed.
(r) Matlock Bath Parish Council newsletter, Spring 2004, received.
(s) Amber Valley Arts newsletter received.

6016 Decisions on Planning Applications:
(a) AVA/2003/1510 Alterations & extension to house/garage, Cliffside House, Wakebridge, Matlock; granted
(b) AVA/2003/1512 Proposed garden room, 19 Cromford Road, Crich; granted
(c) AVA/2003/1513 Two storey extension, 8 Bulling lane, Crich; granted
(d) AVA/2003/1427 Two storey rear extension to kitchen & bathroom, Green Bank cottage, Dimple Lane, Fritchley; refused
(e) TRE/2004/0019 Remove willow, birch & cedar trees, prune cedar, reduce height cypress hedge; no Tree Preservation Order
(f) AVA/2004/0120; Single storey extension & garage, Ballantrae House, 16 Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley; granted
(g) AVA/2004/0144 Rear extension, utility workshop, two bedrooms, sitting room, Skyfield, Sandy Lane, Crich; granted
(h) AVA/2004/0178 Conservatory to front of house, 2 Culland View, Crich; granted

6017 Planning Applications:
(a) PAW-AVA/2004/0178 Conservatory to front of house, 2 Culland View, Crich; no comment
(b) PAW-AVA/2004/0188 Advertisement consent externally illuminated signage, The Jovial Dutchman, Cromford Road, Crich; no comment
(c) PAW-AVA/2004/0226 Installation of additional windows, 7 North View, Crich; no comment
(d) LB-AVA/2004/0314 Single storey kitchen extension, Heather Bank, 12 Top Hag Lane, Fritchley; no comment
(e) TRE/2004/0027 Removal of three conifers & reduction of height of a conifer, Revistoke, School Lane, Crich; no comment

6018 Accounts:
000843 Glebe Field Trust, contribution �440.00
000844 Derwent Skip Hire �58.75
000845 AVBC, burial Ground rates �74.67
000846 British Telecom, telephone account �90.02
000847 Derbyshire Association of Local Councils, subscription �326.13
000848 AVBC, Parish Warden equipment share �35.36
000849 Burial Ground Caretaker, salary �86.67
000850 Parish Warden, expenses �69.22
000851 Parish Clerk, salary, February 2004 �362.00
000852 Glebe Field Trust, CRAMP, driving & copying �431.07
000853 Glebe Field Trust, photocopying �18.64
000854 Derwent Skip Hire �58.75

6019 Matters of Report:
Cllr. Salt reported a missing litterbin from Fritchley Green, and had previously noted a missing road nameplate sign, reported to AVBC.
Cllr. Bendon was disturbed at the untidy state of the recycling site, with material other than glass deposited; AVBC to be requested to provide appropriate signage.
Cllr. Hartshorne suggested he should provide web address signs for Parish notice boards.
Cllr. Goodhead reported the Loscoe Amenity Site has been reopened, and is well organised.
Cllr. Harris requested the notice board in the Bakery be lifted to eye level.
Cllr. Harwood reported on a raised kerb at Wheatsheaf Lane, and two missing kerb stones at Cromford Road, outside the Church, the latter had been the cause of an accident; DCC to be requested to take action.
Cllr. Thorpe had met with DCC staff to discuss drainage problems at Bowmer Lane, Whatstandwell; TRANSCO to be contacted, in the expectation that it will carry out remedial work.
Reported Mr Waterfall had collected rents for 29 of the 30 Whatstandwell allotment plots.

6020 Parish Warden Contract:
The draft contract, prepared by South Wingfield Parish Council, had been considered by a group of Councillors. Proposed that, with a few amendments, this should be presented by the Line Manager, Cllr. Hartshorne, to the Parish Warden, after his consideration a meeting should be held.

Resolved that casual car users travel expenses, at current rate for the type of employment, should be paid; the pro-forma weekly time sheet, devised by Cllr. Lane is to be adopted; there should also be a work plan, in order that the Line Manager will be aware of the area in which work is being undertaken.

The problem of disposal of litter bags was discussed, Glebe Centre Management Committee to be asked if it will agree to a bin being sited at the Respite Care site, and Cllr. Hartshorne to ask AVBC Cabinet Member to agree to waive charge. AVBC will collect bagged litter free of charge, but levy a fee if they are put into a bin. Agreed to purchase tow bar for Parish Warden�s car. Check to be made on Insurance cover for trailer and equipment.

The meeting closed at 10.59pm.