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Crich village cross
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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 4 April 2005, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr Goodhead (Chairman), Cllr Lane (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, and Tromans, Clerk in attendance, and 4 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Whitney and Thorpe. Cty Cllr Bulkeley-Kirkham also gave apologies.

The Chairman requested a one minute silence in memory of Pope John Paul II before the start of business.

7108 Matters raised by the public
(a) Fritchley road safety. Mr C Bulaitis outlined a personally specific case with photos. The Council could not take sides but noted that the proper authority (DCC) had been fully informed and was considering the situation.

7109 Minutes of the meeting of 7 March 2005
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chairman without amendment.

7110 Matters arising from the Minutes
7107 Cllr Bendon said that the footpath affected by quarry slippage would eventually collapse into the quarry though the time scale was not known. The implications would be raised at the Quarry Liaison meeting on 19 April.
Cllr Harris asked for guidance as to what Minutes should contain. Cllr Brierton said they were primarily a record of the decisions of the Council but not a record of what members said. The Clerk agreed.
7101 Cllr Lane said that CKG traffic consultancy had made some suggestions to her on the Market Place. They would charge �50 to attend a meeting with DCC and �500��1000 for a full survey. She also raised some other highway matters to be included in correspondence with DCC.
RESOLVED: not to ask CKG for either a survey or a meeting with DCC: and to include Cllr Lane�s other matters in correspondence with DCC.

7111 Police matters
PC Michelle Robinson introduced herself as the new officer for Beat 101 and answered questions.

7112 Clerk�s report
Beech trees by recreation ground Mr Rodney Helliwell had given his professional opinion on several trees in the line of beech trees by The Beeches.
RESOLVED: to pay Mr Helliwell�s bill; and Clerk to seek estimates on his tree surgery advice.
Cross accident payment The Motor Insurance Board had now paid the �1151 for the two payments still due to DCC for road closure and road management. This payment closed the insurance file for this incident.
RESOLVED: to pay DCC the two outstanding sums of �1026 and �125.
Hollins Lane DCC had replied to Clerk�s letter on drainage. The gullies were cleaned in November and would be checked again. The water grips in the verge would be recut and cleaned out. The defective culvert would be replaced in the financial year 2005/6.
Tors Quarry ownership Clerk noted that moves were made in recent years to have the Tors Quarry and Jubilee area registered on the Land Registry as Parish Council property. The Council had a well documented possessory title. However the Clerk considered that registration should still be sought if the procedure was not too onerous.
RESOLVED: Clerk to proceed with registration but advise on any costs first.

7113 Burial Ground
Access land purchase Flint Bishop & Barnett had transferred the solicitor�s file from Matlock to Belper. J C Balls had submitted a revised bill of quantities for the access resurfacing of �10254.40.
RESOLVED: to approve the revised bill of quantities.
Memorial inspection Clerk had accepted Zurich Insurance�s estimate of �1640 + VAT, as permitted by the March Council meeting (item 7102). Clerk and Chairman were to meet on 6 April with Paul Dean the independent inspector nominated by Zurich Insurance.
RESOLVED: Clerk to seek advice from qualified sources (e.g. AVBC) on the best procedure for timely and informative advertising of the memorial inspection so as to avoid as far as possible adverse public reaction.

7114 Parish Warden
Clerk had asked Key Services to attend a meeting provisionally fixed for 7 April to discuss Warden services.
RESOLVED: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Cllr Bendon, and Clerk to attend this meeting.

7115 Planning decisions
AVA/2004/1438 Colliery Farm, Pit Lane: barn conversion. Refused
AVA/2004/1300 Holly Cottage, Top Lane: extension of parking into field. Granted
AVA/2005/0092 The Cottage, Sun Lane: 1 storey extension. Granted
AVA/2005/0099�100 Derwent Hotel, Whatstandwell: signage. Granted

7116 Planning applications
AVA/2005/0059 106 The Common, Crich (Mason): 2 storey extension Withdrawn
AVA/2005/0274 15 Jeffries Lane, Crich (Harris): new porch. �No comment.�

7117 Accounts
Balances 10 March Current a/c �21330.31; Jubilee a/c �944.50; Charity �112.52
Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (28.2) �11.83
Countryside Agency re: CRAMP final grant (16.3) �771.75
A Storer (Midlands CS) re: burial (18.3) �72.00
Motor Insurers Bureau re: Cross accident final claim (21.3) �1151.00
M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary March �514.34 + �96.64 exp. 905 �610.98
Derek Harwood re: BG caretaking March 906 �86.67
Glebe Field Trust re: CRAMP February �277 + March �398.19 907 �675.19
Glebe Field Trust re: March contribution 908 �440.00
AVBC re: non-domestic rates 2005/6 (BG) 909 �84.12
DCC re: Allen�s Lane lighting 910 �561.98
DCC re: Cross temporary road management 911 �1026.00
DCC re: Cross road closure statutory fee 912 �125.00
BT re: office phone 913 �98.44
Rodney Helliwell re: tree inspection 914 �75.02
DALC re: subscription 2005/6 915 �368.53
Derwent Waste Management re: BG skip 916 �64.63
Key Services re: notice board repair 917 �108.10

Cheque signatories Clerk had received a list of valid cheque signatories from Yorkshire Bank dated 12 May 2003. Of present members of the Council, this list was: Cllrs Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Lane, Salt, Thorpe, and Whitney.

7118 Correspondence from other authorities
DALC Minutes executive committee 26.2.05
DRCC Rural Matters winter 2004/5

7119 Information
Cllr Smith brought up the Junior School fence colour. Cllr Harwood said that a change of colour was not technically simple. Cllr Salt said it was a matter best left at this stage to DCC and the School.
Members asked for DCC to give information on the further resurfacing of Bennetts and Chapel Lanes following their temporary patching.
The Clerk had copied a letter with photos of traffic problems from a resident at Whatstandwell to DCC.
Cllr Bendon was also concerned at patching of highways in Fritchley.
The Chairman confirmed that the Annual Parish Meeting would take place at 7.00 pm on Monday 9 May followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (as 2 May was a Bank Holiday).

The Chairman thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.50 pm