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Minutes of the Meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday 2 April 2007 in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr. Lane (Chair), Cllr. Brierton (vice-Chair), Cllrs. Bendon, Goodhead,Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Steppings and Cty. Cllr. Jackson + 3 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.

Apologies: Cllrs. Thorpe, Tromans and Whitney

07/044 Police matters: (PCSO Steve Slater in attendance)
The snowballing incident and the poor attitude of Call Centre staff at Police H.Q. has been reported to the appropriate authority.
Cllr.Salt reported that he had attended a Police Consultative Committee Meeting and reported the poor telephone service (see above).
The police office is now based in the Fire Station

07/045 Public participation

Mr. Hutchings described the problems referred to in his letter to the Council. He distributed copies of the letter and photographs showing damage caused to his property by footballs (his house is directly behind the goal at the south end of the Recreation Ground). He also described the rudeness and abuse he has suffered from people when retrieving their balls from his garden.
Cllr. Brierton said that the Council had asked the developers to install a fence behind the goal but AVBC had refused permission.
Cllr. Smith asked if the goal could be moved but Cllr. Brierton explained that this was not possible because of the pitch dimensions required by league games.
Cllr. Steppings asked if the goals had nets but accepted that although this is the case for league games it did not address the problem of inaccurate shooting.
It was agreed that the clerk should investigate the installation of appropriate fencing and any planning implications there may be.
A letter was also received from Mr. Oliver who lives next to the AV Housing owned garages at the north end of the RG. Young people kick balls against the garage doors, climb on the asbestos garage roofs and generally cause a nuisance. The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Oliver encouraging him to report all incidents to the police. The clerk would also inform PCSO Slater and would investigate the removal of some self set ash saplings which allow children to climb on to the roofs (one girl recently fell through a roof damaging a car and presumably putting herself at risk). Cllr. Harwood agreed to inspect the ash saplings adjacent to the garages which made it easy for children to climb onto the roof. Clerk would write to AV Housing to inform them of the Parish Council�s desire to cooperate with them to improve this situation and would investigate the removal of the ash trees subject to Cllr. Harwood�s report.
Mrs. Hartshorne reported that the �finger sign� in Hollins Farm yard was missing - Clerk would inform DCC.

070/46 Minutes of the meeting of 5th March 2007

Minutes were accepted by the meeting and signed by the Chair.

07/047 Matters arising from the minutes.

Sims Charity
Cllr. Smith presented a Recission Petition signed by four members of the Parish Council. This enabled the Council to revisit the decision made at an earlier meeting regarding the 2007/8 donation to the Sims Charity.
With reference to this petition, Chair expressed her annoyance and disappointment that a decision made democratically by the Finance Committee and the full Council should be challenged just because some members did not agree with it.
She regarded revisiting properly made decisions as �making a rod for our own backs�, undemocratic and likely to lead to bad governance and chaos. It would not be fair to hand this situation to the new Parish Council as no provision had been made in the precept for payment of the full amount sought by the charity.
Chair suggested that as the petition did not completely express the intentions of it�s sponsors it be withdrawn and re-presented at the next meeting when the new Council will be in place. At the same time a Special Resolution (alternative proposal) should be presented, which as per. Para 21 of Standing Orders would then be referred back to the Finance Committee.
Cllr. Smith and her co-petitioners accepted the need to withdraw the Recission Petition and to re-submit their motion.
Cllr Salt thanked Chair for her comments on the matter and explained that he had wanted to revisit the PC decision relating to Sims Charity funding having heard the comments of the Vicar at the last meeting.
The Vicar expressed his concerns relating to the chronology of the process if it has got to go to the May meeting and then to the Finance Committee before being brought back to a full Parish Council meeting. Bibles have to be distributed at the end of the Summer Term in July, he therefore suggested that he seek funding from other sources this year and that a full debate take place in time for the next round of Parish Council grants.
Cllr. Brierton thought that this was the best way forward and his remarks were met with general agreement.
Black Spot Lighting.
Chair and Cllr.Salt had met and identified New Rd. as a priority especially the right hand arm of the road. Cllr. Goodhead agreed to canvass the opinions of residents.
Burial Ground
Clerk reported that he had spoken to Paul Martin at AVBC who had given valuable advice regarding dealing with unsafe headstones. Clerk is to set up a meeting with Mr. Martin in addition to inspecting the BG with Cllr. Brierton.
Highway Matters.
Clerk informed the meeting that all matters raised at the last meeting had been reported to DCC Highways. He was asked to press for substantive responses.
Parish Warden.
(Public were asked to withdraw from this part of the meeting)
Clerk reported that he had spoken with a man who does a similar job locally he seemed a suitable candidate but the discussion alerted the Clerk to a number of problems the PC may take on if they were to employ someone in this capacity � these are principally Health and Safety related. Clerk also felt that the current caretaker of the BG and the RG should be consulted. Cllr. Harris expressed the view that the Parish needs someone with local knowledge to tour the Parish on a regular basis to identify areas and tasks which need to be addressed- we do not necessarily need someone to do all the jobs himself/herself although it would be appropriate to take on some tasks. He believes that PC needs a structured system of reporting so that Clerk can appraise AVBC of Parish needs (as Cllr. Harwood pointed out local residents already pay for these services through Council tax). It would also be important to monitor the way in which the jobs had been done. Cllr. Steppings said that he regretted that it was probably not feasible to employ a Parish warden in the full sense but understood the potential problems. The meeting was reminded that �1200 has been set aside for a Warden. Clerk was instructed to discuss the matter with the BG caretaker and to consider how the system might work.
War Memorial
In response to a question from the Chair, Clerk reported that the estimate for cleaning the memorial had not been supplied despite repeated requests and that it seemed that the company approached were not interested. Cty.Cllr. Jackson offered to contact the Royal British Legion to ask for advice. As the work needs a high pressure water supply Cllr. Harris wondered whether Just Bin Cleaned might be able to help.
Seat at Bulling Hill.
Cllr. Brierton reported that he had tested the seat and found it to be in good condition.

07/048 Declarations of Interest

Cllr Steppings � planning application AVA 2007/0344 concerns a property near to his own.

07/049 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson reported on the following:-
He is still working on the problems faced by Mrs. Williamson at Lindway Lane
Quarry managers are visiting schools to assess the success of their attempts to restrict lorry movements at school opening and closing times. He agreed to look into a report made by Cllr. Harris that convoys of lorries still move through the area.
He is working with DCC to control the number of unauthorized signs advertising Tansley Car Boot Sale. These should be put up and taken down either side of the event.
There is some dispute as to who is responsible for the broken drain at Potters Hill. This has been passed to DCC Highways.
He attended a meeting about footpaths with Cllr. Tromans and reported that more funds may be available. Clerk has applied for increased funding.
The drains have been cleared at Town End and he has reported numerous cases of damaged roads and verges.
He has personally cut back the hedge which impedes the sight lines on the narrow bridge at South Wingfield (a concern raised by Cllr. Steppings ) DCC are unwilling to put a traffic priority system in place.

07/050 Clerk�s Report

The Council acknowledged a communication from Andy Bostock regarding the on going problems relating to the use of Woodhay Baulk Farm.
Clerk reported that he had not received a reply to his letter seeking to establish the ownership of the land and that he is awaiting advice from the AVBC solicitor concerning an appeal to the secretary of state.
Cllr. Brierton said that should the land become available for sale the PC could consider buying it as it is required to provide allotment ground. Cllr. Goodhead referred to the increased interest in allotments.
Chair spoke of the letter she had written to AVBC Planning and was able to report that although plans for altered parking had been passed but that this did not imply that increased vehicular use would be acceptable.
The Rights of Way Maintenance Grant claim form was completed and signed
A request from Crich Scout Group for a grant was rejected as such requests must be in for consideration at the November meeting prior to distribution in February. Clerk to advise the group of this and to indicate that a new submission at the proper time would be considered in the usual way.
Local Elections
Clerk distributed nomination papers as requested. Cllr. Goodhead said that he would not seek re-election. He said that he had enjoyed the position which he has held for over 4 years (he has actually been a regular attender at meetings for much longer than that) and that he trusted that he had made a contribution. Chair thanked him for his work and wished him well � sentiments echoed by all present.
Crich Infant School PTA reported a problem with dog fouling. Clerk was instructed to advise them to contact AVBC Dog Warden.
Local Election Compact
The Parish Council discussed whether or not to sign this compact which is essentially an agreement to behave properly at elections. Signing is not mandatory. Cllr. Smith said that it was set in place to discourage bad behaviour by extremist groups. Chair felt it was insulting to be asked to sign. Cllr. Brierton agreed but felt that PC should sign it. Cllr. Salt believed that as individuals are required to sign anyway, obtaining a collective signature on behalf of a Council is an irrelevance. Cllr. Harris observed that there are laws to govern these matters. In a vote 3 members wanted the PC to sign, 3 did not and the Chair used her casting vote against the idea of signature the PC therefore decided the compact should not be signed.

07/051 Planning Decisions
AVA 06/00039 The Cottage Sun Lane Crich (Harrison) Appeal dismissed
AVA 07/0116 Costcutter Crich Application for metal security box Withdrawn
(box has in fact been removed)

07/052 Planning Applications
2007/0081 7 The Common Crich (Scotcher) loft conv. with dormer window (amendment) no objections
02.0307 2007/0279 St. Mary�s Church Crich (Vicar et al) Ext to form Parish room and toilets. No objections
08.03.07. 2007/0285 Land at Sandy Lane (Markeaton Construction) Proposed new dwelling (re-submission) objection on the grounds of dangerous access. It was also noted that planning permission was refused (see January minutes) but that building seems to be well underway.
16.03.07. 2007/0342 3 Woodland View, Crich Rd. Whatstandwell (Greenhough) Porch, study and bedroom ext. No objections
16.03.07. 2007/0344 Rose Cottage Potters Hill Wheatcroft (Nutbeam) 1st. Floor ext. over garage and change flat roof to pitched roof over existing extension. No formal objections but it was note that there is no parking and that this will be a problem if the premises are to be used as a guest house
23.03.07 2007/ 0353 � Greenfields,� Fritchley (Bray) 2 storey and single ext. No objections
30.03. 2007/0367 Bennahie Kirkham Lane Fritchley (Busell) Kitchen ext. No objections
30.03.2007/0377 16 Chapel lane Crich ( Ottewell )ext to existing bungalow to create split level 2 storey dwelling ( resubmission) Objection on the grounds that raising the level is out of keeping with the rest of the area

07/053 Accounts
Balances: Current A/C at 8/3/07 = �20,382.18 Jubilee �945.61 Charity �121.85
Hoults Memorials (inscription for Olive Muriel Grainger) �20.00
Mansfield Memorials (inscription for Violet Irving) �20.00
J. Beresford (inscription for Colin Hubbard) �40.00
G.Horobin (inscription for Doris Shapcott) �20.00

Clerks salary for March 2007 (�388.11) + exp (�36.39) Chq. No. 115 �424.50
M.MacArther BG and PG caretaking + 4hours o/time Chq. No. 116 �142.31
Glebe Field Centre for March 2007 Chq. No. 117 �525.00
Derwent Waste Chq. No. 118 �`229.13
R. Woolley (Removal of BG shed) Chq. No. 119 �200.00
AVBC (Rate demand for BG) Chq. No. 120 �50.75
Grass Track (Recreation Ground Path) Chq. No. 121 �1257.25
Grass Track (Grounds Maint. For Feb.) Chq. No. 122 �337.81
BT Telephone Bill Chq. No. 123 �113.36
Annual Sub. Derbys. Assoc. of Local Councils (DALC) Chq. No. 124 �469.44
Association of Burial Authorities 2007-8 Chq. No. 125 �58.00
CACN Annual contribution to website April 2007-March 2008 Chq. No.�126 �120.00
Derwent Waste Management (skips) Chq. No. 127 �76.38
Grass Track (March maint. BG and RG) Chq. No.128 �337.81

07/054 Circulars and publications
Derwent Valley Mills Partnership Agenda for March meeting
East Midlands Rural Action Plan 2007 � 2013
AVBC Minutes of Proceedings Council and Committees
FDVL Minutes of March Meeting
B Line Mag.
What�s on in Amber Valley April 2007

07/055 Contacts from parishioners
Two letters were received from residents who suffer noise vandalism and damage caused by users of the Recreation Ground (Mr. Hutchings and Mr. Oliver) see earlier minute 07/045 Public Participation .
Letter re. Planning Applicn. AVA/2007/0285 from the Reading Rooms Ltd. The contents of this letter were considered before the Council made it�s response to this application

07/056 Information
Cllr. Goodhead was pleased to report that the gullies had been cleared on The Common.
Cllr. Smith asked if white lines could be painted across two private roads where they join The Common viz. The Briars access road and Tors Spring Rd.
Cllr. Harris was kind enough to compliment the Clerk on the quality of the Minutes of the last meeting
Cllr. Bendon reported that the new grit bins appear to have been �thrown� into position and was concerned that they would be damaged from the start.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 21.50

Clive Ludlam, Clerk,
12th. April 2007
The Glebe Centre, Crich 01773 853928