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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 7th April 2008, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Bateman, Birkin, Brierton, Clark, Harrison, Harwood, Fudge, Steppings, Thorpe, Tromans. Cty Cllr. Jackson and 6 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


AVBC Cllr.Taylor, Cllr. Smith

08/202 Matters raised by members of the public

Mrs. Hartshorne was not satisfied with a written response from the Council. Chair agreed to arrange a meeting. Undergrowth obscuring milepost near the Cliff Inn was reported.

08/203 Police matters

PC Walker and PCSO Slater in attendance. Chair reported danger caused by �boy-racers� using Dimple Lane as part of a circuit Mrs. Hartshorne complained that police had not responded to a reported disturbance at a local shop.

08/204 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson reported as follows:

The responsibility for drains and gullies beneath Crich Market Place is confusing. Severn Trent are now responsible (allegedly) but appear to deny this. Cty. Cllr. Jackson is pursuing the matter.

He asked Clerk to contact AVBC regarding damage to the verge at Rose Cottage, Potter�s Hill.

He is monitoring the restoration work at Duke�s Quarry that has again been postponed.

Drainage on the Crich to Whatstandwell road is in need of remedial work and this is �in hand�.

A footpath between Town End and Stand Lane would be very desirable but DCC are reluctant to provide this facility because they would need to buy land and the level differences between the footpath and the road is too great. They see no feasible cost effective solution. Further, DCC report no evidence to support the idea that there is a road safely hazard at this location. Clerk was asked to write to DCC in support of Cty. Cllr. Jackson�s efforts to secure the provision of a footpath.

Mrs. Williamson at Lind Brook Farm, Lindway Lane, is now able to live at home after the 2007 flood damage but she is now troubled by HGVs splattering mud on her property.

Mr. Pegg�s offer of land to provide a footpath to improve road safety on the Crich-Wakebridge road is still being considered by DCC.

DCC have had a site meeting at School Lane and are waiting the cost of a proposed raised surface. However, there are concerns this may exacerbate the drainage problems in the area.

The lack of speed limits on rural roads remains a concern. Clerk was instructed to write to DCC with a copy to Cty. Cllr. Jackson.

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe reported:

The post box at Fritchley will be replaced but the Post Office are still trying to establish the location of mains services underground.

AVBC will repair the damaged post on the car park at Fritchley.

Litter picking is going on throughout the area.

08/204 Minutes of the meeting of 3rd March 2008

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair.

08/205 Matters arising from the Minutes

All members now have a copy of the Good Councillor�s Guide.

Some members agreed to attend a presentation on the Code of Conduct on Tuesday, 8th April. Chair will lead a session on the Code of Conduct when members have had the chance to study the documents.

The Coddington Farm appeal: AVBC are taking this matter to the High Court. Several members of the Council had attended the planning meeting which preceded this decision.

The donation to Crich Luncheon Club will be discussed at the next Finance Committee meeting.

The RG fence application for Section 106 funding now depends on agreeing a suitable colour of netting with AVBC. Clerk will pursue this.

A letter was sent to Mrs. Hartshorne regarding a past planning application. Mrs. Hartshorne was not satisfied with its contents and Chair agreed to set up a meeting with her and the Clerk.

Clerk had written to the Rev. John Guest regarding the behaviour of young visitors to the Briars, informing him of Cllr. Bateman�s willingness to act as an intermediary. Cllr. Bateman reported that The Briars does have a neighbourhood policy (3rd January, 2005), but that this was never distributed or implemented. This policy addresses issues of supervision of the young people. Cllr. Bateman also informed the meeting that Fr. Wheat of The Briars is happy to re-start meetings with neighbours and to accept the involvement of Cllr. Bateman. A meeting is to be arranged.

The contact provided by Cllr. Steppings is still putting together a package of suggestions regarding the office IT equipment. Broadband has been purchased and will be installed when minor modifications to the line have been completed.

08/206 Declarations of Interest


08/207 Clerk�s report

A letter from the vicar concerning the Parish Council contribution to the Sim�s Charity was read to the meeting. This letter was accompanied by a 232 signature petition requesting that the Council�s contribution be reinstated next financial year. The vicar spoke of the enthusiasm with which parishioners had signed the petition and explained that he believed that it was within the remit of the Parish Council to give financial support to Trusts which did not actually have the capacity to raise money by their own efforts. This addressed a question by Cllr. Harrison as to whether or not the Sim�s Trust tried to raise money in other ways.

The next meeting, which will take place at 7 p.m. on May 12th, 2008, will be the AGM of the Parish Council and will be preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting.

Clerk suggested that the Council should review Burial Ground fees as there was no correlation between income and expenditure. This matter was referred to the next meeting of the Finance Committee to be held on Wednesday, 16th April, 2008.

Chair is studying a draft lease for the allotment ground. The issue of rent to be charged by the Parish was discussed and, after a proposal by Cllr. Brierton, seconded by Cllr. Tromans, it was agreed to set the rent at �10 per plot. Clerk reminded the meeting that there would be extra costs in maintaining the ground in a manner consistent with the wishes of the new owner. The rent will be reviewed annually.

The rota for visits by the mobile police office is published on the Glebe notice board.

Ex-Cllr. Phil Whitney informed the Council, by letter, that he has resigned from his post as governor at the infant school. This is no longer a Parish Council appointment and no action is required.

Communications from AVBC gave an example of a successful prosecution for allowing a dog to foul a public place and informed the Parish Council that a plastic recycling facility would be added to the Sandy Lane site � this will take Tetra-paks and other plastic items.

A letter from Julie Mallaber MP regarding her ongoing interest in planning matters at Coddington Farm was read to the meeting.

08/208 Planning decisions

AVA/2008/0087 and 0085 Canal Cott. Matlock Rd. Ambergate WITHDRAWN

AVA/2008/0125 23 The Common 3 New Houses WITHDRAWN

AVA/2008/0199 Lower Rosskeen Surgery Lane GRANTED

08/209 Planning applications

AVA/2008/0262 14 Dale Close Fritchley. (Straw) 2 storey side extension NO OBJECTION

AVA/2008/0263 Chadwick Nick Farm (Hadwen) 2 storey side extension NO OBJECTION

AVA/2008/0275 Arncliffe Dimple Lane (Bathie) 1st floor extension NO OBJECTION

AVA/2008/0285 5 Amber View Rd. Fritchley (Allen) new entrance porch and replacement of garage NO OBJECTON

AVA/2008/0292 Crossways Coddington Lane (Jackson) 2 storey side extensions NO OBJECTION

AVA/2008/0303 5 Cromford Rd. Crich (Lowe) convert existing car port to conservatory NO OBJECTION

AVA/2008/0310 The Home stead Park Head Crich (Davison) extension of m�nage NO OBJECTION

AVA/2008/0329 Crich Stand (Trustees) construct new memorial NO OBJECTION

AVA/2008/0355 land at The Yews (Jerram) demolish cottage and barn � replace with new dwelling OBJECTION ON GROUNDS OF ACCESS- site visit requested

Cultivation licence for roadside verge at Rose Cottage, Potters Hill, Wheatcroft. Cty Cllr. Jackson had raised this matter earlier and the Clerk was asked to send details of the application to him.

08/210 Accounts

Bank Accounts �

Yorkshire Bank current A/C 25495.43

Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C 946.38

Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C 123.43

Expenses � Chq. No

C Ludlam Clerk salary �397.68 + expenses �16.78 414.46 226

M MacArther BG and RG caretaking 126.76 227

Glebe Centre (March payment) 525.00 228

Belper Skip Hire (BG skip) 94.00 229

AVBC BG rates 60.58 230

BT phone 96.87 231

Grass Track (Feb 2008) 364.84 232

Moss Office services 15.84 233

DALC (Assoc of Burial Authorities � membership fee) 60.00 234

Belper book-keeping Agency 80.00 235

Post Office Ltd. (Tax + NI 4th Qtr.) 406.68 236

08/211 Circulars and publications

Derwent Valley Mills Partnership � Minutes of last meeting

Derbyshire Gold Magazine

Derbyshire Gold Business News Letter

Derbyshire road verge project (Cty Cllr Jackson)

Council Tax and Business Rates Guide

Town and Parish Standard Newsletter

Parliamentary Report (J Mallaber MP)

Rural Matters (DRCC)

Derbyshire Rural Community Council Newsletter

08/212 Communications from parishioners

Crich Scouts appeal for help

Petition to save parish councils Wirksworth Rotary Club � speed limits on A6 near Homesford Cottage

Keith Bendon � request for funds for Crich Carr School

Andy Bostock � role of the Parish Council

Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Ball in support of G and M Hartshorne of Plaistow House Farm

Letter from Vicar with petition urging PC to support Sims Charity in future years

Letter from Terry Daniel supporting Sims Charity

08/201 Information from Councillors

Cllr. Harrison reported moles in the BG

Cllr. Harwood reported horse fouling but was informed that this is not an offence

Cllr.Brierton suggested the triangle at the junction of The Common and Chadwick Nick Lane be made one-way in the interest of road safety � Clerk to contact DCC

Salt bins at Potters Lane, Chase View and St Michael�s Close need to be refilled � Clerk to arrange with AVBC

Cllr. Bateman reported that the light in the Market Place bus shelter is still not functioning. This is apparently solar powered and as the unit is damaged repair is unlikely.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10.00 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm MONDAY 12th May 2008


Clive Ludlam, Parish Clerk 12th. April 2008