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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council held on Monday, 10 May 2004, in the Parish Room, Glebe Field Centre, Crich.

Present: Cllrs. Bendon, Brierton, Cooke, Goodhead, Harris, Hartshorne, Harwood, Lane, Salt, Thorpe & Whitney, also 3 members of the public.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr. Daniel

6021 Matters Raised by the Public: None

6022 Election of Chair: Proposed by Cllr. Hartshorne and seconded by Cllr. Brierton that Cllr. Goodhead be elected Chair. Cllr. Harwood, as outgoing Chair wished to record her thanks to fellow Councillors for their support during her year of office.

6023 Election of Vice-Chair: Proposed by Cllr. Cooke and seconded by Cllr Harris that Cllr. Lane be elected as Vice-Chair.

6024 Signing of Declarations of Acceptance of Office: Cllr Goodhead & Cllr. Lane signed Declarations of Acceptance of Office as Chair & Vice-Chair respectively.

6025 Minutes: The Minutes of the meeting of 5 April 2004 had been circulated. Cllr Daniel�s name to be added to apologies for absence, PC Chambers is Youth Liaison Officer. With these amendments Cllr. Hartshorne proposed & Cllr. Brierton seconded that these be signed as a true record.

6026 Declarations of Interest: Cllr. Hartshorne declared a non-pecuniary interest in Planning Application 16 (b) SW-AVA/2004/0418.

6027 Matters Arising from the Minutes: Minute 6002, Environment Agency (EA) has been asked by the Department for Food, Environment & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), to delay publication of the Decision Document and issue of the new Authorisations with regard to Rolls-Royce (R-R) Marine Power Operations Limited. Both R-R & EA to be requested, as a matter of urgency, to inform the Parish Council on the precise current situation. PC Chambers has contacted the resident who had been troubled by skateboarders; the possibility of a Youth Club in Fritchley is being explored. Minute 6007, East Midlands Housing Association planting scheme for land at Cromford Road, Crich approved. Work on ground around balancing ponds is still outstanding. With regard to the problem of mud on the road Insp. McLaughlin has responded that the obvious danger has to be identified if no accident has occurred. Correspondence regarding requested barrier outside Crich Infant School to be forwarded to the Chair of Governors. Minute 6008 Burial Ground gas pipe, Ofgem has passed on the query re charging for diversion of pipe to Energywatch. Cllr. Lane requested copy of all correspondence should be forwarded to her, and offered to speak directly to Ms J Mallaber, MP, about the problem. Cllr. Hartshorne suggested it may be possible to organise work to provide the necessary trench, and for TRANSCO to merely deal with connections. DCC proposes to take no further action to mark out parking spaces in front of Ivy Dene, Market Place, Crich; remarked this was not within the spirit of the meeting at County Hall, when reasons for refusals had been promised. The letter, detailing traffic issue priorities, to Cllr. Lucas, Cabinet Member for Environment & Highways, has been forwarded to John Waite, for a response in due course. No notification has been received about a site meeting, promised for shortly after Easter; although a camera had been placed in the Market Place for a limited time. Resolved that the Chair should seek an urgent meeting with Cllr. Williams, Leader of DCC, to discuss the matter. Play equipment in the Recreation Ground is in service, following ROSPA inspection; it will be subject to four inspections per year by AVBC. Parish Warden to be requested to carry out repairs to fencing. Minute 6013 Website, Mr Fletcher to be informed it was not possible to access Minutes. Minute 6014, Mr Crossman acknowledged work carried out in Burial Ground, and difficulties in management. Minute 6015 (e) Dethick, Lea & Holloway invite members to a combined meeting, with Alderwasley & Cromford Parish Councils, on 29 June 2004, at The Cliff Inn, Crich. Minute 6019 Fritchley Green litterbin has been replaced. AVBC is preparing fly tipping posters for all recycling sites. A message has been left re re-siting of notice board in Bakery window. Kerbs, Wheatsheaf Lane & Cromford Road, Crich will be reset when DCC team is next in the area. Glebe Field Management Committee agree to the siting of a bin for bags of litter collected by the Parish Warden. Details of specific days of work for Parish Warden are awaited from South Wingfield Parish Council. Equipment owned by the Parish Council used by the Parish Warden must be safely stored if covered by insurance, loss/damage of trailer could be covered, but not damage caused by the trailer. Authorised signatories on time sheets for AVBC to be any one of Cllrs. Goodhead, Hartshorne & Thorpe.

6028 Police Matters: Cllr. Thorpe reported on recent incidents in Fritchley, the Chapel was broken into, a gate was damaged, skateboards damaged a new wall on Bowmer Lane, the latter reported to the Police. Cllr. Thorpe remarked that young people from Crich and Bull Bridge visit Fritchley, but also congregate in other areas. Cllr. Salt referred to the article in Crich Area Community News, noting the lack of facilities for young people in the parish. Mrs Wellby reported on a recent Police Community Consultative meeting, which had included a presentation about the planned response by emergency services to a major disaster.

6029 Appointment of Representatives to Committees and Outside Bodies: Proposed by Cllr Hartshorne, and seconded by Cllr. Brierton that with minor amendments, the composition should continue as the immediately previous year. Cllr. Hartshorne proposed & Cllr. Thorpe seconded that Cllr. Goodhead join the Burial Ground Committee. Cllr. Harwood volunteered to stand down from the Finance Committee, Cllr. Lane, as Vice-Chair to join this group. Cllr. Daniel to be asked if he wishes to continue as representative on the Quarry Liaison Committee, failing this Cllr. Bendon to take over that responsibility. The Crich Allotment Feasibility Study Group to be discontinued.

Representation on Committees & Outside Bodies 2004-2005

Charities Funds Mr P Bentham-Hill
Burial Ground Committee Cllrs Brierton, Daniel, Goodhead & Hartshorne
Beacon Committee Cllrs Brierton & Hartshorne
Playgroup representative Cllr Bendon
Crich C E (Controlled) Infant School, Governor Cllr. Whitney
Crich Junior School, Governor Cllr Harwood
Crich Carr C E (Controlled) Primary School, Governor Cllr. Bendon
Fritchley C E (Aided) Primary School, Governor Cllr. Thorpe
Common Land, Footpaths & Jubilee Committee Cllrs Brierton & Cooke, Mr J Else, Parish Warden
Transport Committee Cllrs Cooke, Harris & Hartshorne
Finance Committee Cllrs Brierton, Daniel, Goodhead, Harris, Lane & Whitney
Police & Community Consultative Group Cllr Salt, Mrs Wellby
Glebe Field Trustee Cllr Thorpe
Glebe Field Centre Management Committee Cllr. Harris
Blackspot Lighting Committee Cllrs Daniel, Lane & Salt
Derbyshire Association of Local Councils representative Cllr Lane
Rolls Royce, Hilts Quarry Liaison Cllr Lane
Quarry Liaison representative Cllr Daniel
Rolls-Royce/Environment Agency/Stakeholder group Cllr Harris
Crich Rural Access & Mobility Project Committee Cllrs Goodhead & Hartshorne, Mrs Wellby
Rolls-Royce Liaison Group Cllrs. Bendon, Cooke, Harris & Lane

Chair to provide quarterly report for Crich Area Community News

6030 Calendar of Meetings for the year: 7 June, 5 July, 2 August, 6 September, 4 October, 1 November, 6 December 2004, 10 January, 7 February, 7 March, 4 April, 9 May 2005

6031 Reports: The report by the Manager of the Glebe Field Centre was distributed. CRAMP, reported that bookings for visits would be taken, and a random selection made a week before the date, in order to demonstrate fairness of allocation.






6032 Crich Cross: A report of the site meeting with a representative of the contractor, Powa Pak; Mr Unwin & Mr Pursehouse, DCC; Ms Phillips, AVBC, was given. Resolved to accept the quotation of �2250.00, plus VAT; DCC has not yet provided its quotation for associated works, i.e. road closure, diversion signs, traffic lights. Zurich Insurance to be contacted to enquire if Parish Council will need to take out additional cover for that day, also to ask for quotation to cover future damage. The claim form for the Motor Insurers� Bureau is in the final stages of completion; proposed by Cllr. Whitney and seconded by Cllr. Thorpe that the firm of Solicitors, Potter & Company, Matlock, should act for the Parish Council under the free legal expense cover section. Concern was expressed that it has still not been possible to identify an owner, or who is responsible for the structure.

6033 Correspondence from Parishioners:
(a) A resident of Fritchley had written to object to the adverse criticism of young people of the village, included in a press report, and to express concern about traffic speed. The issues were discussed in detail; resident to be informed that the Parish Council tries to resolve complaints which it receives, and that it is strenuously pursuing traffic problem issues with DCC, and continues to be concerned for the welfare of residents, including children and young people. Cllr. Thorpe, as a Governor of Fritchley C E (Aided) Primary School, to broach the subject of the suggested 20mph speed limit, in the vicinity of the school.

6034 Correspondence from Other Authorities:
(a) DCC Parking at Fritchley, the reasons for the lack of action to address the problem were detailed. Cllr. Lane proposed that a copy of all correspondence should be forwarded to the Police, with an explanation of the potential gravity of the situation, if emergency services need to use the road. Cllr. Cooke reported on a visibility problem experienced by the School Crossing Warden at Crich Market, caused by parked vehicles, Police to be informed.
(b) DCC, public transport newsletter, OnBoard, copies available
(c) DCC, Copies of leaflet publicising the new Gold Card, travel & discounts for people over 60 and the disabled, were available
(d) AVBC believes Causeway Farm, Plaistow Green is used solely for agriculture
(e) AVBC, Minutes of Council & Committee meetings received
(f) Highways Agency, M1 widening, junctions 21-30, information leaflet received
(g) Insp. McLaughlin, had written to detail improved performance in the Alfreton Section. Chair to represent the Parish Council at the official opening of the new Police Station in Hall Street
(h) DALC Circulars received
(i) AVBC, planning application AVA/2003/1204, Woodside Farm, Crich; invitation to site meeting. Cllr. Hartshorne reported on the site meeting, which he had requested, to discuss the proposals for housing development at the former abattoir site. The Parish Council was represented by Cllr. Goodhead, and well attended by residents; subsequently the Officer�s recommendation was overturned and the application refused.

6035 Decisions on Planning Applications:
(a) AVA/2003/1438 Change of use from holiday let to residential dwelling, Clover Stable, Crich Pottery; refused
(b) AVA/2003/1440 Change of use from Gallery to residential, The Gallery, Masson House, Market Place, Crich; refused
(c) AVA/2004/0053 Part change of use from equestrian to workshops & garage for 3 HGVs & 3 trailers, Causeway Farm, Plaistow Green; refused
(d) AVA/2004/0066 Change of use from workshop to 2 independent dwellings, Crich Pottery, refused
(e) AVA/2004/0164 Demolition of existing kitchen, construct kitchen & toilet, Archway House, 2 Bowns Hill, Crich; granted
(f) AVA/2004/0226 Installation of additional windows, 7 North View, Crich; granted
(g) TRE/2004/0027 Removal 3 conifers, reduction of conifer, Revelstoke, School Lane, Crich; no Tree Preservation Order
(h) AVA/2003/1421 Change of use from agricultural buildings to residential extension into existing barn, Church Farm, 19 Cromford Road, Crich; granted
(i) AVA/2004/0314 Single storey kitchen extension, Heather Bank, 12 Top Hag Lane, Fritchley; granted




6036 Planning Applications:
(a) CD60/0404/8 Proposed single storey extension to provide additional classroom, rear of Crich Carr Primary School, Whatstandwell; no comment
(b) SW-AVA/2004/0418 Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use for haulage business, Plaistow House Farm, Plaistow Green. Cllr. Hartshorne declared an interest and withdrew. Objection to the application to be lodged.
(c) PAW-AVA/2004/0459 Loft conversion & conservatory, Eden Cottage, Middle Lane, Whatstandwell; no comment
(d) RSW-AVA/2004/0464 Agricultural prior notification, new hay/fodder store, Woodhay, Baulk Barn, Robin Hood, Whatstandwell; noted this is in a Special Landscape Area & World Heritage Corridor
(e) PAW-AVA/2004/0455 Two storey extension to side of house, 21 Chase View Road, Crich; no comment
(f) PAW-AVA/2004/0492 Conversion, existing garage to kitchen, new first floor extension to rear, Random Lodge, 17 Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley; no comment

6037 Accounts:
000855 Glebe Field Trust Ltd., contribution �440.00
000856 Burial Ground Caretaker, salary �86.67
000857 Parish Warden, expenses �55.53
000858 Parish Clerk, salary, March 2004 �362.00
000859 Mr R Fletcher, Website design & construction �340.75
000860 Glebe Field Trust Ltd., CRAMP, driving & photocopying �347.45
000861 Glebe Field Trust Ltd., photocopying �20.28
000862 Mrs J Hawksley, allotments land rent �70.00
000863 Key Services, Grounds Maintenance �543.84
000864 Derwent Skip Hire �58.75

6038 Matters of Report:
Cllr. Harris highlighted the importance of knowing the true cost of Burial Ground expenditure. DCC to be again requested to enforce the power to ensure �A� boards are removed from pavements.
Cllr. Cooke reported on the very poor state of repair of the highway at the top of Coast Hill. Cllr. Hartshorne explained that, as an unadopted road, DCC would not consider repairs.
Cllr. Bendon queried if the restoration work at the Parkhead Well had been completed; he will make enquiries with Crich Heritage partnership.
Cllr. Thorpe had provided Councillors with a copy of a report of her work for 2003/04. Cllr. Thorpe reported that of the 20 rhododendron bushes planed at The Drying Ground at Fritchley, only 5 remain; concern expressed that grass strimming may have caused contributed to the loss.
A meeting to be arranged with Key Services, Ground Maintenance Contractor, to visit sites and discuss work carried out.
Cllr. Thorpe also reported some footpath repairs has been carried out at Bobbin Mill Hill, but stop short, also the surface of the highway is through to the base coat, DCC to be requested to take action.
The Chair to represent the Parish Council at the Royal British Legion Parade & Service of Thanksgiving on Sunday, 20 June 2004.
Cllr. Goodhead proposed that a letter of condolence be sent to the Duchess of Devonshire, expressing sympathy at the death of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire.

The meeting closed at 10.42pm.