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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 8 May 2006, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Thorpe (later), and Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson (later), and 6 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Brierton, Goodhead, Harris, and Tromans.

06/01 Election of Chair
RESOLVED: that Cllr Lane be elected Chair.

06/02 Election of Vice Chair
RESOLVED: that election of this optional office be deferred to the next meeting due to absences.

06/03 Co-option of one member
No valid call for bye election had been received at AVBC by the due date. One candidate was present in person.
RESOLVED: to co-opt John Steppings as a member for Whatstandwell Ward.

06/04 Minutes of the meeting of 3 April 2006
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair after one amendment (05/408: insert �valid� before �call�).

06/05 Matters arising from the Minutes
05/412 Clerk was asked to make progress on joint meeting with RR/EA.

06/06 Declarations of interest
Cllr Steppings declared an interest in grit bins (06/16) and took no part in the discussion on this matter.

06/07 Appointments to Council committees and external bodies 2006/7
RESOLVED: to defer this item to the next meeting due to absences.

06/08 Police matters
No PC attended. Cllr Tromans had attended the Police Consultative meeting on 3 May. Complaints were made that calls to Police on incidents at Bowmer Lane, Fritchley, were not being returned. Avenues for formal complaint by residents were explained.
RESOLVED: to write to the Chief Constable about Fritchley complaints.

Clerk�s report
06/09 Clerk�s pay scale Clerk noted annual increase under contract to SCP 19 from 1 April 2006.
06/10 Dog fouling Clerk reported a letter from AVBC. He had taken up the offer of delivery of poop scoop bags. AVBC invited a contribution to the cost of producing A6 lamp post stickers designed by Crich Infants School.
RESOLVED: to contribute up to �150 for lamp post stickers
06/11 Duties of Vice Chair Clerk proposed that Vice Chair should review list and condition of Council assets annually with Clerk.
RESOLVED: to defer to the next meeting (after election of Vice Chair) with a recommendation of approval.
06/12 Income details for Amber Valley households Clerk presented new income details for households within the Borough including separate figures for Crich Parish.

06/13 Burial Ground Committee
The Council considered the recommendations of the Burial Ground Committee meeting of 24 April (attached as addendum to these Minutes).
RESOLVED: to approve the committee�s recommendations.
Clerk reported that no further quotations for widening the burial ground path had been received. One contractor had declined to quote due to pressure of work. After exclusion of the public the Council considered two quotes.
RESOLVED: to accept the quote of Joe Brown Contractors of Somercotes for the path widening.
The Council noted growth of weeds through part of the resurfacing of the access lane done last autumn.
RESOLVED: to ask J C Balls to remedy the defects and if necessary seek advice from AVBC.

06/14 Finance Committee
The Council considered the following recommendations of the Finance Committee meeting of 24 April: (a) to approve the statement of accounts 2005/6 for audit; (b) to recommend a �500 monthly donation to the Glebe Field Centre subject to satisfactory answer to Clerk�s letter on funding sources; (c) Clerk to submit a six-monthly cash flow sheet to Council in October each year.
RESOLVED: to approve the recommendations above (noting that a satisfactory answer had been received for (b)).
An approach to buy Parish property at Bennett�s Lane had been presented to Committee with no sum offered.
RESOLVED: to consider any offer only with full purchase details.

06/15 Crich Quarry Liaison Committee
Cllr Bendon reported on the committee meeting of 20 April.

06/16 Transport
Grit bin requests Requests had been received by residents at Potters Lane and Chadwick Nick Lane. Clerk had written to DCC about the highway problems on Potters Lane outlined by residents in the request.
RESOLVED: to refer the grit bin requests to the Transport Committee.
Improvements to FP 59 Coasthill to The Beeches Cllrs Bendon and Smith with Clerk had inspected the FP with volunteer group BTCV. BTCV�s quote for gravel resurfacing had later been received.
RESOLVED: to ask Grass Track for a quote too.

06/17 Blackspot lighting
Clerk presented DCC�s costs for a two-light scheme on Jeffries Lane. DCC would not agree to place only one light off Chapel Row on New Road in response to residents� objections to the two-light Chapel Row scheme (see 05/414).
RESOLVED: to drop Chapel Row scheme.
RESOLVED: blackspot lighting committee to produce new shortlist of priorities for next meeting.

06/18 Planning decisions
AVA/2005/1502 Old Cottage, Taylor�s Yard (Curzon-Jones): rebuild derelict building. Refused
AVA/2006/0033 53 Cromford Road, Crich (Dyrda); detached dormer style bungalow. Refused
AVA/2006/0043 6 Hindersitch Lane, Whatstandwell (Gowar): 2 storey rear ext to form sun lounge with bedroom and en suite over + parking space. Granted
AVA/2006/0139 Bracken Edge, Park Head (Howard): conservatory to rear. Granted
AVA/2006/0142 St Mary�s Church (Vicar + PCC): extension for parish room. Refused
AVA/2006/0145 Tramway Museum: new 1 storey replacement for demountable structure. Granted
AVA/2006/0168 Land adjacent 53 Cromford Road (Lowe): erection of dwelling. Granted
AVA/2006/0312 Dial Farm, Crich: replacement cattle shed. Granted

06/19 Planning applications
AVA/2006/0380 1 Jeffries Lane, Crich (Roberts): widening of vehicular crossing. �No objections.�
AVA/2006/0383 53 Cromford Road, Crich (Dyrda): 2 bedroom bungalow. �No objections.�
AVA/2006/0386 11 Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley (Sarjeant): outline renewal for bungalow. �No objections.�
AVA/2006/0406 Cliffside House, Wakebridge (Pegg): variation of condition 4 of 2003/1510 to allow for visitor accommodation/self catering. �No comment.�
AVA/2006/0418 Beech Farm, Wheatcroft Lane (Brown): 1 storey side extension. �No objections.�

06/20 Balances 10 April Current �16675.10; Jubilee �945.28; Charity �112.52
06/21 Statement of Account 2005/6 The statement was approved for audit under item 06/14 above.
06/22 Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (31.3) �23.14
06/23 Yorkshire Bank re: Jubilee a/c interest 31.3) �00.11
06/24 Archway FS re: interment (5.4) �24.00
06/25 AVBC re: Precept 1st half year (10.4) �16500.00
06/26 F Sayles re: rent for land by burial ground (5.5) �12.00
06/27 T Daniel re: rent for land at Parish Quarry (5.5) �20.00
06/28 M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary April + �61.22 exp 022 �626.78
06/29 M Macarthur re: BG/PG caretaking April 023 �118.33
06/30 Crich Glebe Field Trust re: April contribution 024 �462.00
06/31 Derwent Waste Management Ltd re: BG skip 025 �146.88
06/32 Grass Track re: grounds maintenance April 026 �337.81

06/33 Circulars and publications
Crich Quarry Liaison Committee Minutes 20 October 2005
Crich Quarry Notes on a Face Failure October 2005
Crich Quarry Excavations, Tips and Stockpiles 3rd Geotechnical Assessment
DALC Executive Minutes 4 March 2006
Derwent Valley Mills Partnership Minutes 29 March 2006
Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Economic Development Plan
Derwent Valley Rural Transport Partnership: achievements July 2002�March 2006
Derwent Valley World Heritage News issue 6

06/34 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson had a reply from the Chief Constable on the matter of quarry lorries in convoy. He had addressed the full County Council in April on Quiet Lanes. He said that only one had so far been designated in the county.
Borough Cllr Thorpe�s annual report had been read to the Annual Parish Meeting earlier in her absence.

06/35 Information
Cllr Thorpe noted a pavement taken up by a private contractor at the top of Bowns Hill. DCC had been notified.
Cllr Goodhead (through Cllr Harwood) noted problems relating to the FP by Horseshoe Cottage, Cromford Road.
Cllr Bendon asked where young persons could motorcycle. Cllr Thorpe suggested sites near Ashbourne and Flagg.
Cllr Salt announced the date of the Fritchley Festival as 29 May starting around noon.
Cllr Bendon had attended a Briars meeting and said a wider range of residents would be invited in future.
Chair had received latest RR monitoring results which would be presented to the next meeting. She had also received further objections to the current Briars planning application.
Clerk said the Greenwatch Awards finalists included the Council�s nominee Parkwood Conservation Project. Chair agreed to attend the proceedings at County Hall on 23 May.

The Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.10 pm

Addendum: Burial Ground Committee recommendations 24 April (see 06/13 above)

RESOLVED: to keep the wild area wild for the time being, with regular clearance of litter and occasional trimming. Recent grave waste left on the area to be deposited in the skip once the burial ground path had been widened and the skip placed at the bottom of the path.

RESOLVED: to consult with mole catchers about effective use of traps.

RESOLVED: to recommend to Council the following fees (current fee in brackets):

Residents or ex-residents
Interment in new earthen grave �120 (100)
Interment in reopened earthen grave �30 (24)
Interment of cremated remains �40 (36)
Erection of memorial stone or tablet �40 (36)
Additional inscription �20 (18)

All the above fees are doubled

RESOLVED: Clerk to arrange examination over the summer of memorials listed as faulty in 2005 for division of their condition into those considered to need (a) immediate, (b) medium term, and (c) long term repair.

RESOLVED: (a) skip to be placed at bottom of path after widening; (b) caretaker to remove Christmas wreaths; (c) procure a ton or so of topsoil for levelling; (d) Grass Track to spray all of access lane up to main road against weeds.