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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Crich Parish
Monday 14 May 2007, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllrs. Lane (Chair), Harwood, Smith, Steppings and Tromans, Cty Cllr Jackson, AVBC Cllr.Taylor and 5 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.

Apologies: Cllr. Brierton

Minutes of APM held on 8th May 2006
Chair signed the minutes as a true record of the meeting.

Chair�s Report

Our prolonged efforts to promote road safety in Crich Market Place have borne fruit in the in the last year in that we have persuaded DCC to agree to a scheme to build out the pavement at the bottom of Bown�s Hill. Work should be starting soon and should make it safer for people to cross the road there.

Our other efforts with regard to highways have mostly been directed at getting roads and pavements repaired. Progress has been very slow as rural roads seem to be very low on DCC�s list of priorities

Our Derbyshire County Councillor Chris Jackson has secured an agreement with Crich quarry to try to ensure that HGV�s entering and leaving the quarry avoid doing so when children are going to and from school. He has also been working on our behalf to try to stop obstructive parking in various parts of the parish. We thank him for all his hard work for us. I should also like to thank AVBC Cllr. Valerie Thorpe for her unstinting work on behalf of the Parish.

We are pleased that contact with the Police has increased in recent months with a Police representative attending our meetings regularly and Police �surgeries� for parishioners being held in the parish. We hope that this will continue.

Further improvements have been made to the Burial Ground over the last year with the widening of the path to enable it to take service vehicles.

The lack of affordable housing for our young people is still a cause for concern but if it really is going to become a Government priority we can only hope that this will change.

The Parish Council website has been closed down recently and all the information which used to be there is now on the CACN website.

We have had a change of Clerk in the last 12 months with Michael Coultas leaving to return to Norfolk and Clive Ludlam joining us. We are very glad that he has joined us and hope that he is enjoying the job.

Unfortunately, at the last elections only 7 candidates stood for the 12 posts, so all 7 of us were elected without the need for an election. We have said �good-bye� to Cllrs. Bendon, Goodhead, Harris, Salt and Whitney. We thank them for all they did for the community during their terms of office


We must now try to co-opt 5 councillors, 2 for the Crich ward, 2 for Whatstandwell and 1 for Fritchley and we shall be discussing this later. I hope it will not be long before we are back to full strength as it will be a challenge to do all the work of the Parish Council with only just over half the full complement of councillors.

Borough Councillors Report

Chair thanked Cllr. Thorpe in her absence for all her hard work on behalf of the Parish. Cllr. Thorpe�s report was circulated to those present.

Financial Report

Clerk presented a summary of income and expenditure during the Financial Year 2006-7 and detailed some of the major items of expenditure

Any Other Business

Mr. Goodhead expressed his disgust that AVBC had distributed a glossy brochure to houses in the area. This did not represent a sensible use of public money. Chair agreed and thought that many residents felt the same way and had made this known to AVBC.



Monday 14 May 2007 at 7.30 in The Glebefield Centre


Cllrs.Lane, Harwood, Smith, Steppings and Tromans, Ctty Cllr Jackson, AVBC Cllr. Taylor + 5 members of the public. Clerk in attendance

Cllrs. Brierton and Thorpe (attending later)

07/058 Declaration of Acceptance of Office
Elected members signed the declaration of acceptance

07/059 Election of Chair
Cllr. Lane was unanimously elected to serve as Chair for another year (Proposed Cllr.Harwood and seconded Cllr. Smith)

07/060 Election of Vice Chair

It was agreed that election to this optional office be deferred to the next meeting due to absences.

07/061 Police matters

PCSO Slater in attendance

A member of the public reported that a number of vehicles had been broken into in the region of the Kings Arms.

The attitude of the call centre staff was perceived as unhelpful. There was a general agreement that this was not unusual. PCSO Slater said he had reported the earlier complaints to police HQ. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Chief Constable in support of PCSO Slater also drawing attention to the fact that such behaviour by call centre staff is not likely to enhance police/public relations.

07/062 County Councillors Report

Cty Cllr. Jackson is still dealing with the Lindway Lane drainage problems

The construction of a bus shelter on The Common is being delayed by lack of an electricity supply.

Parking problems at Fritchley are still being monitored.

It has still not been possible to find a company to clean the War Memorial. Cty.Cllr. Jackson and his wife cleaned it last year and their efforts were much appreciated by the council.

Aggregate Industries are being most helpful in controlling the movement of lorries at school opening and closing times. They are monitoring the movement of their own lorries using tracking devices and are seeking the co-operation of other lorry operators. Cty.Cllr. Jackson is himself studying lorry movements and intends to report transgressors.

With reference to the maintenance of Rural Roads, Cty. Cllr. Jackson has collated some very useful data, which he will present to a full County Council meeting in the near future.

He thanked Cllr. Tromans for her help re. Footpaths and Bridleways. Every parish is finding it difficult to provide the required circular routes, in view of this Cty. Cllr. Jackson is reconvening the working group to formulate a plan. Chair offered to be part of this group.

07/063 New Councillors

Newly elected AVBC Councillor Gillian Taylor was welcomed by the Chair.

Chair explained that the small number of elected councillors (7) would make it difficult for the Council to carry out business including membership of committees and external bodies. It was therefore agreed to seek to co-opt 5 more members. Allyson Fudge and Paul Harrison both of Fritchley were present and expressed a willingness to serve on the Parish Council.

Cllr. Steppings proposed and Cllr. Harwood seconded a motion that they be co-opted onto the Council and this was agreed unanimously.

Clerk was instructed to publicise the 3 remaining vacancies.

07/064 Minutes of the Meeting of 2 April 2007

With minor amendments made these were signed as a true record of the meeting.

07/065 Matters arising from the Minutes

Cllr. Smith was pleased to report that the Vicar had found funding for the purchase of Bibles for school leavers this year.

Clerk reported that he had 3 estimates for protective fencing behind the goals on the RG. He had also written to AVBC with photographs and a sketch plan to seek advice on planning. Cllr. Thorpe said that she may have access to some funding and would discuss this with the Clerk.

Clerk reported that he had been in contact with Mr. And Mrs Oliver who had problems with young people playing on and around the garages adjacent to their home on Jefferies Lane. He also said that he had reported the matter to the police and to Amber Valley Housing. The Parish Council has removed the ash saplings, which facilitated access to the roofs

Clerk thanked former Cllr. Goodhead for canvassing the residents of New Rd. concerning extra lighting. Only one resident had an objection so the Council will pursue this project.

Clerk reported on repair works undertaken by DCC at the request of the Council

It was agreed to set up a sub-committee to look at the role and job description of a Parish Warden

07/066 Declarations of interest


07/067 Appointments to Council committees and external bodies 2007/8

It was agreed that this be deferred to the next meeting.

Cllrs. Smith, Steppings and Tromans to act as the Planning Committee in the interim

07/068 Clerk�s report

The planned meeting with Paul Martin the Cemeteries Officer is to be re-scheduled

Crich Scout group has been advised as to the procedure for PC grant applications

Crich Infant School PTA have been advised to use the Dog Warden Service to help with the fouling problem

AVBC have been advised of the lack of care in installing Grit Bins

DCC Highways have been asked about providing white lines at the junction of The Common with The Briars and Tors Spring Rd.

The owner of 2, Hollybank Court has requested that a tree on the border of her property and the RG be reduced in size. PC to seek advice from the tree wardens on this matter.

Minutes of the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee show that there continues to be no cause for concern about face stability. Clerk to find out if footpath can be officially re-opened. Ex- Cllr. Bendon provided a report of the meeting:-

DCC is about to publish a Mineral Extraction Plan which is likely to include Crich
Aggregate industries plan to extract 750,000 tonnes from under the Stockyard and will need an Environmental Impact Assessment over which the PC will be consulted.
Aggregate Industries would be happy to make a presentation to the PC if required and would give a tour of the quarry to the new Liaison Committee member (Mr. Bendon would be happy to attend and pass on his knowledge of this situation).
The next Liaison Committee meeting will be held on 17. October 2007

PC noted AVBC intention to place a preservation Order on a tree at Seven Steps, Bown�s Hill Crich

Clerk was instructed to write in support of the campaign for free postage for British Forces

Chair agreed to study The Local Authorities Code of Conduct Order and the Model Code of Conduct for Parish Councils and advise the PC of its implications

It was agreed to move the Clerk�s salary to the next point on the scale back -dated to April 1 .2007

PC decided that the large lottery win of which it had been advised by e-mail was unfortunately bogus

PC agreed to support the Glebefield Centre 10th. Anniversary celebrations to be held later this year

PC acknowledged the invitation to the Annual Pilgrimage to the War Memorial to be held on Sunday July 1st. 2007

07/069 Planning decisions
06.02.07 TRE2007/0116 Market House Market Place Crich (Sharp) Ash tree height reduction , crown thinning, branch removal and reshaping TPO 118. Also cut back Leylandii and reshape hawthorn Granted

18.01.2007/0069 Land adj The Barn Chadwick Lane Fritchley (Gratton) one new dwelling Granted

23.01.07 2007/0078 Land adj. to 58 The Common Crich (Dolman) openings amendments to previously approved out buildings (AVA/1998/1026) Granted

23.01.07 2007/0080 Sherwood Cottage 39 Chapel Lane Crich (Howarth) 2 storey rear ext to form 1 new bedroom and lounge Granted

23.01.07 2007/0081 7 The Common Crich (Scotcher) Loft conversion with dormer window Granted

31.01 07 2007/0117 Costcutter Market Place Crich (Sohal) Illuminated sign Granted

01.02.07 2007/0130 Dove Cottage, Potters Hill Wheatcroft (Ward)Conversion of outbuildings to living accom.Granted

07.02.07 2007/0143 Leashaw Farm Robin Hood W�standwell (Slaney) 4 stables for livery Refused

07.02.07 2007/0146 Riverside Cott. Chapel St. Fritchley (Midgely) Extension Granted

13.02.07 2007/0181 The Yews The Common Crich (Jerram) new dwelling. Window position and porch design amended from previous applcn. AVA 2006/0999Granted

21.02.07 2007/0212 6 Jefferies Lane Crich (Andrews) 2 storey ext + 3 car standing Granted

21.02.07 2007/0223 Shuckstone Farm Bungalow Tansley (Slack) change of use-outbuilding to home office Refused

02.0307 2007/0279 St. Mary�s Church Crich (Vicar et al) Ext to form Parish room and toilets. Granted

16.03.07. 2007/0342 3 Woodland View, Crich Rd. Whatstandwell (Greenhough) Porch, study and bedroom ext .Granted

23.03.07 2007/ 0353 � Greenfields, Fritchley (Bray) 2 storey and single ext Granted

07/070 Planning applications
12.04.07 2007/0443 The Willows Glen Rd. Whatstandwell (Wild) Replacement of flat roofed dormer by pitched roofs objection-lack of consultation with neighbours, highly congested area

19.04.07 2007/0485 Coddington Hall Farm (Chambers and Hawksley) re-submission of applcn. AVA/2006/1524 demolition of redundant farm buildings and conv. of stone barn to 2 residential units objection-inadequate consultation with neighbours and also as objection to applcn.AVA/2006/1524 still applies according to adopted AV Local Plan Policy 2006. This site is not within the built framework

20.04.07 2007/ 0488 Leashaw Farm Robin Hood Whatstandwell (Slaney) Provision of 4 stables. Re- introduction of livery as further diversification of farm businessobjection-lack of consultation

30.04.07 2007/0549 20 Chase View Crich (Riley) outline-erection of new dwelling objection- narrow road, access and parking difficult

30.04.07 2007/0512 Plaistow House Farm (Hartshorne) change of use to agricultural/engineering objection-site is non-agricultural and is out of keeping with locale. Lack of consultation

02.05.07 2007/0566 Canal Cottage Canal Side Ambergate (Brown) New garage, storm porch and conversion of workshop (later withdrawn)

14.05.07 2007/0576 2, Mansion Cottages Market Place Crich (Parkin and Collis) replace existing single storey ext with 2 storey extension no objection

07/071 Accounts
Balances 10 April Current �18299.24 Jubilee �945.72; Charity �121.85

Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (�38.15) �38.15

Yorkshire Bank re: Jubilee a/c interest (�0.11) �0.11

AVBC 07/08/ Precept (6 months) �16300.00

E Waterfall (allotment rent 2007-8) �7.50

C Ludlam (allotment rent on behalf of allotment holders) �62.50

Archway FS (Susan White) �40.00

E.Cope and Sons (memorials J Bland and J. Mellors) �80.00

J.Beresford and Son (memorial for Terry Dawes) �40.00

Martin Newman (ashes burial plot for mother) �80.00

C.H. Ludlam re: Clerk�s salary April �389.65 + �34.79 exp Chq. no. 129 �424.44

M Macarthur re: BG/PG caretaking April Chq. no. 130 �115.92

Crich Glebe Field Trust re: April contribution Chq. no. 131 �525.00

Derwent Waste Management Ltd re: BG skip Chq. no. 132 �82.25

Grass Track re: grounds maintenance April Chq. no. 133 �364.84

AVBC re. provision and filling of 5 Grit bins Chq. no. 134 �990.53

Viking Direct (inks and paper) Chq. no. 135 �115.74

R. Woolley removal of ash trees on RG Chq. no. 136 �105.00

Inc. Tax and Nat .Insurance Feb., March and April 2007. Chq. no 137 �543.54
AVBC cost of Parish By Election Chq. no. 138 �311.55

07/075Circulars and publications
What�s on in Amber Valley May 2007

Local Community Forums

Police Consultative Group Meeting Agenda of May Meeting and Minutes of March meeting

AVBC Minutes of Proceedings Council and Committees

Focus - Environmental Agency News Letter

Arts Derbyshire Website �an introduction

Derbyshire Gold Magazine � Spring /Summer 2007

Rolls Royce � Crich monitoring results ex-Cllr. Bendon was thanked for his work in studying these results during his term of office and it was resolved to ask him to continue in an advisory capacity

Draft East Midlands Regional Plan (Public Examination)

Charity Commission News

DALC Parish Clerk Survey

DALC Minutes of Meeting of Executive Cttee. 3. March 2007

07/072 Information

Cllr. Tromans reported that the Dark Lane sign has been stolen and that the signpost at the top of Potter Hill is bent

Cllr. Smith raised the issue of election posters on street furniture. Cllr. Thorpe said that this is illegal and that those concerning her candidacy had been copied and posted mischievously.

Cllr. Thorpe expressed concern at both excessive noise from the Briars and vandalism at Fritchley Congregational Chapel. She also reported that Allen Lane is �beyond patching�

Cllr. Harwood expressed concern at litter at the bus shelter near the Parish church and at potholes at the junction of the Common with New Rd.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.25 pm

Clive Ludlam
Parish Clerk