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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 12th May 2008, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Bateman, Birkin, Brierton, Clark, Harrison, Harwood, Fudge, Steppings, Thorpe, Cty Cllr. Jackson and 4 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


AVBC Cllr.Taylor, Cllr. Tromans

08/202 Election of Chair, vice-Chair and allocation of members to committees

Cllr. Lane (Chair) and Cllr. Brierton (vice-Chair) were proposed and seconded for the respective positions and were re-elected unopposed.

Cllr. Brieton will join the Planning Committee with Cllr. Fudge as reserve.

Cllr. Bateman will join the Transport Committee with Chair acting as an adviser

08/203 Matters raised by members of the public

Mr. Ken Briddon, the new owner of Coddington Hall Farm was welcomed by Chair who thanked him for allowing continued use of the Parish Allotments, which are now in his ownership. Mr. Briddon took the opportunity to alert the Council to his concerns over the way police have treated his friend and parish resident Mr. A. Bostock regarding Mr. Bostock�s activities related to various planning applications As the matter is sub judice Council is unable to comment but will monitor the situation.

08/204 Police matters

No police present

08/205 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson reported as follows:

His concerns over a large shed erected by the side of the road at Wakebridge

Problems related to sewage draining on to Potters Hill (Mr. N. Bullock of Potters Cottage gave details of the problem which seems to result from an ineffective drainage unit which is failing to render the discharge safe). Cty. Cllr. Jackson is seeking an enforcement notice to prevent what is now accepted to be effluent, from leaking onto the road. The Council fully supports him in this matter.

Problems continue in relation to excavations of the banking outside Rose Cottage. He has informed DCC of his opposition to an application for further work and for cultivation of the verge at this site.

Members sought the help of Cty. Cllr. Jackson in the following matters:

Improved road markings to stop parking in bus bays

The poor state of the surface of Wheatsheaf Lane

Water running off The Common and onto the grounds of The Sycamores

Cllr. Clark informed the meeting of a newspaper article referring to a judgement against �off-roading� on green lanes. This is likely to help councils deal with an increasing problem which Cty. Cllr. Jackson had drawn to the attention of the Council at an earlier meeting

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe was asked to inform AVBC of missing road nameplates and of the fact that the weed-spraying operative had missed some key areas of the locality

08/206 Minutes of the meeting of 12th. April 2008

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair .

08/207 Matters arising from the Minutes

Clerk has written letters as follows:

Vicar re criteria and application process for future donations

DCC in support of a request for a pavement from Stand Lane to Town End

DCC re speed limits on rural roads and the dangers of the Bullbridge / Chadwick Nick Lane junction

Allotment supervisors requesting various pieces of information about the state of the allotments and the behaviour of some tenants

Allotment up-date:

Chair has studied the lease documents on behalf of the Council and has revised the Code of Conduct for tenants in order to give it a more legal aspect and to enable the Council to fulfil its obligations to the owner (Mr. Briddon) Vacancy on Parish Council. This will be advertised in the prescribed way.

08/208 Declarations of Interest

Chair and Cllrs. Brierton and Clark declared interests in Planning Applications.

08/209 Clerk�s report

The accounts for 2007-8 have been completed and are ready for the auditor

The new email address for the Parish Council is

AVBC have accepted the specification for the RG fence and are in possession of the up-dated estimate. They have now approved the application and written confirmation of this is now awaited Clerk has been in contact with:

1. AVBC re extra grit and dog bins � bins cost between �60.00 and �245.00 depending on type. Contract for weekly emptying is between �60 and �100 per annum (David Hewes AVBC). Further detailed costings will be requested.

2. Plantscape (a local company who do this work for AVBC) regarding planters � lamp post mounted types are recommended and a number of locations on the Market Place, Fritchley Green and Town End have been identified but other ideas are welcome. Council approved the ordering of these planters

3.Cllr Harrison re replacement Notice boards � the purchase of a board for the Market Place is to be pursued.

Governorships of local school. These are no longer appointments made by the Parish Council but anyone interested in serving, as a School Governor should contact DCC or the Clerk to the Governors of the relevant school

Council approved the following revised fees for use of the Burial Ground: New plot �160 Reopen of grave �50 Interment of ashes �65 Erection of memorial �65 Additional inscription �35

Cty Cllr. Jackson kindly provided comprehensive information re. Guidance for operators of farm vehicles with particular reference to mud on the road

Rolls Royce Monitoring results 4th quarter of 2007 � the results are consistent with previous readings and give no cause for concern. The results for methane have not reached the trigger levels but as requested by the Council, discussions between RR and the Environment Agency continue on this particular issue. A copy of the results will be passed to ex-Cllr. Keith Bendon

08/210 Planning decisions

Permission was granted for all the following applications:

AVA/2008/0329 Sherwood Foresters Memorial

AVA/2008/0310 The Homestead Parkhead

AVA/2008/0262 14 Dale Cl. Fritchley

AVA/2008/0292 Crossways, Coddington Lane

AVA/2008/0303 5, Cromford Rd.

AVA/2008/0263 Chadwick Nick Farm

08/211 Planning applications

AVA/2008/0528 The Old Bakery, Market Place. Change of use to office space Objection � concerns over parking and the loss of another retail facility

AVA/2008/0512 Iona 5, Top Hagg Lane rear and front ext (re-submission)

AVA/200/00497 17 St. Michaels Cl. garage No objection

AVA/2008/0465 The Little Cottage The Dimple � ext to holiday accommodation and alterations to drive No objection

AVA/2008/0447 and 0446 Canal Cottage Matlock Rd Ambergate Erection of garage, wall and railings etc No objection

AVA/2008/0428 Sunnyside, Briars Lane � conservatory

AVA/2008/0419 The Homestead, Glen Rd. Whatstandwell � conservatory No objection

AVA/2008/0418 land at Southfield Bullbridge Hill � erection of new dwelling house No objection

08/212 Report of the Finance Committee

Cllr. Clark presented the report of the meeting of 16th. April 2008

Parish finances are healthy and it will be possible to spend in excess of �15,000 for the direct benefit of the community during 2008-9. One priority will be to improve the look of the Parish beginning with the purchase of flower filled planters at various locations. Other plans include more litter and dog bins, improved signage and the provision of information �lecterns� to celebrate the heritage of the area.

08/213 Accounts

Balances at 10. April 2008

Yorkshire Bank current A/C �24723.23

Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C � 946.46

Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C � 123.43


YB current A/C interest � 49.08

YB Jubilee A/C interest � 0.08

Precept (1st. half year) �17000.00

Payments: � Chq. No.

CH Ludlam Clerk �410.41 + expenses �35.59 446.00 237

M MacArthur Caretaker BG + RG 126.76 238

Glebe Field Trust 525.00 239

Crich Luncheon Club 75.00 240

AVBC (fill 3 grit bins) 88.13 241

Grass Track (March) 364.84 242

Tax and NI 2007/8 (underpayment) 150.00 243

Viking Direct 83.12 244

08/214 Circulars and publications

Crich Quarry Liaison Committee-Minutes of last meeting and Agenda for next meeting (Cllr. Brierton)

DCC Trading Standards � Weight Restriction Monitoring forms

Alfreton Police and Community Consultative Group Meeting Minutes 5.3.2008

08/215 Communications from parishioners

Letter from Mrs. Hartshorne

Letter from Crich F�te Committee asking for use of the RG on July 19th. 2008. This request was granted but it was agreed that the Committee must have appropriate insurance cover in place.

08/216 Information from Councillors

Cllr. Brierton had attended a meeting of the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee. Cty. Cllr. Jackson is to continue as Chair. The footpath around the quarry is being monitored on a monthly basis. There is no evidence of movement and DCC is satisfied that the footpath is safe and the quarry is stable. At the current rate of extraction, the quarry has 18 months left. No application for workings under the stockyard is currently in place but this cannot be ruled out in the future. When quarrying ceases, the owners will have five years to landscape the site. N.b. Retired Captain Witton of the Mercian Regiment who was present at the meeting hoped that the new memorial would be completed for the Pilgrimage.

Cllr. Lane expressed concern that the �A� boards at Crich tearooms were obstructing the pavement � Cllr. Brierton agreed to speak to the owners. She also reported that the litterbin on Bulling Lane will be replaced and that she had spoken with representatives of Dethick, Lea and Holloway Parish Council about the status of the Sims Charity.

Cllr. Harwood reported that, at the Burial Ground, Christmas wreathes were still on graves, molehills and depressions are a cause for concern and the boundary fence at the bottom is in poor condition.

Cllr. Clark asked that the Clerk investigate the possibility of storing Parish records in a fireproof cabinet.

Cllr. Steppings reported that Potters Lane, Wheatcroft, has been resurfaced.

Cllr. Bateman informed the meeting of an incident outside the chip shop in which Severn Trent sub-contractors were working at night. No notice of this activity had been given to local residents and, further, the operators were loud and offensive. He has asked for an apology from Severn Trent (Tony Varney). This apology will be posted on the notice board. He also referred to a proposed Open Day at The Briars designed to promote better relations with the neighbours.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 11.00 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm MONDAY 2nd June 2008

Clive Ludlam, Parish Clerk 14th. May 2008