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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 11th May 2009, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (Vice-Chair), Bateman, Bown, Clark, Fudge,Harwood, Steppings, Tromans and Thorpe. Nine members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Cllrs. Birkin and Harrison and AVBC Cllr. Taylor

Election of Chair and vice-Chair:

Cllr. Lane was re-elected Chair, proposed by Cllr. Thorpe and seconded by Cllr. Harwood.
Cllr. Brierton was re-elected as Vice-Chair, proposed by Cllr. Clark and seconded by Cllr. Steppings.
Both were unopposed.

09/359 Matters raised by members of the public

Mrs. Hartshorne reported that the footpath sign at Hollins Farm is still missing.
Mr. Lomas requested a pedestrian crossing in the Market Place and expressed his concern about speeding traffic in the Market Place area and on Bowns Hill, with particular reference to the safety of the schoolchildren. He has already had extensive contact with Cty. Cllr. Jackson who will take this up with DCC and would like to involve the Parish Council Transport Committee. Chair said that the Parish Council is very sympathetic but reminded the meeting that, in the past, the County Council has stated that a crossing is not feasible. However, she accepted that this was no reason to give up on the request.
Mr. Maggs raised his concerns about the future of The Jovial Dutchman public house (see planning).

09/360 Declarations of interest


09/361 Police matters

The Police were not represented but Chair was able to report that she and Cllr. Bateman had attended a quarterly meeting of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel, where the priorities remain speeding and anti-social behaviour.

09/362 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson presented a written report and amplified some of the points at the meeting.
He has spoken with Mr. Lomas of Jefferies Avenue about his concerns related to the speed of traffic entering and leaving the Market Place. He also discussed the possible need for a pedestrian crossing at Bowns Hill near the school.
He is also continuing to liaise with DCC and the school governors about the possible use of the house next to Crich Carr School. He is concerned about the discharge of foul water on Potters Lane and he raised the issue of the state of the War Memorial which is situated just inside the churchyard wall at Crich � it was agreed that Clerk should obtain estimates for cleaning and any repair necessary. Cllr. Bateman informed Cty. Cllr. Jackson that the owners of Leashaw Farm are still waiting for the drainage pipes promised by DCC; that the footpath gates on The Tors has still not been repaired and that a mature horse-chestnut tree on the A6 at Whatstandwell has been felled not trimmed as was expected.

AVBC Cllr.Thorpe presented a written report including her complaints to the Principal Pollution Officer about noise coming from a generator at The Little Cottage, The Dimple, Fritchley. She has also raised other planning issues regarding this property. She is also in contact with Peter Leigh at DCC regarding traffic problems at Bullbridge Hill with particular reference to cars running into the wall and with David Orton (also DCC) regarding speeding tractors and cars on Dimple Lane, Fritchley She has contacted PCSO Donna Shaw regarding concerns over parking at the forthcoming Rock and Blues event, speeding on The Common and speeding and parking on Garner Lane. Cllr. Thorpe also informed members that there is a scheme for free parking for over-60s in AVBC car parks.
Cllr. Clark took the opportunity to thank Cllr. Thorpe for all her efforts regarding road safety issues and vehicle damage to walls in the Bullbridge area.

09/363 Minutes of the meeting of 7th April 2009

The minutes, having been amended by adding the name of Cllr. Thorpe to those present, were approved and signed by Chair

09/364 Matters arising from the Minutes

Mr. Critchlow, who lives adjacent to the allotments at Hindersitch Lane, wrote a letter to the Parish Council complaining of the behaviour of some allotment tenants. Mr. Harvey, one of the Allotment Superintendants, wrote to the Parish Council in reply to the points made in Mr. Critchlow�s letter. After some discussion, it was clear that there is a difference of opinion between the two parties on how the allotments are conducted. It was agreed by the Council that the Code of Conduct agreed by Council and the landowner, Mr. Briddon, and signed up to by the tenants should be respected. If there is any breach of this code, Mr. Critchlow, or any other complainant, should contact the Council which will make every effort to mediate. If there is a failure to agree, the ultimate arbiter would be Mr. Briddon. Council expressed the hope that a harmonious relationship between all parties involved in the allotments can be developed and maintained.

Recreation Ground fence � Council acknowledges that the �zinging� noise, caused by balls striking the fence, is not an asset to the vicinity, despite the fact that the fence does an excellent job in protecting property from ball damage. Clerk was instructed to pester the installer and manufacturer for advice. It was suggested that the use of a protective, nylon net may help as may the growing of a vigorous, climbing plant on the netting, e.g. a Russian vine. It was also suggested by a member of the public that the goal post could be moved as the pitch is not used for matches.

The gate at the RG play area has been repaired � many thanks to Cllr. Harwood and Mr. Harrison for their help.

AVBC have provided a full copy of a planning permission granted for the new Medical Centre. The final version is little changed from the original submission but does clarify the width of the carriageway, the provision of a footpath and an improvement to the junction between Glebe Field Close and Coast Hill.

Mr. Crowfoot�s letter regarding his concerns over compliance with planning regulations and with safety at The Briars has been acknowledged.

AVBC Borough Development Department has been informed that Crich Parish Council consider compliance with planning regulations and planning permissions along with related safety issues to be of paramount importance.

A copy of the document �Managing the Safety of Burial Ground Memorials� has been obtained from the Ministry of Justice. Chair will study the contents and AVBC Cllr. Thorpe will support Clerk�s request that the Crich Burial Ground be included in the inspection schedule by AVBC.

09/365 Clerk�s Report

Council agreed that the allotment rents (currently �10 per annum payable in March) should remain unchanged for the current financial year.

DCC have been formally asked to allow Crich Parish Council to comment on application CD6/0309/220 � change of use of field at the rear of Crich Carr School � after discussion this meeting.

Rolls Royce Crich Monitoring results for the Fourth Quarter of 2008 are consistent with previous observations and give no cause for concern.

As requested, contact details of members of the Council are available on a hand-out.

09/366 Planning decisions

AVA/2009/0205 8 Hodder Close loft conversion with dormer window PERMITTED
AVA/2009/0197 14, Bowns Hill � 2 storey side ext. boiler flue and raised terrace PERMITTED
AVA/2009/0180 1 Greenfield Fritchley � 2 storey side extension and rear ground floor extension PERMITTED

09/367 Planning applications

AVA/2009/0362 Jovial Dutchman � conversion into a 2 bathroom 5 bedroom holiday let. OBJECTION. Members of the public expressed their concern that the public house, which has been in business for a long time, is to close and that it is intended to turn it into a holiday let. There was a general feeling that the holiday let business is over-provided for in the area and that such use of property takes the heart out of village life. In addition, Clerk read an e-mail from Mr. Maggs in which he expressed the hope that the Parish Council will lend support to a campaign to maintain a public house on the premises and prevent its development into a holiday let. After some discussion, it was agreed that Clerk should clarify the current status of the public house licence and should indicate to AVBC that the Parish Council objects to the planning application on the grounds that a holiday let is not an appropriate change of use.
CD6/0309/219 application from DCC for change of use of field to rear of Crich Carr School � WITHDRAWN
AVA/2009/219 Avondale Cottage The Dimple Fritchley �double garage and change of agricultural land to garden � NO OB JECTION.

09/368 Accounts

Clerk�s Financial Report for year 2008-9 showed that there will be a carry-over of �30,080.70 into the financial year 2009/2010. He presented a copy of the financial statement to all present and a spreadsheet detailing all income and expenditure to members of the Council. Now that financial reconciliation is complete, the accounts will be inspected by an internal auditor before being submitted to the Audit Commission.
Cllr. Clark (Chair of the Finance Committee) thanked the Clerk for his work on the accounts and Cllr. Bateman felt that the cost of the telephone and broadband was rather high � Clerk will pursue a better value option.

Credit Unions � Cllr. Bown explained how these work towards providing a vehicle for local investors and local businesses/projects. He provided copies of a leaflet which is being widely distributed in the area to publicise the aims of Credit Unions and the intention to set one up locally. He stressed that their activities are governed by the Financial Services Authority.


Bank Accounts at 30.04.09

Yorkshire Bank Current account 29603.29
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee account 947.71
Yorkshire Bank Charity account 128.78

C.H.Ludlam (Clerk) salary + expenses� 442.89 chq 364
Len Spencer (RG and BG) �157.21 chq 365
Glebe Trust (new rate �570 + 1 month back payment)� 594.00 chq 366
Belper Skip Hire �92.00 chq 367
Cliffside Joinery �718.75 chq 368
BT phone and Broadband �80.54 chq 369
Viking Direct (inks) �49.94 chq 370
Grass Track (April)� 377.99 chq 371

09/369 Circulars and publications

Equality and Human Rights Commission � public sector duties.
Cromford Canal liaison meeting 31st March, 2009 � Minutes.
Request from Derwent Valley Mills Partnership for a donation in 2009/2010.
Tramway Museum Reception May 20th. 2009 � details of programme. Clerk was instructed to write a letter from the Parish Council to the Tramway Museum Society congratulating them on their 50th Anniversary.

09/370 Communications from parishioners

Email from Mr Maggs re. plans for Jovial Dutchmen public house. (see Planning Applications)..

09/371 Information from Councillors

Cllr. Clark reminded the meeting of the need to organise another Parish Walk on which the provision and location of grit boxes could be an item.
Cllr. Steppings announced that the TV for the Youth Club had arrived.
Cllr. Thorpe informed the meeting that her e-mail address is and that for Cllr. Taylor is
Cllr. Brierton had attended a meeting of the Quarry Liaison Committee. There are no changes or developments to report. There is a good response from lorry operators regarding restricting movements at school opening and closing times. Activities at the quarry will be finished by the year 2014, when landscaping will be completed. He also asked that a letter of thanks be sent to Mr. John Gregory for making an excellent job of repairing the damaged seat at Coddington. Mr. Gregory was present at the meeting and was publicly thanked by Chair.
Cllr. Bateman asked if AVBC could supply a map showing the Parish boundary. He expressed concern that the CRB forms for the Youth Club volunteers have not yet been processed � Chair will contact PCSO Donna Shaw. He has spoken to DCC about the provision of bus bay markings outside Costcutter on the Market Place. He reported that the grass around the Snowdrop Valley sign is overgrown and that there is still a problem with fly-posting.
Cllr. Harwood asked that new signs be provided for School Lane with the legend �School Lane, leading to Crich Junior School�. It was agreed to ask AVBC to provide a sign for each side of the lane.
Chair issued copies of the leaflet �Green Ways to Safety�. This is designed to encourage DCC and landowners to cut back hedges and verges so that the verges can be accessible to walkers, horse-riders and cyclists as a safe refuge from traffic.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.45pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm Monday, June 1, 2009
Clive Ludlam,

Parish Clerk

15th May, 2009