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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 9th May 2011, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllrs Lane (Chair), Brierton (vice-Chair) Bateman, Bown, Broom, Harwood and 5 members of the public. Clerk in attendance


Cllr. Thorpe sent apologies but was able to attend the meeting later on after attending a meeting of AVBC where she is also a councillor

Signing of Acceptance of Office forms:

These were signed and collected by the Clerk

11/639 Election of Chair

Cllr. Margaret Lane (Proposed by Cllr Broom and seconded by Cllr. Brierton) was elected unopposed

11/640 Election of vice-Chair

Cllr. Robert Brierton (Proposed by Cllr. Harwood and seconded by Cllr. Broom) was elected unopposed.

11/641 Recruiting more Councillors

There are 5 vacancies which members agreed should be filled by co-option. Clerk will advertise these on the CACN website and on Parish Notice boards. Applicants will be required to supply a brief C.V. with a covering letter to explain their interest in serving. Candidates will be interviewed by elected members at a special meeting provisionally set for June13th.

11/642 Allocation of members to serve on committees

It was agreed that this would be better left until Council has a full membership. However, in the interest of efficiency it was agreed that Cllr. Broom should join Cllr. Brierton on the Planning Committee and that Cllr Broom would represent the Parish Council in dealings with The Briars and DALC.

11/643 Declarations of Interest


11/644 Police matters

PC Wilbourne and PCSO Shaw attended the meeting. Rural car crime remains a priority and the public are urged to lock vehicles and to place valuables out of sight. Chair reminded the police of problem parking at the Jubilee Ground, Cllr Brierton and a member of the public reported a motorcyclist who makes a habit of doing �wheelies� in the Market Place/Bowns Hill area and Cllr. Broom expressed concern about speeding along The Common

11/645 Matters raised by members of the public

Mr. Charlton, landlord of the Black Swan informed the meeting that the public toilets on the Market Place are often left locked or are locked early and that they are not cleaned properly. This situation has led to some members of the public abusing his toilets which are, of course, for patrons use only. Clerk will contact Amber Valley.
The narrowness/awkwardness of the footpath through the garden of Horseshoe Cottage was raised- Clerk will refer this to DCC Footpath.
Clerk was asked to inform DCC of the wall falling into the road on Cromford Rd., Crich opposite Wheatsheaf Lane.

11/646 Reports by County and Borough Councillors

Cllr. Valerie Thorpe was unable to attend until later as she was required to attend a meeting of Amber Valley Borough Council where she has been re-elected. Her fellow AVBC Cllr Gareth Gee was unable to attend for the same reason.
Cty Cllr. Chris Jackson reported that he has relinquished his role as Cabinet Member for Highways and the he is now vice-Chair of the County Council. He will also serve on the Police Committee and in a new role as County Countryside Ambassador in which he will address issues such as rural housing and employment. He has been monitoring traffic speeds in the Crich and South Wingfield area and believes that there is proper evidence to be put to the Highways Committee regarding speed reduction.
In an answer to Chair about the well documented complexities of �Winter Service� Cty Cllr Jackson said that this is now in the domain of his successor Simon Spencer and that Parish Councils will be invited to a further meeting.

11/647 Minutes of the Meeting of 7th April 2011

These were accepted and signed by Chair

11/648Matters arising

Youth club - future funding. The Club is to be run by a committee headed by Lyn Godfrey. It will have a constitution and a committee. The Parish Council agreed to continue paying the rent for the room in The Glebe and for the insurance but Clerk was asked to urge the YC committee to seek to arrange a �tailor made� policy, not one which was an adjunct to the Parish Council policy with Zurich Insurance. It was also agreed to pay the remainder of the grant for this year as a lump sum of �1200 as a �pump primer�.
Cllr Bateman said that Wildgoose - the contractors at the new Medical Centre had offered to provide and plant a tree on the island at the bulling Lane/Coast Hill junction. Cllr Bateman offered to take this up with DCC Highways and the AVBC Tree Officer.

11/650 Clerks Report

Beech trees � the Consultants report has been promised for the next meeting.
A Dog Bin has now been installed at the Burial ground and Mr Spencer has agreed to empty it as necessary
Major issues to be addressed in the short term:
Winter Service �what is/should be provided by DCC, AVBC and Crich Parish Council and how can they be co-ordinated? - It was agreed that this now a matter of urgency. Parish Council will seek to establish its own position by the end of the June meeting.
Public toilets at the Market Place � there is clearly a demand for this facility but the cost could be prohibitive and AVBC seems unclear on a number of aspects of the possible transfer of ownership to the Parish Council. Clerk will investigate further.
Allotment Committee � Cllrs Brierton and Bown agreed to serve on this new committee and were introduced to Robin Harvey the allotment liaison officer who was present.
Parish Property Committee � it was agreed that there was some urgency in inaugurating this committee when there is a full complement of councillors

11/651 Planning Decisions

AVA/2011/0368 Croft Cottage Parkhead. Non material amendment relating to AVA/2009/0018 APPLICATION RETURNED
AVA/2011/0152 3 Hodder Close. Change of integral garage to room. PERMITTED
AVA/2011/004 142, The Common, Crich. Internal alterations and porch PERMITTED
AVA/2011/0205 Fritchley Primary School. New entrance lobby and admin. area PERMITTED
AVA/2010/1133 Mill Farm, Brook Lane Fritchley. Conversion of barn into garage /workshop. PERMITTED
AVA/2011/0227 Land at Old Mill, Dimple Lane WITHDRAWN
AVA/2011/0246 land at Drovers Way, Ambergate � stable block PERMITTED
AVA/2011/162 14, Top Hagg � part demolition, extension and loft conversion PERMITTED

11/652 Planning Applications

All members are encouraged to view these on the AVBC website if possible
AVA/2011/0300 The Little cottage Dimple Lane removal of condition 3 ref AVA/2008/0465 � change from holiday lets to residential. NO OBJECTION PROVIDED IT IS USED AS A PERMANENT RESIDENCE
AVA/2011/0375 Windsor House, Market Place, Crich. Change of opening time to 17.30 each day. OBJECTION THE AREA IS STILL VERY BUSY AT THAT TIME
AVA/2011/0381 Croft Cottage Parkhead. Non material amendment to AVA/2009/0018. Regarding glazing and creation of Juliet balcony NO OBJECTION
AVA/2011/0236 23, Culland View. Replacement of felt roof with pitched tile roof on porch and garage. NO OBJECTION
AVA/2011/0311 Causeway Farm, Plaistow Green.2 semi detached chalets to provide accommodation for the riding centre. OBJECTION - on the grounds that this application is based on the premises being an active �riding centre� which does not seem to be the case. Further, it would seem that claimed affiliations to various riding associations lapsed some time ago. A two storey building would be inappropriate.
AVA/2011/0315. Crich Baptist Church. (Listed building consent). Internal rearrangement of pew in Sanctuary. NO OBJECTION
AVA/2011/0255 2, Greenfields, Fritchley. Application for permission to start a home based pet grooming business. 2/3 days a week 2/3 pets per day. NO OBJECTION but a CONCERN is noted concerning any increase in traffic and parking.
AVA/2011/0279 Market House Market Place Crich. Extension of time limit on earlier application AVA/2008/0803. Proposed construction of a terrace of 3 houses with 2 double garages (re-submission). This is a departure from the Development Plan NO OBJECTION

11/653 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at 25.03.11 - � 32395.09*

*This sum (less un-presented cheques �658.68) to be Carried Forward to the Financial Year 2011-2012 = �31736.41
C. Ludlam (Clerk) Salary + expenses �534.41 chq 665
Glebe Field Trust �598.50 chq 666
Viking Direct (inks and stamps) �228.92 chq 667
Allotment rents (K Briddon) �300.00 chq 668
Glebe Field Trust YC rent �23.30 chq 669
Grass Track �395.30 chq 670
Belper Skip Hire �108.00 chq 671
L. Spencer (work at RG and BG) �189.36 chq 672

11/654 Information Received


11/655 Communications from Parishioners

A telephone complaint that the litter bin at the Recreation Ground was overflowing was reported to AVBC by Clerk. Further, Clerk reported the matter to AVBC Cllr.Thorpe and asked Mr Spencer to do a �one-off� clean up at the expense of the Parish Council.
Letter of thanks for grant received from Cliff Inn Horticultural Society


Chair thanked everyone for their attendance

NEXT MEETING 7. 30 pm Monday June 6th 2011

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
15 May 2011
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 5 EU
01773 853928