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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday April11th 2015, held in the Glebe Field Centre

Minutes are not published until approved at the subsequent meeting

Download minutes as a pdf document

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Cllr .Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Bateman, Baugh, Brown, Broom, Smith, Walsh and 8  members of the public. Clerk in attendance.

Clerk distributed:
Acceptance of Office forms
Members Register of Interest forms
Code of Conduct document
Copy of Standing Orders


Election of Chair

Cllr. Lane (prop. Cllr. Broom sec. Cllr. Smith) was elected un-opposed.

Election of vice-Chair

Resolved by 5 votes to 2: (prop. Cllr. Broom sec. Cllr. Smith) Election to be deferred until Full Council of 12 members is installed - 5 votes to 2.

Chair welcomed Members to the first meeting of the new council. Members introduced themselves.

Appointment of Members to Committees, Working Groups and Outside Bodies

  • Burial Ground, Footpaths, Jubilee Ground and Allotments - Cllr. Thorpe
  • Finance – Cllrs. Bateman, Baugh and Broom + Chair and vice- Chair
  • Winter Service – Cllr. Baugh
  • Planning – Cllrs. Brown, Smith and Walsh
  • Recreation Ground Development (PLACE) – Cllr. Clark
  • Ambergate Reservoir Liaison – Cllrs. Lane and Broom (Cllr. Brown to substitute for Cllr. Broom when necessary)
  • Neighbourhood Plan liaison – Cllrs. Lane and Thorpe
  • Glebe Field Centre Management Committee. – Cllr. Clark
  • Glebe Field Centre Trust – Cllr. Thorpe
  • Rolls Royce Hilts Quarry Liaison – Cllr. Lane (Cllr. Brown to receive copies of the Rolls Royce monitoring reports
  • Snow Warden – to be appointed
  • DALC – Cllr. Broom
  • It was deemed to be un-necessary to appoint anyone as Briars or Fritchley Playing Field Liaison at this time

Co-option of 3 additional Councillors

Resolved: Clerk to advertise the vacancies on Parish noticeboards and on the CACN website.
The process of selection will probably be by interview.


Part 1 Non – confidential items

15/1216 To receive apologies for absence:

Cllrs. Clark and Thorpe, Cty Cllr. Williams and AVBC Cllr. Gee.

15/1217 To receive declarations of interest and to approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.

Cllrs. Broom and Walsh declared an interest in matters related to DALC and Rural Action Derbyshire.

15/1218 Police matters

Contact is:
Or telephone 101 and mention collar number 3841.

15/1219 Members of the public (10 minutes)

Missing bus shelter on the Common – AVBC owned the shelter, are aware but do not plan a replacement.
Dog fouling is a problem at Dimple Lane and on Bowmer Lane.
Ground around the old fence line of the play area at the RG is potentially dangerous – Clerk to investigate remedial action .

15/1220 Reports from County and Borough Councillors

AVBC Cllr Thorpe presented a written report.

15/1221 Minutes of the meeting of April 13th 2015

TThe Minutes were accepted and signed by Chair.

15/1222 Matters arising from the meeting of April 13th 2015

Unity Bank Deposit Account – deferred until next meeting in the absence of enough cheque signatories.
Marking the long service of former Councillors – Clerk to seek donations from Members of the previous council. It was felt that a presentation and photograph would be appropriate.
Neighbourhood Plan – next meeting will take place on Monday 18th May.
PLACE project – the group has produced an excellent, well researched report of which copies have been circulated to all Members. Council was unanimous in approving further consultation with Severn Trent Water and Playdale. Chair expressed the appreciation of the Council for all the hard work done by the PLACE group.

15/1223 Report by the Parish Clerk:

Burial Ground extension – the planning process is in the hands of AVBC. Clerk has two estimates for the construction of the roadway and considers either could be met by the monies already put aside for this purpose.
Elections to DALC executive – Council ratified the application made by Cllr Broom.
Grant to support well-dressing – Clerk to inform the organisers that the grant of £150 is still available but that in the absence of a bank account the Council can only make the funds available by paying relevant invoices presented to it.
Amber Community First Responders – Constitution and bank account details have now been received and the grant of £500 is therefore approved.

15/1224 Planning Decisions

AVA/2015/0110 10 Fritchley Lane – internal alterations and loft conversion

15/1225 Planning Applications

AVA/2015/0247 23 Weaver Close – single storey extension to side.
AVA/2015/0248 Crich PC Burial Ground – change of use and extension of roadway to facilitate extension of the burial area.
AVA/2015/0337 453, Main Rd. Whatstandwell alterations to drive.
AVA/2015/032178, The Common, new dwelling house.

15/1226 Accounts

Yorkshire Bank Current Account at 1st May 2015
£59,915.35 (includes first half payment of Precept)

Income £ £26,711 (Precept) £210 (Burial fees)



Chq 268

Glebe Field Trust (Includes 0.3% increase as per CPI)
Chq 269
Grass Track
Chq 270
Amber Community First Responders (donation)
Chq 271
BT phone   
Chq 272
BT Internet
Chq 273
B Wood (internal audit) 
Chq 274
HMR and C
Chq 275
C H Ludlam salary + exp. + unconsol. pay award
Chq 276
L Spencer work at BG and RG
Chq 277
Chq 278
Moss Office Services (printing)
Chq 279
C H Ludlam PLACE expenses (secateurs, bin bags etc.)
Chq 280

15/1227 Items for Information

DALC Circulars 11 and 12 2015

15/1228 Communications from members of the public

Part 2 Confidential items


NEXT MEETING 7.30pm Monday June 1st 2015.

Clive Ludlam,
Parish Clerk
6th May 2015
Glebe Field Centre, Crich, Matlock DE4 EU
01773 853928