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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday May 8th 2017, held in the Glebe Field Centre

Please contact the Clerk if further information is required

Minutes are not published until approved at the subsequent meeting

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The Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire Hardyal Dhindsa attended the meeting.
He spoke about his vision of policing strategy and answered questions on local policing issues including re-instatement of regular liaison meetings between the police and community and incident response times.


Cllr. Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Anstead, Bateman, Baugh, Broom, Collison, Smith, Thorpe and Walsh. Cty. Cllrs. Taylor and Ainsworth, AVBC Cllr. Gee and 6 members of the public .
Clerk in attendance.

Part 1 Non – confidential items

Election of Chair: Cllr. Margaret Lane was re-elected unopposed Prop. Cllr. Broom and Sec. Cllr. Collison
Election of vice-Chair: Cllr. Peter Clark was re-elected unopposed pro. Cllr. Walsh and sec.
Cllr. Broom.

Members were appointed to committees and advisory groups as follows:
Finance Committee without delegated powers (Cllrs. Lane as Chair of Council, Clark as vice-chair of Council, Bateman, Baugh and Broom),
Allotments, Burial Ground, Jubilee Ground and Footpaths (Cllrs. Thorpe and Yorke)
Winter Service (Cllr. Baugh)
Planning (Cllrs. Brown, Collison, Smith and Walsh).
Recreation Ground Development (Cllr. Yorke).
Website Management (Cllrs. Anstead and Collison)

Members to represent the Parish Council on outside bodies
STW Reservoir project (Cllrs. Broom and Lane reserve Cllr. Brown).
Neighbourhood Plan working group (Cllrs. Collison, Lane and Walsh)
Glebe Field Centre Management Committee (Cllr. Clark).
Glebe Field Trust (Cllr. Thorpe).
Hilts Quarry/Rolls Royce Liaison Committee (Cllr. Lane).
Derbyshire Association of Local Councils (Cllr. Broom).


Clerk presented an end of Financial Year Report


17/1501 To receive apologies for absence:

Cllrs. Baugh, Clark and Collison. AVBC Cllr. Gee and Cty. Cllr. Taylor.

17/1502 To receive declarations of interest and to approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest.

Cllrs. Brown, Clark and Yorke.

17/1503 Police matters

No police present
Contact: PCSO Christopher Bannister 3841

17/1504 Members of the public (10 minutes)

Three residents of Springfield Close requested the support of the Parish Council in objecting to a new electricity sub-station which has been erected without prior notice at the junction of Springfield Close and Dimple Lane. The structure is not in-keeping with the location and impedes sight lines for vehicles leaving Springfield Close. The council agreed to support the efforts of residents and AVBC and DCC Councillors in asking Western Power Distribution to re-locate the structure to a more suitable site.

17/1505 County and Borough Councillors

Clerk was instructed to write to our former representative on Derbyshire County Council David Williams. David has worked tirelessly to support the Parish Council and the community during his term of office.
Cty. Cllr. Trevor Ainsworth was congratulated on being elected to DCC and was welcomed to the meeting.
Cty. Cllr Taylor was welcome back to continue his work in the area as were AVBC Cllrs. Gee and Thorpe
Cty. Cllr. Taylor is pursuing the possibility of providing signage for the area of Whatstandwell known as Robin Hood.

17/1506 Minutes of the meeting of April 3rd 2017

The Minutes were accepted and signed by Chair.

17/1507 Reports

Complaints have been received about the re-siting of the electricity sub-station onto the grass verge at the top of Dimple Lane. Apparently Western Power Distribution has not applied for planning permission. Councillor Thorpe has brought this matter to the attention of the AVBC enforcement team.
Chair would like to set up a small panel to deal with the recruitment of a new Parish Clerk.
Neighbourhood Plan
The public consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan went very well with a good deal of positive feedback from parishioners. The NP steering group is meeting on Thursday to discuss responses from AVBC, DCC and Gladman. AVBC have requested a meeting and it is now necessary to discuss how to deal with their comments.
PLACE project work has begun, paths have been laid out and some of the equipment is in place.
BG development
Chair agreed to study legal agreement with reference to the low pressure gas main easement in preparation for signature.
Pentrich Revolution Commemoration – Clerk reported that he had been in contact with Geoff Johnson to reaffirm the nature of the Crich PC financial commitment to this project.

17/1508 Items for Discussion

The Parish Council website – Cllrs, Anstead and Collison kindly agreed to liaise with 2Commune to develop the website.
The Crich Parish Council response to the AVBC Local Plan (as written by Chair) has been duly submitted
Bowmer Lane footpath – the status of this path is now under formal review by DCC.
Fritchley 20 mph zone – the recent local elections may put this on hold but the local Cty. Cllrs. Agreed to press for this most desirable innovation to be put in place as soon as possible.
Chair, vice-Chair and Cllrs. Broom and Walsh will form a panel to recruit a new Parish Clerk.

17/1509 Planning Decisions

AVA/2017/0209. 1, Archway Cottages, Market Place, Crich – 1 dwelling (outline with all matters reserved. Not in accordance with AVBC Local Plan).
AVA/2017/0464. Land off track at Roes Lane, Crich. Outline for up to 60 dwellings
AVA/2016/1307. Highlander Farm, Wheatcroft – severance of agricultural buildings and land from Agricultural Holding.
AVA/2017/0169 3, Chase View – conversion of roof space.

17/1510 Planning Applications

The council does not wish to lodge any objections to the following applications:-
AVA/2017/0433. 10, Hodder Close, Crich – conservatory extension to rear
AVA/2017/0347. 3, Front St., Fritchley – removal of garden wall to create parking space
AVA/2017/0327. Crich Tramway Village – refurbishment of storage and display buildings (affects setting of a listed building)
AVA/2017/0446. Fairfield Farm, Kirkham Lane, Fritchley – alteration of existing single dwelling to form 2 new semi-detached dwellings
AVA/2017/0494. 17, Church St., Fritchley – conversion of garage to sitting room and loft conversion

The Council objects to the following application on the grounds that it is of inappropriate design and does not reflect local features:
AVA/2017/0471 dwelling house on land to the south of Hollybank Lane

17/1511 Accounts

Balance in Current Account at 08.05.17   £75,778.81
including first instalment of Precept £28612.50


C. Ludlam (Clerk) 


Chq 572
Glebe Field Trust (new rate)
Chq 573
Viking Direct (inks)
Chq 574
DALC course fee
Chq 575

BT Phone

Chq 576
HMR and C Tax
Chq 577
Belper Skip Hire (March)
Chq 578
Chq 579
Grass Track
Chq 580
BT Broadband
Chq 581
Avaprint (posters for N. Plan)
Chq 582
lmcreative (print works for N. Plan)
Chq 583
Keptkleen (2 months)
Chq 584
M MacArther (work at RG and BG)
Chq 585
Belper Skip Hire (April)
Chq 586

*Payment to Clerk increased as payment to HMR and C** is decreased

17/1512 Items for Information

 DALC Circular 06/2017

17/1513 Communications from members of the public

Email nuisance caused by lorries delivering to STW Reservoir site.
Email re the work being undertaken at the Recreation Ground (referred to Cllr. Yorke)
Email regarding Councillor behaviour in the pre-election period.
Email reporting that footpath access has been blocked by a building development at North View/Bennetts Lane – Clerk has reported this to AVBC.
Email regarding consultation document ref. Public Footpath from Bowmer Lane

Part 2 Confidential items


NEXT MEETING: MONDAY June 5th 2017 at 7.30 PM
Clive Ludlam
(Parish Clerk)