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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council held on Monday, 7 June 2004, in the Parish Room, Glebe Field Centre, Crich

Present: Cllr. Goodhead, in the Chair, Cllrs. Lane, Brierton, Cooke, Harris, Hartshorne, Harwood, Salt, Thorpe & Whitney, also three members of the public.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs. Bendon & Daniel.

6039 Matters raised by the Public:
A resident of Bowmer Lane, Fritchley detailed problems leading from the siting of a grit bin, resolved this be re-sited. Police had been informed but not contact received, Parish Council to make repeat report. PC Chambers to be contacted again regarding problems with young people gathering in Fritchley. Cllr. Salt proposed and Cllr. Harris seconded that a letter detailing problems should be sent to the Chief Constable. Cllr. Lane referred to a letter from DCC regarding parking problems in Fritchley, Insp. MacLoughlin had requested Traffic Wardens visit the site; details of vehicle, which caused delay of Waste Disposal lorry to be forwarded to the Police.

6040 Minutes:
The minutes of the meeting of May 2004 had been circulated. Proposed by Cllr. Hartshorne & seconded by Cllr. Thorpe that these be signed as a true record.

6041 Declarations of Interest:
Cllr. Thorpe declared an interest in planning application AVA/2004/0541

6042 Speaker:
Dr Shearer, GP, Crich Medical Practice reported a partner had been asked for advice by a patient who had experienced problems with young people, in Crich, and had not received help from the Police.

Dr Shearer said developers had looked at potential sites for a new Medical Practice building; she hoped for a community consultation exercise, with the Parish Council having an influence on decisions.

She reassured the Council that there would be no intention to reduce the service in outlying areas. It was suggested the Practice should discuss a way forward with the Glebe Field Centre Trustees.

6043 Matters arising from the Minutes:
Minute 6027
Hilts Quarry, Environment Agency (EA) expect decision from Minister very soon, confirms Rolls-Royce will not be allowed to deposit low level radio active material; MP has tabled questions, and will continue to pursue the matter. Cllr Brierton reported landscaping work is in progress. East Midlands Housing Association (EMHA) will not start planting scheme off Cromford Road, until November 2004. Site meeting with Cllr. Lucas and a DCC Officer to be held at 7.00pm on 14 June. Cllr. Harris wished to register his disappointment at the Parish Council not having been contacted by DCC, despite assurance given at the meeting with the Leader. Parish Warden has strimmed grass in Play Area, but a mower would give a better result. Notice Board in Bakery is now placed at a higher level. DCC contractor will carry out work on kerbstones by end of July; others near Church need marking. Cllr. Hartshorne reported that a number of kerbstones at Town End were marked, but no work carried out. AVBC to be reminded again of overhanging trees at Church Meadows.

Minute 6032
The Cross, DCC could not provide traffic management for 6 June, work re-scheduled for 13 June; there is no necessity for additional Public Liability cover. Cllr. Lane reported MIB has appointed a Loss Adjuster, re-imbursement may not be made for any improvements, i.e. insertion of steel rods; contractor to be requested to provide detailed account, and to estimate value of the Cross. Loss Adjuster also querying account for scaffolding work, initiated by AVBC; considered DCC should be responsible for this element, as it did not give permission for work to go ahead. Cllr. Brierton proposed and Cllr. Hartshorne seconded that the subject of responsibility for the Cross should be an agenda item in July.

Minute 6033
Fritchley resident acknowledged action to advise school re 20 mph speed limit, and requested information on access to Minutes

6044 Police Matters:

6045 Reports:
Glebe Field Centre Manager�s report distributed. CRAMP programme for July circulated.

Cllr. Lane gave a report of the Rolls-Royce Local Liaison meeting. The decision document is not yet signed off; it will be necessary for some supporting documents to be re-written. EA cannot impose monitoring requirements; this will be voluntary on the part of Rolls-Royce. Cllr. Lane was assured that the monitoring will be no different from if authorised, test results will be sent to the Parish Council, and include information if there are trends, which could cause concern. Copy of the environmental monitoring results to be passed on to Cllr. Bendon. Rolls-Royce does not intend to bring more nuclear waste to Hilts Quarry; a full ecological survey has been carried out and it is ready to submit closure plan. Cllr. Whitney proposed and Cllr. Harris seconded that the concern of the Parish Council at the apparent purely voluntary nature of future monitoring should be communicated directly to the Secretary of State for the Environment.


6046 Resolution:
Cllr. Cooke proposed and Cllr. Harris seconded the proposal � It is the opinion of this Parish Council that we have lost confidence in DCC with regard to their responsibilities for the public highway within the boundary defined by Crich Parish.� Following discussion there were seven members in favour of the resolution being forwarded to DCC. The accompanying letter to express regret at the necessity for the censure, but there has been a history of delay and lack of action, over a considerable time period.

6047 Burial Ground:
Report of a recent Burial Ground Committee given. This included a proposal to apply for consecration of a section of the Burial Ground extension, from parallel to the present path to two metres from the line of the gas pipe; thus providing time to budget for other work; proposed by Cllr. Hartshorne & seconded by Cllr. Brierton that this be implemented.

Cllr Enquiry to be made about the feasibility of laying a road over the line of the gas pipe. Cllr. Hartshorne said he thought the owner of land adjoining lane would be prepared to negotiate for lower part to be widened; this to be discussed. Cllr. Hartshorne to consult AVBC regarding specifications for resurfacing lane from highway to car park entrance. Also the possibility of diverting the gas pipe to the hedge line in the field adjoining the Burial Ground, to be explored. TRANSCO had confirmed it would agree to relaying pipe in prepared trench, its charge would be about �4,500.00, plus VAT. MP confirms she has written to TRANSCO to reconsider charging policy.

Agreed that notices to be affixed on cremation tablets, to the effect that on Health & Safety grounds all chippings must be removed; draft to be provided for Burial Ground Committee members. Amended rules to be considered.

6048 Correspondence from Parishioners:
Cllr. Daniel had written to resign from the Parish Council. Tributes were paid to his long service, including twice holding the position as Chair. Cllr. Whitney proposed and Cllr. Hartshorne seconded that an appreciation of his work for the community should be forwarded to Cllr. Daniel; he is to be asked to continue as a member of the Burial Ground Committee. Cllr. Hartshorne to take up the vacancy on the Blackspot Lighting Committee, and Cllr, Bendon to join the Quarry Liaison Group. AVBC to be requested to prepare notice of Crich Ward vacancy.

6049 Correspondence from Other Authorities:
(a) DCC, resolved to register to reclaim from Rights of Way Minor Maintenance scheme 2004/05
(b) DCC, footpath closure extension, public footpath number 72, noted; bridge repairs expected by late summer
(c) AVBC, Code of Conduct, reminder of responsibility to amend registration details noted
(d) AVBC, information on Parish Warden�s work schedule to be provided after new contract commences
(e) AVBC, blackspot lighting for Allen Lane to be match funded
(f) AVBC, information on illuminated advertising signs received. Cllr. Hartshorne queried if the Chief Executive has indicated AVBC would continue to provide service to collect litter from Parish Warden; still awaited.
(g) DALC, circulars received
(h) Mid-Derbyshire Citizens Advice Bureau, opening times noted
(i) AVBC, permission granted for maple tree to be removed, Revelstoke, School Lane, Crich; must be replaced
(j) Countryside Agency map of registered Common Land received
(k) Insp. McLaughlin reports he is moving from Alfreton, to be succeeded by Insp. John Lish
(l) DCC Travel Awareness campaign posters to be displayed
(m) Planning Inspectorate appeal decision re Dowie Way parking received; Cllr. Lane to be provided with copy.

6050 Decisions on Planning Applications:
(a) AVA/2004/0188 Externally illuminated signage, the Jovial Dutchman, Crich; granted until 2009
(b) AVA/2002/1204 Demolition of existing buildings, residential development & associated site works, land at Woodside Farm, The Common, Crich; refused

6051 Planning Applications:
(a) LB-AVA/2004/0529 Extension & alteration to provide utility room, 5 Glen Road, Whatstandwell; no comment
(b) LB-AVA/2004/0537 Extension to dwelling, porch, conservatory, garage, Atherstone, Coast Hill, Crich; no comment
(c) PAW-AVA/2004/0541 Two storey extension, rear of Wainwrights Cottage, Dimple Lane, Crich. Cllr. Thorpe declared an interest and withdrew. Council believes Borough Councillors would benefit from a visit to the actual site
(d) RTH-AVA/2004/0634 Conversion of gallery to dwelling & change of use, Crich Pottery, Market Place, Crich; commented there is potential increase in traffic at point of limited access.

6052 Accounts:
000865 Glebe Field Trust Ltd., contribution �440.00
000866 Glebe Field Trust Ltd., CRAMP, driving �387.80
000867 Glebe Field Trust Ltd., photocopying �3.36
000868 AVBC, balance, Parish Warden costs, 2003/04 �1004.34
000869 Chair�s Allowance �120.00
000870 Burial Ground Caretaker�s salary �86.67
000871 Parish Warden�s expenses �85.67
000872 Parish Clerk�s salary, April 2004 �362.00
000873 Derwent Skip Hire �117.50

6053 Matters of Report:
Cllr. Cooke requested AVBC be asked if sign above doorway at Carpet Shop, Market Place, Crich needs the benefit of planning approval. Resident who has problem of street lighting shining into a room to be advised to contact DCC.

Cllr. Harris questioned if the Parish Council had a strategy for dealing with media publicity. This to be an agenda item at the July meeting.

Cllr. Salt reported on a successful Fritchley Festival.

Cllr Thorpe reported she had assisted Crich Brass to obtain a grant for instruments. She detailed a problem with encroachment onto the highway at Fritchley, DCC to be requested to take action. Despite promises the requested information regarding Neighbourhood Watch has not been received, from the Police.

Cllr. Hartshorne requested DCC be informed of the poor state of the bus-shelter, opposite the Tramway Village entrance, also two others at Town End, Crich. AVBC to be informed of rotting post at gate leading into Churchyard. A press release had been wrongly printed, leading to thinking EMHA had planning not planting proposals at Cromford Road, Crich.

Cllr. Brierton referred to the planned meeting with DCC; he understands many residents were happy with the Market Place as it is. Cllr. Harris said he knew there was the necessity to retain viability of delivery to shops, and parking, but hoped ideas would be forthcoming which would be the basis of a consultation document for the whole community.

Cllr. Harwood reported that a metal stud used to hold down new Play Equipment surface had become detached, grass will grow to obscure the fasteners. Cllr. Hartshorne proposed Richard Johnson, AVBC Officer, is thanked for his work to implement the improvement scheme.

Cllr. Goodhead remarked that AVBC removed damaged bus shelters, but failed to replace; current policy document to be requested. He had received a complaint about the poor state of the lane to the Burial Ground, for pedestrians. Requests continued for gritting routes in Whatstandwell to be extended, a DCC function. Parish Warden to be asked to look for a suitable site on Hindersitch Lane for an additional grit bin. AVBC & DCC to be asked to mark their bins, including contact numbers, for re-filling.

The Chair encouraged Councillors to raise the profile of the Council within the parish. Details of Councillors to be displayed on notice boards, and request to be made for inclusion in Crich Area Community News.

Cllr. Goodhead is to act as representative at the Rolls-Royce Centenary celebrations on 12 June.

Cllr. Bendon had discussed informally with young people in Fritchley, and would be happy to share this with fellow Councillors. He has volunteered to assist the landowner fence off the area near to Cowper Lane parking place.

AVBC to be instructed to increase the frequency of emptying the dog waste bin at the Jubilee from monthly to fortnightly.

The meeting closed at 10.05pm.