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Crich village cross
Image from around Crich Parish

Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 6 June 2005, in the Glebe Field Centre

Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Cooke, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Tromans, and Whitney, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and 20 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Smith and Thorpe.

05/46 Matters raised by the public
(a) Woodside Farm development. 12 attended specially to speak on this matter. All opposed the application (see Council discussion 05/56 below).
(b) Crich Rangers FC asked for a Portakabin for changing on the Recreation Ground to be put to the next meeting.
(c) The new position of the Market Place bus stop sign was awkward (to be passed to DCC).

05/47 Minutes of the meeting of 9 May 2005
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chairman after two deletions and one amendment.

05/48 Matters arising from the Minutes
7107 Quarry slippage: the quarry site plans appeared to be deceptive.
RESOLVED: to ask DCC to attend a meeting.
Burial ground/Warden services Members expressed concern at the standard of Key Services� grass cutting work in the burial ground.

05/49 Police matters
No PC attended. The bus shelter in Crich Market Place had been damaged again. Youth trouble in Bowmer Lane, Fritchley was reported.

Clerk�s report
05/50 Beech tree by recreation ground Clerk had asked for 3 estimates for work advised by Mr Helliwell. Mr Neil Tomlinson only had visited the site and had given a quotation of �280.
RESOLVED: to accept Neil Tomlinson�s quotation.
05/51 Crich Infant School barrier meeting 10 June Cllrs Bendon and Cooke offered to attend.
05/52 East Midlands Ambulance Service presentation 13 July (Derby) Clerk informed the Council of this event.
05/53 Garage ground rent Bennetts Lane Mrs Mason who had paid �10 annual rent for many years was moving and had told Clerk that Mr A Smith was interested in taking over. Clerk suggested this was a good time to raise the rent. There were also two other rents to consider for updating.
RESOLVED: to raise the annual garage ground rent to �52 with immediate effect; and to consider the other rents at the next Finance Committee meeting.
05/54 Sherwood Foresters pilgrimage 3 July Chair would formally represent the Council at this event.
05/55 Trafalgar weekend 21�23 October Clerk presented a national leaflet on ways to mark the 200th anniversary. Cllr Brierton offered to examine the feasibility of lighting the Parish Council beacon.

05/56 Woodside Farm
The Chair read out Borough Cllrs Hartshorne and Thorpe�s separate complaints to AVBC on the procedural handling of this application (AVA/2005/0471). The Council then discussed the various means of complaint and judicial procedure that may be open to it.
RESOLVED: Chair to draft a formal letter of complaint to AVBC on both the procedure and content of the planning board�s decision to approve the development. Chair also to seek counsel�s opinion on the merits of an application for judicial review.

Burial Ground
05/57 Appointment of caretaker and purchase of equipment Three candidates had applied for the post.
RESOLVED: to exclude the public in view of the confidential nature of the business and defer this item to the end of the meeting. It was at that time RESOLVED: to appoint Mr Mike Macarthur caretaker with immediate effect on three months� probation on the same terms as the previous postholder; and to procure such new equipment as may be necessary for around �50.
05/58 Draft newspaper advert + letter The Clerk presented in draft a letter for local newspapers and an advert concerning the inspection of memorials 18�19 July.
RESOLVED: (after amendment) to send the letter and place the advert in four local newspapers as for the Clerk�s appointment, at the beginning of July.
05/59 Repair of shed The Clerk was concerned about the condition of the shed.
RESOLVED: to refer this to the Burial Committee.

05/60 Key Services
Key Services had asked for the weekly litter pick to take place once a fortnight.
RESOLVED: to accept this for the time being and see how Key Services performed.
The use of the Council�s strimmer currently stored in the Glebe Centre was also raised as part of this item.
RESOLVED: to give the strimmer for the use of the burial ground caretaker but only after investigating the experience of Mr Macarthur and any current safety requirements in the use of this tool.

05/61 RR Local Liaison report
The Chair reported on the latest liaison committee meeting. She said that what was going on at Hilts Quarry was very positive for the parish. RR may also be able to give help for local school science.

05/62 Standing Orders (amendments)
Clerk presented suggestions for amending Standing Orders. The Chair also proposed one amendment.
RESOLVED: to approve all the submitted amendments.

05/63 Tramway Village
Cllr Goodhead said that on its 50th anniversary the Tramway Museum was keen to promote links with the Parish Council. Members then suggested that special rates apply to parishioners and also that the Museum could be interested in a Trafalgar Day event.

05/64 Transport Committee/Highway matters
Minutes of the Committee meeting on 23 May were reported. Other Highway matters raised were:
Letter in CACN�s latest issue 34 (Summer 2005) on Market Place traffic problems.
Quiet Lanes and co-operation with South Wingfield (Cty Cllr Jackson contributed to this item).
Status of lane from Bowns Hill to Junior School where some repair was needed (Clerk to write to DCC).
Raw sewerage and muck spreading on Dimple Lane from Barn Close Farm and Lynam Road (Clerk to write to DCC and Environment Agency).
Potholes in Plaistow Green Road from Town End to Shuckstone.

05/65 Planning: discussion on a committee
Chair suggested that in view of the number of applications coming before the monthly Council meetings, a committee should be set up to examine them in advance and make recommendations and/or reply directly to AVBC.
RESOLVED: that a Planning Committee be set up composed of Cllrs Goodhead, Harris, and Tromans, who would receive applications from the Clerk when they arrived.

05/66 Planning appeals
AVA/2004/1022 Wheatcroft House: wooden stable block. Appeal
RESOLVED: Clerk and Cllr Tromans to write letter of objection to Inspector.
AVA/2004/1363 Land at Woodside Farm: 24 units. Appeal in abeyance for 3 months

05/67 Planning decisions
AVA/2005/0022 Land between 11 + 17 Chadwick Nick Lane: new dwelling. Granted
AVA/2005/0181 Church Farm, Cromford Road: replacement stores. Granted
AVA/2005/0274 15 Jeffries Lane: new porch. Granted
AVA/2005/0414 19 Hindersitch Lane: new conservatory. Granted
AVA/2005/0454 14 Springfield Close, Crich: kitchen/dining extension. Granted
AVA/2004/0471 Land at Woodside Farm: 23 units + existing unit. Granted

05/68 Planning applications
AVA/2005/0515 18 Dimple Lane, Crich (Berry): 1 storey rear extension. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0521 Land adjacent 1 Jeffries Lane, Crich (Roberts): 2 storey dwelling. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0574 2 The Common, Crich (Martin): division of property into two dwellings. �No objection.�
AVA/2005/0605 55A The Common: loft window (retrospective). �No objection although Crich PC does not want to encourage retrospective applications.�
AVA/2005/0606 Land at Sandy Lane: two 3 storey dwellings. �Crich PC objects to this application firstly on grounds of very poor access into an already extremely confined road (Sandy Lane) that is usually blocked along one side by parking of householders� vehicles. Secondly we object on grounds of size. We note that AVBC made a widely disliked planning grant for development of the Reading Room adjacent. We consider the area unsuitable for further housing. Thirdly we ask AVBC to consider what the need is for extra housing in Crich as you have recently approved the 24 house Woodside Farm development contrary to your own Local Plan and despite strong opposition.�

05/69 Balances 9 May Current �37797.66; Jubilee �944.59; Charity �112.52
05/70 Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (29.4) �34.26
05/71 Allotment rents 2005/6 (11.5) �87.00
05/72 T Greatorex re: interment (20.5) �36.00
05/73 J Beresford re: memorial (20.5) �36.00
05/74 Archway FS re: interment (20.5) �100.00
05/75 Central Networks re: wayleave (20.5) �3.50
05/76 E Cope & Son re: inscription (2.6) �18.00
05/77 M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary May �529.55 + �219.91 exp. 927 �749.46
05/78 Derek Harwood re: BG caretaking May 928 �86.67
05/79 M Lane re: Chair�s allowance 2005/6 929 �120.00
05/80 Crich Glebe Field Trust re: May contribution 930 �440.00
05/81 Key Services re: April maintenance 931 �579.96
05/82 Derwent Waste Management re: BG skip 932 �70.50
05/83 Key Services re: May maintenance 933 �560.63

05/84 Correspondence from other authorities
Derwent Valley World Heritage News 2004/5

05/85 Cllr Brierton noted an unsafe chimney on Cromford Road.
05/86 Cllr Bendon had written to RR about the Hilts Quarry test results.
05/87 Chair (for Cllr Thorpe) said that Cllr Thorpe asked the Council to place a grit bin in Chadwick Nick Lane. In view of the discussion in May (item 05/10) on grit bin funding, members preferred Cllr Thorpe to ask AVBC.
05/88 Clerk said that since sending the Agenda he had asked AVBC to replace a badly damaged Parish Council grit bin on Cromford Road/Carr Lane junction.

The Chairman thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10 pm