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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 5 June 2006, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllr Brierton (Vice Chair), Cllrs Bendon, Goodhead, Harris, Harwood, Salt, Smith, Steppings, Thorpe, and Tromans, Clerk in attendance, Cty Cllr Jackson, and one member of the public.

Apologies: Cllr Whitney.

06/36 Minutes of the meeting of 8 May 2006
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair without amendment.

06/37 Matters arising from the Minutes
06/35 Chair said that no one was being prevented from using the FP through Horseshoe Cottage, Cromford Road, and that it was clearly signed and free of obstruction.
Two further matters raised are covered in the Minutes below (burial access weeds 06/43 and lighting 06/52).

06/38 Election of Vice Chair and proposal of Minute 06/11
RESOLVED: that Cllr Brierton be elected as Vice Chair.
RESOLVED: that the Vice Chair should review the list and condition of Council assets annually with Clerk.

06/39 Appointments to Council committees and external bodies 2006/7
RESOLVED: to make or confirm the following appointments for 2006/7:

Council committees
Beacon Cllr Brierton
Blackspot Lighting Cllrs Lane, Salt
Burial Ground Cllrs Brierton, Goodhead, Harwood
Common Land, Footpaths & Jubilee Cllrs Brierton, Steppings, Tromans
Finance Cllrs Brierton, Goodhead, Harris, Lane, Whitney
Planning Cllrs Goodhead, Harris, Tromans + Smith substitute
Transport Cllrs Bendon, Harris, Smith

Outside bodies
Charities Funds Mr P Bentham-Hill (Chair to contact)
DALC Cllr Lane
Fritchley School Playing Field Liaison Cllr Lane
Glebe Field Centre Management Committee Cllr Harris
Glebe Field Centre Trustee Cllr Thorpe
Playgroup Cllr Thorpe
Police & Community Consultative Group Cllrs Salt, Tromans, Mrs Wellby
Quarry Liaison Cllr Bendon
RR Hilts Quarry Liaison Cllr Lane
Tree Wardens Mr and Mrs Varty

06/40 Declarations of interest
Cllr Smith declared an interest in planning application AVA/2006/0532 and took no part in the discussion.
Cllr Steppings declared an interest in Potters Lane but left the meeting shortly before the item arose.

06/41 Police matters
PC Turner attended. He said that a single Rural Liaison Officer for the area would soon be appointed. He reported some progress with damage at Bowmer Lane, Fritchley, where he had met several youths and received at least one apology. He was asked to note use of Crich Market Place for ball games well into the summer evenings and said he would talk to youths if he saw them there. Cllr Smith said that DCC saw no specific need for �no ball games� signs. Cllr Tromans reported on the Police Consultative meeting on 3 May. Inspector Brown was considering a report on extending Beat Teams into rural areas. The meeting was opposed to Government proposals for merging forces. A warning leaflet for illegally parked vehicles could be copied for local use.
Chair and Cllr Thorpe volunteered to attend the 10 June meeting at County Hall for parish and town councils to discuss the proposed Police mergers.

06/42 Local Authority Councillors
Cty Cllr Jackson had looked at Potters Lane with the Transport Committee and was to follow up with a meeting with DCC also attended by Cllr Bendon. He was conferring on the Quiet Lanes project with Cllr Thorpe and would not let the matter drop. He had just met Inspector Slagg on traffic management and asked him to attend the next Joint Transport Committee meeting.
Chair and Cllr Harris asked about DCC�s powers to reduce speed limits without having to install street lighting.
Cllr Thorpe called for �horse and rider� signs on Dimple Lane and Potters Lane.
Cllr Tromans complained of flyposted signs for Tansley car boot sale, Tansley pot shop, and others.
Borough Cllr Thorpe said that a pothole by Fritchley Chapel had been filled, but Allen Lane was not an immediate priority for surface repair.

Clerk�s report
06/43 Burial ground access weeds Clerk had asked J C Balls to spray the access lane and if necessary make good the surface. A site meeting may be necessary.
06/44 Dog fouling poster The Infant School invited the Council to help choose the poster design on 7 June. No one was immediately able to attend.
06/45 FP 21 not a bridleway Clerk had written to landowner at concerns that FP 21 was being used as a bridleway. Its status was only a footpath on the definitive county map.
06/46 Fritchley School matters Dr Wright had written to the Chair on Fritchley School matters. The Council discussed in detail (a) better signing to the School, (b) the School�s metal fence adjacent to Council�s wooden fence by the playing field, and (c) Council�s powers and duties under its lease of the playing field from DCC.
RESOLVED: to take the lead on a planning application for road signing for the School.
RESOLVED: to write to EMAS to query why the School was apparently not on their directional database.
RESOLVED: Chair to meet with Head Teacher to discuss matters relating to the playing field.
RESOLVED: to take the fence up with the Diocese if unable to resolve at School level.
06/47 Greenwatch Awards Chair attended on 23 May at County Hall where the Council�s award nominee Parkwood Conservation Project received a commendation, as also did Crich Heritage Partnership.
06/48 The Beeches Cllr Smith reported three ambulance emergencies since the last meeting. She was preparing a letter to AV Housing Ltd on Beeches matters and suggested a neighbours� agreement be drawn up as a partial solution to the problems.
RESOLVED: Clerk to send letter to AV Housing Ltd after consultation with Chair and Cllr Smith.
06/49 War Memorial cleaning Clerk said that a water bowser as required to clean the memorial would cost an extra �150 (see Minute 05/381).
RESOLVED: Clerk to ask if AVBC cleansing services would perform the task at less cost.

06/50 Planning decisions
AVA/2006/0278 Coddington Farm, Whatstandwell (Northcutt): barn conversion dependent relative unit. Refused
AVA/2006/0313 3 Snowdrop Valley, Crich (Cowley): ext to rear for new conservatory. Granted
AVA/2006/0380 1 Jeffries Lane, Crich (Roberts): widening of vehicular crossing. Granted
AVA/2006/0386 11 Chadwick Nick Lane, Fritchley (Sarjeant): outline renewal for bungalow. Granted
AVA/2006/0406 Cliffside House, Wakebridge (Pegg): variation of condition 4 of 2003/1510 to allow for visitor accommodation/self catering. Refused
AVA/2006/0418 Beech Farm, Wheatcroft Lane (Brown): 1 storey side extension. Granted

06/51 Planning applications
AVA/2006/0503 1 Tors Spring, Crich (Hawkins): alteration of garden fence + erection of garden shed. �No comment but note two letters of objection from nos 6 and 9 Tors Spring which you will need to address in your decision.�
AVA/2006/0532 Market House, Crich (Sharpe): outline permission for erection of dwelling. �No objection for a single dwelling provided there is adequate off-road parking, the size does not dominate the surrounding buildings, and the facing is stone to match the style of this conservation area. This is particularly important as the site is at the junction between stone and brick building. We do not consider brick to be a traditional material in Crich conservation area.�

06/52 Blackspot lighting priorities
Cllr Goodhead asked for a re-application of the original request to DCC for one light at New Road. Clerk said that the application had been linked to the failed Chapel Row project and he would find out if DCC would accept just one light. Cllr Brierton said that projects already on the priority list should be dealt with before new projects were considered. Chair and Cllr Salt said they found it difficult to assess sites in the long evenings of the summer months.
RESOLVED: Chair and Cllr Salt to examine sites on existing list when conditions were more favourable and make recommendations on a revised priority order, if thought necessary, later in the year.

06/53 RR Liaison Committee
Chair said there was no recent evidence of children gaining access to Hilts Quarry. There were no new �rogue� results in the analysis though Cllr Bendon did not understand the fluctuation in water level recordings. Clerk said that a date was being arranged for RR and the EA to attend the Council but that key personnel were on holiday.

06/54 Transport
DALG grant The Council�s application for a grant had not been successful though DALG replied that the scheme may continue for another year.
FP 59 resurfacing Grass Track had submitted a quote on a more ambitious scale than BTCV had been asked to cost. Comparison of the quotes was therefore not possible.
RESOLVED: to return the matter to the Transport Committee for further consideration.
Grit bins The Transport Committee recommended 2 new grit bins on Potters Lane and 1 on Chadwick Nick Lane.
RESOLVED: to accept the committee�s recommendations and await the committee�s exact suggestions on siting.
Potters Lane See 06/42 above.

06/55 Balances 10 May Current �32150.78; Jubilee �945.28; Charity �112.52
06/56 Deposit options Clerk suggested there may now be an opportunity to set up a deposit account for sums set aside as a reserve.
RESOLVED: to submit deposit options to the Finance Committee.
06/57 A J Smith re: garage ground rent (18.4) �52.00
06/58 Midlands CS Funeral Services re: interments (18.4) �172.00
06/59 Yorkshire Bank re: current a/c interest (28.4) �28.01
06/60 Joseph Allen & Sons re: interment (15.5) �24.00
06/61 Central Memorials re: memorial (15.5) �72.00
06/62 Mr and Mrs McReady re: interment (23.5) �40.00
06/63 Mansfield Memorials re: memorial (31.5) �40.00
06/64 Archway FS re: interment (31.5) �40.00
06/65 M D A Coultas re: Clerk�s salary May 027 �565.56
06/66 M MacArthur re: BG/PG caretaking May 028 �108.33
06/67 Crich Glebe Field Trust re: May contribution 029 �500.00
06/68 Derwent Waste Management Ltd re: BG skip 030 �76.38
06/69 Grass Track re: May grass cutting 031 �337.81
06/70 Viking Direct re: BG and office supplies 032 �51.07
06/71 LexisNexis Butterworths re: Local Government Administration 7th edn 033 �60.00

06/72 Circulars and publications
AVBC Minutes to 17 May
Clerks & Councils Direct issue 45
ODPM Local Authority Byelaws in England: a discussion paper
Police Consultative Group Minutes 3 May

06/73 Information
Cllr Tromans proposed the clearing of FP 34 at Wheatcroft. Clerk to ask Parkwood Group on costs.
Cllr Goodhead proposed replacement of two wooden seating planks by the Crich Market Place bus stop at the site given by Mr J Haynes to the Council. Cllr Thorpe recommended Clerk ask Mr S Fantom for this.
Cllr Harwood reminded Clerk of need for topsoil at the burial ground.
Cllr Brierton drew attention to use of A boards outside the shop at Town End.
Chair would attend the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regimental Pilgrimage on 2 July.
Chair proposed replacement of the Fritchley Drying Area sign. Clerk to inquire on costs.
Chair said that no sports facilities were now envisaged at the Glebe Centre.
Chair requested an item on dog bin provision on The Common, Crich for the next meeting.

Chair thanked members and public for their attendance and closed the meeting at 10.45 pm