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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council
Monday, 4 June 2007, in the Glebe Field Centre

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair) Cllrs Brierton, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Smith, Thorpe. Clerk in attendance,
Cty Cllr Jackson AVBC Cllr. Taylor, and 4 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Steppings and Tromans

A member of the public (Mr. Andy Bostock) said that he had a particular interest in planning application AVA2007/0680. As this application had only come into the possession of the PC on the day of the meeting and was a matter of some complexity, the Clerk was instructed to ask AVBC to extend the period allowed for response to allow proper consideration to be given at the July meeting

07/073 Police matters
PC Lisa Walker explained that any complaints made by the public in connection with police response to reported incidents should be made to the Chief Constable giving the fullest possible details

07/074 Minutes of the meeting of 14 May 2007
RESOLVED: that these be signed by the Chair with minor amendment.

07/075 Matters arising from the Minutes
Chair had studied the Code of Conduct for local councils and proposed that it should be adopted. All members were asked to read it in time for the next meeting.
Clerk asked that Register of Members Interest forms be completed and returned to AVBC
Cllr. Thorpe explained that she had identified a significant source of funding that could be used to provide the protective fence behind the goal at the south end of the RG. Clerk to pursue the planning requirements.
Parish Warden - Cllrs. Fudge, Thorpe and Harrison agreed to sit on a committee to draw up a Job Description
Blackspot Lighting- the committee will meet to discuss the next phase
Clerk reported that ex- Cllr. Keith Bendon had kindly agreed to act as consultant on quarry matters and had offered to help the new representative on the Crich Quarry Liaison Committee

07/076 Election of Vice Chair

RESOLVED: that Cllr Brierton be elected as Vice Chair.

07/077 Co-option of new members

Two members of the public had written offering their services in response to advertisements on the website and on Parish notice boards. However neither was able to attend the meeting.
Stephen Bateman of 14 Chase View Crich is not known personally to any member of the PC and it was agreed to invite him to the next meeting.
Peter Clark of Southfield, Bull Bridge Hill, Fritchley is known to a number of members and his offer to serve was supported by Cllrs. Lane and Thorpe. It was agreed unanimously that he be co-opted onto the PC (prop. Cllr.Lane sec. Cllr. Brierton)

07/078 Appointments to Council committees and external bodies 2007/8

RESOLVED: to make or confirm the following appointments for 2007/8:

Council committees
Beacon Cllr Brierton
Blackspot Lighting Cllrs Lane, Brierton
Burial Ground Cllrs Brierton, Harwood
Common Land, Footpaths & Jubilee Cllrs Harrison, Steppings, Tromans
Finance Cllrs Brierton, Harwood, Lane
Planning Cllrs Steppings,Smith, Tromans
Transport Cllrs Fudge, Harrison, Smith

Outside bodies
Charities Funds Mr P Bentham-Hill
DALC Cllr Lane
Fritchley School Playing Field Liaison Cllr Lane
Glebe Field Centre Management Committee ******
Glebe Field Centre Trustee Cllr Thorpe
Playgroup Cllr Thorpe
Police & Community Consultative Group Cllrs Fudge (reserve Tromans)
Quarry Liaison ******
RR Hilts Quarry Liaison Cllr Lane
Tree Wardens Mr and Mrs Varty

07/079 Declarations of interest

07/080 Local Authority Councillors

Cty Cllr. Jackson reported that:-
He will pursue the provision of railings at West Bank in order that they are in place for winter
Recent heavy rains have brought down a wall at Potters Cottage, Potters Hill (the result of broken drains). A strong letter with supporting photographs has been set to DCC.
Work on the provision of a bus shelter on The Common is imminent.
On 13 June he will address the full council meeting of DCC on the state of rural roads (including Allen Lane at Fritchley)
The monitoring of HGV movements by Aggregate Industries is going well
The Bye ways and Bridleways team is building up
He will set up the Rural Roads Forum again to promote a pro-active approach to road maintenance. Cllrs. Smith and Fudge expressed an interest in this.
AVBC Cllr. Taylor reported that she had been dealing with a number of complaints relating to children playing outside shops on the Market Place and causing nuisance to pedestrians. This was deemed to be a matter for the police.
AVBC Cllr. Thorpe said that she continues to press for action on the poor state of roads and pavements in Fritchley.

07/081Clerk�s report

Tree wardens have provided a comprehensive report on the tree at 2 Holly bank Ct. Clerk to get estimates for the work
Chief Constable has replied to a letter from the Clerk regarding complaints of poor service from the call centre staff at police HQ. Any future complaint must be made to him giving full details.
Clerk read an e-mail from Mrs. Cousens-Smith relating to a badly driven lorry travelling through Crich. A copy has been sent to Cty. Cllr. Jackson and she has been advised to report such incidents directly to the Police.
There has been no progress regarding the future of the allotments. Cllr. Thorpe offered her help in contacting the AVBC solicitor Paul Benski
AVBC have asked for information to help them formulate a play strategy. Clerk will provide data re. local activities for young people.
Amber Valley Housing is holding a Stakeholder Day on July 16th. to highlight housing provision and needs in the area. Cllrs. Harrison and Smith agreed to attend.
Data for the Annual Audit will need to be prepared for 12th. July
Members were made aware of the opportunity to be representatives on Standards Committees and to stand for election to the executive committee of DALC. 2007-11
DALC circular 13/2007 expresses all the concerns over the problems caused by SAT-NAV systems that have been extensively discussed by the PC
Clerk gave notice of his holiday plans and of the need to provide cover especially with respect to BG matters and Planning Applications and was grateful for the offers of help from Cllrs. Harwood and Smith
Members were informed of courses organised by DALC. Chair and other members spoke of their value. New members (Cllrs Fudge and Harrison) will attend selected courses
A letter of thanks was received from Mr. Oliver of Jeffries Lane re. PC help with problems at adjacent garages.

07/082 Planning decisions
16.03.07. 2007/0344 Rose Cottage Potters Hill Wheatcroft (Nutbeam) 1st. Floor ext. over garage and flat roof to pitched roof over existing ext. Granted
30.03.07 2007/0367 Bennahie Kirkham Lane Fritchley ( Busell ) Kitchen ext.)Granted
n.b. AVA/2007/0557 Canal Cottage Canal Side Ambergate applcn. withdrawn

07/083 Planning applications
AVA/2007/0639 10, Dale Close Fritchley (Greenhough) amendments to previously approved (AVA/2006/1030) for utility hall conservatory and bedroom ext., remove existing garage and construct new No objections
AVA/2007/0653 15 Coast Hill Crich (Bowmer) hall ext to front and French Doors to rear No objections
AVA/ 2007/0680 Coddington Top Farm Whatstandwell (Bailey) Continued use as stables haystore and equipment store and alterations to access As this was only received on the day of the PC meeting Clerk was instructed to ask for more time for members to give the matter due consideration.

07/084 Accounts
Balances 10 May Current �31,671.47; Jubilee � 945.61 Charity �121.85

M. Newman (interment of mother�s ashes) �80.00
Co-op FS (Irene Higginbotham) �30.00

CH Ludlam re: Clerk�s salary May �389.65 + �5.90 Expenses chq. No.139 �395.55
M Macarthur re: BG/PG caretaking May chq. No.140 �115.92
Crich Glebe Field Trust re: May contribution chq. No. 141 �525.00
AVBC cost of uncontested election (chq. no 138 signed last month
cancelled as it was incorrect) chq. No.142 �311.55
Grass Track grnds. maint. + spraying chq. no. 143 �382.47

07/085 Circulars and publications
AVBC Minutes of Council and Committees 16. May 2007
Glebe Field Centre Profit and Loss Statement (copies to be sent to Finance Committee)
Coddington Top Farm update
AVBC Consultation Panel Questionnaire and Amber Voice
The Derbyshire Directory
Ripley Well Dressing (leaflet)
What�s On In Amber Valley June 2007
Child Car Seating Checking Events 4.June � 9.July
Derwent Valley Mills Development Plans
Derbyshire Youth Service Leaflets

07/086 Information

Cllr Harwood asked that JC Balls be asked to honour their agreement to repair holes caused by weeds in the BG drive. She also reported that the cherry trees on Bown�s Hill were causing a nuisance.
Chair informed the meeting that 10 heavy brown tables from the old Parish Room were stored at the Glebe and were surplus to requirements. She asked for suggestions regarding the best way in which they could be used.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

n.b. The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Monday 9th July.
This is one week later than usual.

CLIVE LUDLAM, Clerk, 14 June 2007
The Glebe Centre, Crich 01773 853928