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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 2nd June 2008, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Present: Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton, Clark, Harrison, Harwood, Steppings, Thorpe, Tromans AVBC Cllr. Taylor and 9 members of the public. Clerk in attendance.

Apologies: Cllrs. Bateman, Birkin, Fudge and Cty.

Cllr. Jackson Chair reminded the public that if they wished to take the opportunity to speak they should do so within the 10 minutes allowed at the beginning of the meeting as prescribed by Standing Orders.

Matters raised by members of the public

John Coulter of Whatstandwell expressed his concern that despite earlier requests and assurance nothing had been done by the Police or DCC to reduce the danger caused by speeding traffic in the vicinity of Whatstandwell School. Chair explained that the Council shares his concern but has no powers other than to make representations and requests to DCC as it already has done and will do again. PC Lisa Walker said that the Police are aware but that they have limited resources with which to monitor traffic at such locations. Cllr. Thorpe provided Mr Coulter with telephone numbers of officers of DCC who are responsible for these matters.

Mrs. Hartshorne reported that vegetation growing in the wall between the Church and Rock Cottage needs to be trimmed � Clerk will report this to DCC.

08/217 Police matters

PC Walker and CPSO Slater in attendance: Chair reported speeding by �boy racers� along The Dimple, damage to finger posts in the Coddington area and a double break-in at Fritchley. She also asked for the concerns of the Council over an incident involving the Police at Coddington be noted � PC Walker said that she was unable to make any comment on this matter.

PC Walker stated that a Safer Neighbourhood Panel meeting is being arranged-details later.

08/218 Local Authority Councillors

Cty Cllr Jackson reported in writing that he had asked DCC to repair/replace the damaged finger posts at Coddington.

AVBC Cllr. Thorpe reported that: Fritchley post box will be replaced w/c 2.June 2008

Street name plates had been ordered at various locations around the Parish (likely cost �1400). This order was mistakenly placed by a member of the Council before the full process to sanction such an order was complete. The order has been cancelled and the matter of street name plates will be referred to the Transport Committee. Cllr Tromans expressed the view that the excessive use of signage can impair the visual quality of an area.

Cllr. Clark reminded the meeting that all members must respect the protocols which guide Councillors� actions � these being especially important when public monies are involved.

The part of School Lane that had been omitted from the weed-spraying programme is, in fact, privately owned.

AVBC Cllr. Taylor informed the meeting of the forthcoming exhibition to introduce the public to the plans for the future of Stevenson�s Dye Works and of the consultations regarding the future of public telephone boxes including the one on the Market Place � this matter was referred to the next meeting.

08/219 Minutes of the meeting of 12th. May 2008

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair

08/220 Matters arising from the Minutes

Chair reported that she was satisfied with the legal documents regarding the Council�s use of the allotments and it is hoped that the final, official documents will soon be ready for signature. Council can then go ahead in getting tenants to sign their agreement and pay the rent.

Clerk explained that the vacancy on the Council will be advertised and should ten electors write to the Chief Executive of AVBC, an election will be held. Failing this, Council will seek to co-opt a new member.

The 2007/08 accounts were audited by Brian Wood of DALC on 29th May and will now be sent to the Audit Commission.

Planters have been ordered from Plantscape of Hulland Ward.

Chair reminded the meeting of a decision made last year to ask AVBC to install dog bins on Top Hagg Lane and on The Common at the junction with the footpath to Fritchley(AVBC never implemented this request despite having given assurances to Cllr Thorpe). Clerk asked for the help of AVBC Councillors in getting information from the Borough Council regarding the supply and maintenance of these bins.

Clerk will further investigate the cost of storage cabinets for Parish documents that will give improved protection against possible fire.

Council resolved that Mr. Arthur Ashman should be asked to supply five notice boards constructed in hardwood and ready for glazing. Cllr. Harrison offered to glaze the boards and erect them.

Chair expressed her continuing concern that the �A� boards at Crich Tea Rooms are blocking the pavement. Cllr. Brierton explained that he had investigated this matter and that the offending board does not, in his view, cause an obstruction. Members were asked to look at this situation and present their views at the next meeting.

The incident involving the police and Mr. A. Bostock provoked a long discussion. There was particular concern that any impending case against him could compromise the evidence available to the appeal being lodged by AVBC in respect of a planning matter at Coddington Farm. Clerk advised the Council that the most appropriate course of action was to ensure that AVBC were aware of the possibility of action against Mr. Bostock and of any impact this could have on their appeal case. Chair will contact the legal department at AVBC for advice. It was acknowledged that at least parts of this issue are or could be sub judice. The delicacy of the matter was recognised by the Council who are committed to ensuring that all members of the Parish are treated fairly in planning matters. Any formal comment by the Council will be discussed at the July meeting.

Declarations of Interest


08/221 Clerk�s report

The large shed at Wakebridge has been reported to AVBC Planning who have stated that a retrospective planning application has been made.

Chair has responded to Mrs. Hartshorne�s letter.

The list of Councillors has been updated on the website.

A letter of appreciation for her services to the Council has been sent to Kate Smith.

Clerk will enquire as to when the appointed contractor will repair the Jubilee Ground wall.

The Market Place water leak has, hopefully, been repaired. DCC have removed rubble which was blocking the original drainage channel.

Clerk suggested that the work of the BG and RG caretaker would be enhanced by the purchase of some tools and a storage shed. Cllr. Harrison provided a brochure of safe storage vaults and this matter will be discussed at a later meeting.

Clerk will be on holiday between 5th and 17th June.

08/222 Planning decisions

Permission was granted on the following

AVA2008/0428 Mr Crowfoot, Briars Lane � conservatory

AVA2008/0418 Mr and Mrs Clark Southfield Bullbridge Hill � new detached dwelling house

AVA2008.0446 and 0447 Mr Brown Canal Cottage, Matlock Rd. Ambergate � garage/railings/renovation Coddington Top Farm.

APP/M1005/C/07/2062444 Ms H Bailey � the notice required the �cessation of the use of agricultural buildings for the stabling of horses�. The appeal against this notice is allowed and the enforcement notice is quashed.

APP/M1005/A/08/2065904/NWF � Ms H Bailey � Application

AVA/2007/0680 �the continued use as stables, hay store and equipment store� was refused by AVBC in September 2007. The appeal against this decision has been allowed.

08/223 Planning applications

No applications made since last meeting. However, Chair did inform the meeting that the application to convert the Old Bakery into office space did not involve the whole of the premises. There has since been a further application AVA/2008/0692 to use part of the premises as a bakery retail outlet and cafe.

08/224 Accounts

Bank Accounts

Yorkshire Bank current A/C 40463.98

Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C 946.54

Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C 123.43


Yorkshire Bank- current A/C interest 44.64

Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C interest 0.08


� Chq. No.

C Ludlam Clerk salary � 410.41 + expenses �16.38 426.79 245.

M Mac Arthur BG and RG caretaking 126.76 246

Glebe Centre (May payment) 525.00 247

Grass Track (for April) 364.84 248

BT phone and broadband 83.93 249

Viking Direct 86.47 250

M. MacArthur (Footpath clearing 6 hours o/t) 33.72 251

It was agreed that the monthly donation to the Glebefield Centre be reviewed at the next meeting

08/225 Circulars and publications

The Playing Field

08/226 Communications from parishioners

Invitation to the Pilgrimage Sunday July 6 2008 3.00pm.

Cllr Brierton (vice-Chair) will represent the Council Letter of thanks from Crich Luncheon Club

Request from Derwent Valley Mills Partnership for funding Letter from Mrs Hartshorne (referred to next meeting) � a copy to be provided for all members.

08/227 Information from Councillors

Cllr. Clark said he felt it to be important for the Council to discuss the proposals for the future use of the Stevenson�s site � this will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

Cllr Harwood reported that a conifer overhanging the pavement at Bown�s Hill (below the school) is causing an obstruction to pedestrians and that an ash tree at the junction of Wheatsheaf Lane and Cromford Rd. is overhanging the road. She also asked that water flow from the tap at the BG be improved.

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm MONDAY 7th July 2008

Clive Ludlam, Parish Clerk 14th. June 2008