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Minutes of the meeting of Crich Parish Council

Monday 1st June 2009, held in the Glebe Field Centre.

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Cllr Lane (Chair), Cllrs. Brierton (Vice-Chair), Bateman, Bown, Clark, Fudge, Harrison, Harwood, Steppings, Tromans and Thorpe. Cty. Cllr. Jackson. six members of the public. Clerk in attendance.


Cllr. Birkin and AVBC Cllr. Taylor

09/372 Matters raised by members of the public

Mr. Sohal asked why he had not been consulted regarding the suggestion to install bus bay markings at the top of School Lane. Further, he said that a bus bay would be inappropriate at this point as it is only used for a few minutes each day and it would take up parking space which is already at a premium. (Please see Matters Arising).
Mr. Phipp asked that the footpath between Hodder Close and Wheatsheaf Lane be cleared � this will be referred to AVBC who own the land. He also thanked the Council for organising the provision of planters and hanging baskets.
Clerk explained that the surface of footpaths is the responsibility of DCC, overhanging hedges and trees are the responsibility of the land owner. He recommended that residents encountering problems with footpaths should telephone DCC via their �Call Derbyshire� service 08456058058.).

09/373 Declarations of interest

Cllr. Harwood declared an interest as Governor of Crich Junior School (planning application)

09/374 Police matters

The Police were not represented. However, PC Wilbourne sent his apologies with a report stating that 3 crimes had been investigated in the area last month viz: a serious assault, damage to cars and theft from cars.

09/375 Local Authority Councillors

Cty. Cllr. Jackson presented a written report and amplified some of the points at the meeting. He recommended the use of �Call Derbyshire� to report any problems with flash flooding which can occur at any time of year.
Cllr Clark reported a broken and dangerous hand rail on a footpath near Top Lane.
Cllr Bateman said that DCC had still not delivered the promised drainage pipe to Leashaw Farm Further, he reported that:
The surface of Wheatsheaf Lane and of Bulling Lane at its junction with Coast Hill is poor;
A street light is needed on Wheatsheaf Lane (Clerk will take this up with DCC);
The safety fence at the Scout Hut has still not been replaced.
Cllr. Harwood also asked for the help of Cty Cllr. Jackson in arranging repairs for the footpath steps at Sun Lane and Brians Steps.

AVBC Cllr.Thorpe presented a written report referring to her communications with DCC and AVBC over traffic issues on The Common and drainage and planning issues at Dimple Lane.

09/376 Minutes of the meeting of 11th May 2009

The minutes, having been amended by adding the name of Cllr. Harwood to those present, were approved and signed by Chair.

09/377 Matters arising from the Minutes

Bus bay markings on the Market Place Chair explained that no decision had been taken on this matter and that it would only be considered as part of a development plan for the whole Market Place area, this approach was supported by Cllr. Clark. The Transport Committee will include consideration of this issue in their deliberations.
Cllr. Brierton felt that provision of a bus bay would not be helpful or appropriate.
Cllr Bateman was at pains to correct the impression he gave at the May meeting that he strongly supported the need to provide such a bay as a separate, urgent project.
Cllr. Tromans suggested that the provision of a bus bay was not appropriate and that the matter should be dropped.
Clerk has negotiated a better Broadband deal with BT (a �20 per quarter reduction) and is in process of sorting out some anomalies regarding the bill.
Ward Fencing have suggested positioning an intermediate post in each bay of the RG fence. Clerk has asked for an estimate.
Clerk has sought estimates for cleaning and repairing the War Memorial from two local monumental masons.
AVBC have been asked to slab the area around the Bulling Lane seat. The cost will be about �140
AVBC Planning Department have been informed of the Councils� concerns over the change of use of The Jovial Dutchman.
Cllr. Tromans has suggested that a meeting be arranged between representatives of the Parish Council allotment holders and Mr. Critchlow whose house is adjacent to the Parish allotments at Hindersitch Lane,Whatstandwell to discuss allegations by Mr Critchlow that allotment holders were causing a nuisance to him. Chair said that she had studied the complaints about behaviour of allotment holders expressed in Mr Critchlow�s letter and found none of them to constitute a breach of the Code of Conduct. Further, both she and Cllr. Clark had visited the allotments and wished to congratulate the tenants on the excellent state of the plots. Chair said that she had contacted Mr Briddon who owns the allotment ground and that he suggested that she write to Mr Critchlow asking him for a list of complaints (in order of priority) along with a further list indicating what should be done to address them. She also offered to set up a mediation meeting if this seemed helpful.
It should be noted that the allotments (apart from the public footpath) are the private property of Mr. K. Briddon and that they are rented from him by Crich Parish Council and sub-let to the tenants of each plot.
AVBC have been asked to provide new signs for School Lane with the legend �School Lane leading to Crich Junior School�
Burial Ground safety � AVBC Cemetery Officer, Sue Beresford, (telephone 841565) provided the following useful information about what is now a more common sense approach to the matter.

  • Carry out a visual check (AVBC will make safe any headstones as necessary).
  • Since 2000 headstones have been dowelled to the base and should not cause a problem.
  • Very old headstones are often one third in the ground so that, even if they lean, they should not fall.
  • The main problems relate to headstones that are 20 � 30 years old.

Cllr. Brierton and the Clerk will inspect the gravestones at the Burial Ground.

09/378 Clerk�s Report

Footpaths � there are now two DCC Rights of Way Officers dealing with the Amber Valley area. Martin Coleman, of Environmental Services ( is responsible for this parish. He reports that they were unable to find the collapsed wall on Footpath 79; the overgrowth on Footpath 54 has died back and does not seem to be such a problem. NB DCC is obliged to keep footpaths clear of undergrowth but it is the responsibility of the landowner to clear overhanging vegetation such as trees and hedges. The missing handrail on Footpath 35 has been noted and will be replaced eventually. The wooden kissing gate, where Footpath 63 joins Footpath 64 on The Tors, is damaged. He is trying to establish the landowner as it is their responsibility to maintain gates and stiles.
Clerk has obtained copies of a map showing Crich Parish Council boundaries. It was agreed to provide copies for each member.
Clerk has asked AVBC to inspect the play equipment at the Recreation Ground.
Clerk has sent a letter of thanks to Mr. John Gregory of Hindersitch Lane who repaired the seat at Coddington.
A letter has been sent to Crich Tramway Museum congratulating them on their 50th Anniversary. Chair reported that she had very much enjoyed her visit to the museum on their day of celebrations and it was agreed that the Clerk should write to them expressing a wish on the part of the Council to co-operate with the museum whenever appropriate.
A letter of thanks has been sent to Mr. Harrison thanking him for repairing the metal gate at the Recreation Ground.

09/379 Planning decisions


09/380 Planning applications

TRE/2009/0412 � Myrtle House, Glen Road, Whatstandwell � felling of 3 trees
TRE/2009/0408 � 1 Hill Crest, Crich � crown lift beech tree and Scots pine; tidy birch tree
CD6/0509/ - Gazebo at Crich Junior School - NO OBJECTION.

09/381 Accounts

Bank Accounts at 30.05.09

Yorkshire Bank current A/C �43009.88
Yorkshire Bank Jubilee A/C � 947.41
Yorkshire Bank Charity A/C � 128.78
Expenditure .
C. H. Ludlam salary + expenses � 448.32 chq 372
Glebe Field Trust �570.00 chq 373
C. Farmer Ltd. (TV and stand) �. 802.80 chq 374
RHQ Mercian (pilgrimage wreath) �15.50 ch 375
Bt phone and Bband �109.03 ch376
L Spencer BG and RG caretaking �143.25 ch377
Viking Direct stamps and note book �46.67 ch 378
Plantscape �1782.50 ch 379

09/382 Circulars and publications

DRCC Newsletter The Playing Field
Amber Valley Housing �Walkabout Wednesday�.

09/383 Communications from members of the public

Letter from Mrs K. Smith regarding the future of The Jovial Dutchman
Letter from Mr. Critchlow re the allotments.
Letters were received from both Mr. Tatam and Mr. Harvey resigning from their honorary positions as allotment officers. The Council expressed regret that they felt that they wished to cease this function but formally recorded its� appreciation for the excellent work they had done in liaising between Council and plot holders. Clerk wished to record his personal appreciation for their help, advice and support.

09/384 Information from Councillors

Cllr. Tromans requested that 2 seats in the Wheatcroft area be repaired � outside Ash tree Forge and at the Potters Hill/Dark Lane/Wheatcroft Lane junction.
Cllr. Bown drew the attention of the council to the state of the fence at Fritchley School and to vandalism at the pavilion on the school playing field Cllr. Thorpe kindly offered to raise this with the Governors.
Cllr. Bateman: Reported that the celebrations marking the 40th Anniversary of The Briars Youth Centre will take place on Saturday 28th June � all are welcome. He asked that a letter of congratulation be sent.
Regretted that it is taking so long to start the youth club � this partly due to the length of time taken to complete CRB checks on the volunteer supervisors. Chair agreed to follow this up with PCSO Donna Shaw and Clerk was instructed to get firm details of the insurance implications
The public toilets on Bowns Hill are dirty � this will be reported to AVBC.
There is still no footpath sign on the Market Place showing the route to the Recreation Ground.
The tree on the Recreation Ground nearest the garages is growing over the road.
He has heard favourable comments about the planters and hanging baskets.
He represents the views of a number of parishioners in expressing concern over the way in which Chair and vice-Chair of the Parish Council are elected. In response Chair pointed out that �Information from Councillors� is is not an appropriate place to raise such a topic and that Cllr. Bateman should ask for this to be a formal agenda item if he wished it to be considered by the Council.
Cllr. Clark expressed concern over the condition of the notice board at Whatstandwell � Clerk will arrange to have the remaining new boards erected. He also said how much he liked the planters and flower baskets.
Cllr. Harwood reported that the land at the back of the new houses on Cromford Road is overgrown
Cllr. Brierton: Asked that the flower beds at The Cross and Bennetts Lane be planted with geraniums and begonias
Requested dog bins/litter bins at the top of Snowdrop Valley, at the Stones Lane /Coast Hill junction and where the bridleway joins Coddington Lane (between Cliff Inn and the Tramway Museum).
Wondered if anyone could provide a new home for the beacon burner etc.- Cllr. Thorpe kindly offered the use of one of her barns

Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 10.15pm.
NEXT MEETING 7.30 pm Monday, July 6, 2009

Clive Ludlam, Parish Clerk (15th June, 2009)